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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • smug01smug01 Posts: 7
    I stopped by a dealer the other day and they informed me of the following incentives:

    330i--$2400 Manufacturer to Dealer incentive
    Lease buy rate = 0.0020
    Residual = 54% @ 15k miles/year, 56% @ 12k miles/year

    330Ci--no Manufacturer to Dealer incentive
    Lease Buy rate = 0.0010
    Residual = 55% @ 15k miles/year, 57% @ 12k miles/year

    One should start to negotiate based on the buy rate, but the dealers will want to pad those a little.
  • penn5penn5 Posts: 8
    that's great news to hear. i'm going to start searching for my ideal 330i next week. the lowest offer i got on one w/PP,auto,xenons was $4200 off msrp. i walked out, disappointed i couldn't knock $4500 off msrp, which was my target price in dallas.

    i'm going to try autobahn motor co. in fort worth too. on their website, kydfx pointed out that they are taking $5500 off msrp off every one of their 325i's. unfortunately i do not want a 325i. they will only sell at those prices to texas resients according to their website.
  • drharrisdrharris Posts: 7
    I'm finalizing a deal on a '04 330 cic with MSRP of $52,470. We settled on $50,000 even. For a 36 month, 12K per year, $0 cap cost reduction lease, he is quoting a $791./month + tax which includes a .00295 money factor and a 59% residual.

    Sounds high (at least compared to the rates on leasecompare). Are these the stats BMW financial is offering?

    I'm taking delivery in early September so I suppose there is a chance that BMW will provide some end-of-summer incentives to move the convertibles...
  • dojdavedojdave Posts: 2
    Just became a first time owner this past Friday. Man, the car is everything I would have expected and more.

    Here are my specs. I would be curious to get opinions on my deal, than I will explain my dilemna.

    2003 Alpine White 325i. 9,100miles. auto.. loaded. It has the sport, premium and cold weather package. The only thing I can think of it doesn't have is Nav. paid $29,250.00.

    Here is my ?. I took it home and the first time I thoroughly washed it this past weekend, the paint on the 2 passanger side rims started to peel. I mean come on, what is this about. I was just reading about the 4 year/50K warranty, but it looks like it excludes wheels.

    I am going to take it in to my local dealer to see what they will do. Anybody have any experience with something like this?

    Any ideas if they will replace or fix the wheels/rims?
  • drharrisdrharris Posts: 7
    I'm finalizing a deal on a '04 330 cic with MSRP of $52,470. We settled on $50,000 even. For a 36 month, 12K per year, $0 cap cost reduction lease, he is quoting a $791./month + tax which includes a .00295 money factor and a 59% residual.

    Sounds high (at least compared to the rates on leasecompare). Are these the stats BMW financial is offering?

    I'm taking delivery in early September so I suppose there is a chance that BMW will provide some end-of-summer incentives to move the convertibles...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,133
    I ran your numbers... I come up with $783 plus tax.. that could be explained with a few miscellaneous fees.

    A few questions..

    1) Is the lease through BMWFS?

    2)What is your upfront drive-off charges? I assume first payment, but what else? Security deposit, acquisition fee, garbage fees?

    3) I think the base MF is .0022, but that may have changed, they could have bumped it up, or it could increase with a security deposit, or acquistion fee waiver.


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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,133
    If it looks like the finish is bad, due to a manufacturer's defect, then they will probably re-finish or replace them... Not covering the wheels is usually due to road hazard problems...

    I could be wrong, though..


    P.S.: Sounds like a loaded car, for a decent price.. Did you get it from a BMW dealer?

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  • dojdavedojdave Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. No, it wasn't a road hazard.

    Got it from an auction. Never made it to the dealer. I have a friend in the business.
  • Sounds great, mil. Congratulations! That sounds similar to what I'm looking for. What dealership in NJ did you use and when did you make the purchase? Thanks.
  • drharrisdrharris Posts: 7
    Thanks for the reply. He's quoting over $2K for drive off -- first payment + 900 security + first year registration + misc. garbage fees.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,133
    It sounds like he is padding the MF, and either rolling the acquisition fee into the cap cost, or doing a .0003 bump on the MF to waive it.

    Either way, the bump in the MF (likely .0004, since that is max BMWFS allows) is costing you about $32/month, over the base rate.

    You might ask them for the same deal, using the base rate MF, but a lot of BMW dealers won't budge. I know it doesn't seem like much, but $2500 off MSRP is a pretty good price on a convertible.

    However, your after tax price of around $840-850/month on a $52K car is not a great lease deal by any stretch. The price may drop toward the end of summer, but late season lease deals are never very good. If you can wait, great lease deals on convertibles seem to peak in February. This year, they were good even into March, but got much worse starting in April.

    I don't have a lot of experience in convertible pricing, but I think I would shop around before agreeing to that deal.


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  • zeuszeus Posts: 4
    Hi, I live Northern NJ, and Im trying to pick up a 2004 330Ci as Germany will stop producing this model on August.

    I found a car that matches exactly what I want.

    18in Rim (#71)
    Xenon light

    MSRP $45,220
    INVOICE $41,430

    I mean BMW should do better since the model changes next year..

    -Initially, I was gonna buy this but $2000 rebate has ended as of June 30... according to my dealer. But instead, he told me BMW came out with good lease program on 330Ci. so to lease,

    Money factor .0005
    $515 / month, 10,000 miles / 36miles (mileage I dont care, since I will buy at the end of 3).

