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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Mohanp,

    I bought the car at Athen BMW. It is about 50 miles of Atlanta. I hope that help!
  • You should ask to Peter Kim !
  • Sorry. I didn't see this until just now. It was for the sedan. 2010, 328i sedan; premium pkg, sports pkg, heated seats, xenon lights. Roseville BMW. If I had to do it all over again, I would have negotiated down to invoice and then walked away. Give it a few days and go back. It's tough though. I got it for invoice on a day I wasn't even "going to buy".
  • I just purchased a 328iX for $32,000 with the European delivery program. You save 8% and BMW provided leather and ipod adapter for free. We enjoyed our trip and we pick up the car this week at the dealer.

    This is an interesting offer from BMW-
    I saw this article today and added my thoughts to the blog discussion that follows the article- -Is-THIS-Enough-To-Make-Them-Defect-52067/

    Abstract- Last week the Spies brought you the latest ad campaign from Audi, which directly targeted BMW's three recent losses in Car and Driver to Audi's S4, A6 and Q5.

    But look what we have here. Arriving in a little birdie's mailbox was a recent BMW deal targeting current Audi owners. It is a $1,500 credit that can be combined with any other BMW offer currently going on.

    I added to the blog-
    I find this comparison interesting since we just purchased a 2010 BMW 328ix wagon. We pick it up this week. I wonder if I will get the $1500 rebate since I am replacing a 2000 A4 Avant Quattro even though I already paid for the car.
    I probably would have purchased another A4 Avant quattro IF Audi OFFERED A MANUAL TRANSMISSION in 2010. What is Audi thinking by discontinuing manual transmissions in their A4? We loved the A4 avant quattro for 10 years but I need to manually shift my car. Few cars are still offered with a manual transmission (Subaru outback, BMW, Volvo V-50)
    I will be happy with the BMW 328ix.The 6-speed is fun. The panaramc sunroof is great and leather came free. It seems very tight and I am sold on the free 4 year maintenance with BMW. I also purchased the extended 10 year warranty and a 7 year warranty on the drive-flat tires.
    I loved past VW/Audi products but we want a manual transmission ... which are becoming extinct.
  • I was at a BMW dealership, and I told the sales guy that I was "just looking" because my current lease isn't up until end of March. He said that the money factor will go up and the residual value will go down for 328i's in March. You think that's true?
  • Typical dealer jargin, but there is a hint of truth to it as well. Wait till you are comfortable. I'm a salesman in the Northern Virginia area, and I'm sick of salesmen giving all of us a bad rep.

    I've found that the happiest and returning customers are the ones that buy when they are financially ready! I actually TELL my customers this. It helps build loyalty.

    The fact is though, sometimes dealers will have monthly sales. In this case the price of their car will go up next month, but usually, as far as the lease vehicle, the difference is minimal. Usually mileage is the big reducer with that!

    Hope this helps!
  • That's what I figured. He also told me that the 2011 328i's are coming out, and he'll barely have any cars with even close to my desired configurations by next month. Did BMW really stop shipping 2010 328i's to dealers?
  • Yes and no. . .Whereas the dealers ship less 2010s to dealers as the new upgraded 2011's come in, that actually bears better for your pocket book. Once new models are out, the older models typically lessen in value! Where are you located? I could probably point you to a trusted dealership. . .and, I'm unbiased since I doubt you live in Northern Virginia! :)
  • g2369g2369 Posts: 41
    2010 BMW 335i coupe.

    I know that BMW doesn't post residuals and money factor for 18k mile / 36 month leases but can anyone that works for BMW help me out. I want to negociate a lease and I want to be well informed before I go to the dealer.
  • This is almost impossible to do without knowing a lot about the numbers you are working with. . .
    Down Payment? Trade In? Residual Value and a lot of other factors, but here is a rough rough rough rough estimate. . .
    Let's say your 2010 335i coupe is MSRP for 42K
    With a down payment of 5000, 1000 cash back or rebate applied to down payment, Sales tax(at 5%) and processing fees for title and tags and such = 2800. . .
    If the residual amount were 32000 and the money factor at .0025, for 36 months and 18K miles per year with an acquisition fee of 500 and a security deposit of 500, you would be looking at 2 figures.
    Out of pocket and Monthly payments.
    Out of pocket in this EXACT case would be $6000.00
    Monthly payments for the rest financed would be right around $475. . .

    Again, these are all very rough figures. Hope this helps!
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,252
    Why would anyone put 6k down on a lease. With everything rolled into the lease you are looking at $640 or so. It defeats the purpose. And 18k miles per year? Very unusual.
  • I don't know his credit score. . .I was just going with figures that I plugged in. I never assume someone has great credit. And nowadays, at least from my experience, if you have anything but perfect credit, you need a down payment. The financing at 475 a month with a 6000 down payment vs. a 640/month payment works out to roughly the same figure after all is said and done. . .

    Its just a starting point. 18K/year is not too unusual in my market because most people travel long distances to work.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,252
    $640 isn't attractive for a 3 series bmw--[m excepted]. The good beemer leases seem to appear and disappear. Sometimes the 5 seems great compared to the 3. Finding the sweet spot on a lease requires timing and flexibility. Hooking up with a trusted sales associate, being flexible, being patient and having great credit would seem to be the way to go. Of course people want what they want and they want it now. ;)
  • Now that post, I completely agree with. :)
  • g2369g2369 Posts: 41
    Thank you for the figures, however I don't think I asked my question correctly. I am aware on how to calculate the lease, I just don't have the figures in order to do the calculations.

    BMW doesn't publish base money factors or residuals (that I'm aware of) for 18k mile leases. I want to know the base money factor and residuals before I go to the dealer and "take there word for it". I was reading that a dealer is allowed to raise the money factor in order to increase there profit so I just want to make sure i'm getting the best deal possible.

    Thank you, I appreciate your help.
  • g2369g2369 Posts: 41
    I don't plan on putting anything down unless they require it. Also, why do you find 18k miles per year unusual? I don't live close to my office and I like having extra miles. I also want to lease because I find myself buying a new car every 2 - 3 years. It makes sense for me to lease.
  • Unfortunately, I'm unable to help with this one.
    I will however share this bit of advice. Keep in mind, I'm a car dealer when I say this, a good rule of thumb is to never accept the first offer. Also, if you tell them that you got a better deal elsewhere, they are most likely going to lower their initial offer. If they don't lower their offer it is because it is already as low as they go. But, be firm. If you have many options of places to go, start to walk out. See if they change their tune then. . .Again, if they don't, its as low as they can go. Also, once you settle on the price and figures, don't leave without taking the car with you. Too many times, unreputable sales people will somehow push the price back up when you come back to pick it up. . .
    happy shopping and good luck!
  • g2369g2369 Posts: 41
    Thank you rlsonline.

    The problem i'm having is that there is only one car with the options I want. It's hard to negociate when I don't have all the figures. I've dealt with this particular dealer before and I know that they raise the money factor so it's kind of hard to trust the numbers they give me.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,252
    Most are for 10-12-15k per year. You will certainly need brakes and run flat tires [$$$$] -- folks lease to pay only for the use of the car. You will be refurbing the car to the tune of 2-3k for BMW not long before you turn it in. As long as you are ok with that possibility -- go for it. :)
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,252
    Thanks risoline -- you need to get on board at the sales from the frontline thread. Your insight would be welcome. Other sales associates are posting there. Join in. :)
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