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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jajjaj Posts: 55
    Your invoice price looks to me $500 higher than it should. DId you calculate on your own or rely on the dealer to provide it to you? That's a start.
  • I bought a 328i sedan, blue water metallic + premium package + Steptronic in the Bay Area MSRP $38600 - 5500 = 33100 + TTL = 37K OTD. 5500 = 3000 from dealer + 2500 from BMW finance.
  • hukhukhukhuk Posts: 6
    Which dealership did you buy the 328i at?
  • smagnetsmagnet Posts: 5
    Here's an update. Finally closed the deal on a 328i coupe:
    MSRP: 44000
    Invoice (Edmunds/ Yahoo Auto): 40535
    Invoice (reported by dealer): 40405
    Final Price: 40405
    Less spring credit: 37905
    Add TTL: OTD 38358

    Quite happy with the result, considering it's my first time negotiating w/ the dealers. Good luck to you all.
  • the 2011 is already out and the isn't any major changes unless you want 335coupe. it is called 335is now and it looks more like m3. but there isn't any lease deals on2011
  • smagnetsmagnet Posts: 5
    OTD 39358
  • hukhukhukhuk Posts: 6
    I got a quote from a dealer. Is it a good deal?

    328i South Africa in Space Gray Metallic with Black Dakota Leather
    Value Package: iPod and USB Adapter
    Satellite Radio w/ 1 year Subscription

    it sits at $32,250 after the BMW Finance special.
  • Just purchased 2010 328xi Sedan w/ Xenon, Premium, Sport, Value, Split 60/40, and Heated Steering, priced for $42,700. Luckily BMW manufacture is giving out spring drive discount of $2500 + $1800 discount = $4300 off from the car, that's unbelievable. I was planning to purchase Audi A4 that day, it is a good car with good price but with bad interior quality. I ended up the same price as Audi, ofcourse BMW has much better quality inside-out.
  • leo1977leo1977 Posts: 17
    every dealer I ask about the $1800 discount tells me it only applies to 335 hmm
  • I was going to get this car, it is very good in price. No other car can beat this price with this kind of quaility. I got 328xi.
  • The BMW website show it gives $2500 spring drive discount and about $1000 addition towards the discount.
  • loranzoloranzo Posts: 7
    Just heard back from the dealer
    328, premium pkg, auto, i-pod, leather, wood
    MSRP 38,050
    Dealer Disc 2500
    Spring Credit 2500

    Total 33,050+ TTL
    Is this a good deal?
  • Which dealership did you buy the 328i at?

    BMW of Fremont. I bought my car through the Internet Sale Department. Ask for Wing Tung, he is very reasonable and fair at the price. Dealing through email is much better than one on one when you walk in the dealership but you have to know what you want and how much you willing to pay. You tell him the price and he will let you if it is doable. Remember you have to send an email asking for a price quote and ask for his help. If you walk in, there will be a different sale department to deal with you. BMW incentive of 2500 will expire at the end of the month. After that he won't be able to give you $5000 off MSRP.

    Good luck....
  • Just heard back from the dealer
    328, premium pkg, auto, i-pod, leather, wood
    MSRP 38,050
    Dealer Disc 2500
    Spring Credit 2500

    Total 33,050+ TTL
    Is this a good deal?

    It is a good deal. After April 30, you won't get the Spring Credit of 2500. You might be able to haggle a couple more hundreds depend how bad dealer want to sell the car.
  • loranzoloranzo Posts: 7
    Ya not so much in a hurry. I am sure the 2500 credit will come back during the holidays. Thanks for the confirmation.
    On another note I heard the 2011's are going to be considerably expensive than the 2010. How true is this?
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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  • xeyexeye Posts: 162
    I've ordered a 2011 335i xDrive and the prices are the same as the 2010 although the packaging is a little different. They now have Priority Options like certain paint and PDC, for example.

    My car is now Awaiting Transport, and definitely won't get here fast enough. All prices at invoice, less $1,840 xDrive Option Credit. $750 profit for the dealer. They need to eat, too.

    Tasman Green Metallic
    Oyster w/Black Leather
    H/K Surround Sound (HD Radio is standard now)
    Satellite Radio
    Heated Steering Wheel (N/C)
    Park Distance Control, front & rear
    Premium Package
    Sport Package
    Cold Weather Package

    Oh, and All Weather Rubber Floor Mats.
  • BMW 335 xi 2010

    Montego Blue Metallic
    Steptronic automatic trans
    Cold weather package
    Premium Package
    Heated Steering wheel
    Sport Pkg
    ipod/usb adapter

    List Price:54200

    Spring Credit:-2500

    Dealership rebate:-2900

    Selling price:48800

    Residual:57%/36 months

    Money Factor including BMW loyalty:0.00095

    Total money down including all taxes, fees and first month: 3447.13

    Monthly payments: $577

    CT Dealership. Any comments?

  • Or it's like lease where they have extra bank fee associated with it?
  • tdbrphtdbrph Posts: 25
    Way too much to put down on the lease. Find out what the breakdown is on the down payment. Goal should be to put minimum down unless it is multiple security deposits that you will get back.

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