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,133
    The price on the car seems about $700-$1000 high. The lease deal is a great one.. The money factor equates to an interest rate of 1.2%

    What kind of upfront fees and cap cost reduction do you have to come up with to get to that $515/mo figure?

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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,133
    They will still be making 330Ci's after August. They will just be 2005 models.

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  • zeuszeus Posts: 4
    Hey Kyfdx,

    Due at inception is $3300 including one month lease, registration, security deposit.

    I forgot to mention, I also got steptronic auto trans.. did you put that into consideration or no?

    So, I should re-negotiate this deal huh?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,133
    I figured about an $1800 cap cost reduction to get to that payment, given the paramaters you stated, so $3300 seems about right...

    Yeah.. the only problem I see, is that the price seems about a thousand too high. If it were me, I would try to negotiate that out of the inception costs, keeping the payment the same. No point in putting money down, when the interest is only 1.2%.

    One advantage you have.. your dealer is using the base rate, and not marking it up. Most dealers try to pad the MF. So, they may not be all that aggressive on price, but it can't hurt to ask.

    That is a pretty good lease deal on a $45K car, though.. I like to keep my upfront costs to a minimum. Just the first payment and security deposit. I'd much rather make a $600 payment, than give them a big chunk of money up front. They can roll almost all those costs into the lease.


    EDIT: I didn't consider steptronic.. That shouldn't make any difference on your deal... I just went off the MSRP, invoice and price paid.

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  • smug01smug01 Posts: 7
    Okay...finally picked up my 330Ci ZHP last night...what a beautiful car! Here is what the deal was:

    330Ci Coupe
    Silver Grey
    ZHP Performance package
    6spd manual
    Black Alcantara interior
    Heated seats
    BMW Assist (didn't really want this one but...)

    MSRP: $44970
    Negotiated Price: $42380
    MF: 0.00085
    Secutity deposit $0
    Acquisition fee: $725
    15k miles/yr = 55% residual ($24733)
    Payment: $612/month
    36 months

    Since the buy rate is 0.0005, the guy padded his numbers by 0.00035. With a security deposit, he would have given me 0.0007, but I wanted to put the least amount of drive-off down (first payment + reg.). I think it was a pretty decent deal--not fantastic--but the reality is that there are very few 330Ci ZHP out there with 6spd & Alcantara right now. Had to steal this one from a dealer out of state and have it shipped here.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Sounds good. Enjoy your new toy!
  • klasszklassz Posts: 1
    hi, I live in SF Bay area and I'm trying to pick up a 2004 325CI w/ European Delivery;

    04' 325CI Base - $30500
    Steel Blue Metallic - $475
    Sport Package - $1,000
    Navigation - $1,800
    Automatic - $1,275
    Power Seat - $995
    Destination Charge - $695
    Total MSRP - $36,740

    The dealer in Mountain View quoted me $34,650. Is this a good price? Or what should be the reasonable price. I learned from this forum that So. California dealers will sell cheaper, is it also true for European Delivery? Any recommended dealer in So. Cal?

    Thanks a lot.
  • bmbabybmbaby Posts: 4
    A dealer is offering me 325i $500 above invoice. Is this a good deal?
  • uniuni Posts: 2
    What is the residual or price you can pay to buy the car at the end of the lease, including any applicable taxes/fees?
  • uniuni Posts: 2
    What state are you in? Have you contacted other dealerships in your area and telling them you can get car for 500$ over & see if they will beat it?
  • decsdecs Posts: 8
    Hi, folks

    Could you get similar savings (in line with prices quoted in previous posts)-including July cash incentives, if you order a 3-er rather than off the dealer's lot. What's the market like in North Virginia?

    Thanks. :-)
  • vimalnvimaln Posts: 14
    Richmond, Virginia
    BMW 2004 325i
    Manual Transmission(5 speed)
    Electric Red/Sand leather interior
    Premium package
    Heated seats

    The car is not in the dealers lot, and he told it has to be custom ordered from Germany taking 6-8 weeks for delivery.

    Is this a good deal.

    Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  • livinbmwlivinbmw Posts: 120
    Anyone being offered 1.9% on certain new 3 series models? just wondering.....
  • I spoke with several dealers and they are all offering 05 models at 04 prices, is this a gimmic? Also when I am trying to negotiate price should I try to get as close to invoice as possible, or within reason of the MSRP?
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Below invoice on 04s is what you should shoot for in the USA. In Germany, who knows?
  • jazevedojazevedo Posts: 34
    Any official word on current incentives for 330? I've seen messages that the incentives carried over from June, but on their prices are now only a few hundred under invoice instead of about $1500 back in June. So it seems there is an incentive but it's not clear how big. Of course that's just one website....

    I'm close to being able to buy and I'm not sure if I should wait longer to get a better deal on a 2004, or try to order quickly so I can order from factory if necessary...I'd hate to miss out on 04 if the 05's don't have an incentive discount...and for this much money I will be extremely picky in terms of options/color on the car!
  • livinbmwlivinbmw Posts: 120
    330i's have a 2400 dealer market allowance and 1.9% APR for 60 months available.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A reporter is interested in hearing from anyone who really exhaustively debated between this car and a competitor, weighed all the pros and cons,
    etc. Please respond to or with a few details and your contact information no later than Wednesday, July 21, 2004.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director
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