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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • edwardsfedwardsf Posts: 187
    I am considering purchasing a 2007 328i wagon - CPO, with three years. The interest rate is excellent - 2.9% for 60 months. The car is offered at $27,800, which is about KBB. I plan to offer $2000 lower but the wagons are pretty limited supply. Anybody have recent experience in similar year/model? I am in SoCal.
  • aniluckyanilucky Posts: 13
    Ok I finally i got my 2010 xi in NJ

    With NAV
    BMW assist fr 4 yrs
    htd strng

    $36800 + Taxes/Regn + tire warranty ($1000)

    I also bought the Tire warranty for $1000

  • sailingmoesailingmoe Posts: 8
    For those who care.

    Just leased a 2010 328i Convertible
    Premuim Pkg
    Sport Pkg
    Nav system
    Plus Paddle shifters,anti-theft alarm,Comfort access,heated seats, Ipod, Satellite radio, and Logic 7 sound. Yes I think we got every thing!

    MSRP 56,525
    Price 49,863 + 725 fee
    24 months
    15k miles yr
    60% residual
    .0008 factor BMW past customer rate.
    $0 down

    Drive off was $1545 1st mon + license, california tire fee, etc.

    Just FYI.
  • kanchiskanchis Posts: 33
    Did you get charged for Maco/Training fee? What was the Doc fee?
  • aniluckyanilucky Posts: 13
    No Maco/Training fee.
    Overall it was like $2500 - Taxes + 6 - Tire fee + $399 - Title & regn = Close to 3K I think.
  • crissy83crissy83 Posts: 2
    I've been quoted $31,500 for a 2010 328i sedan, silver, with the basic value package, with moonroof, black leather interior, cd/ipod, etc. I'm not even sure if this is a good deal. Bluebook/edmunds say invoice is around 31,500. I am concerned about high payments and the dealership gave me a financing option (2.9% $454.79/60months, $10,000 down) and then a bmw select option (2.9% $271.00/60 months witha leftover $11,840 final payment). Is this balloon deal a bad idea? I really dont want high payments foR NOW, just graduating law school looking for a job. PLEASE HELP the deal if until the end of the week!! Any advise would be GREAT!! :)
  • leo1977leo1977 Posts: 17
    Find a job first :) Legal market sux right now. BMW wont go anywhere :)
  • crissy83crissy83 Posts: 2
    My car is on its last legs, fortunately my dad is willing to help me for awhile!
  • acehawkacehawk Posts: 20
    Looks like on the expensive side. The car is 1 yrs old even though it's new. It's most likely have been sitting at the dealer lot for awhile. There's also a 2500 rebate for all 2010 model. I would wait.
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    I have to agree with you. It seems the car makers are trying to replace a manual tranny with a DSG and claim it gets better milage or the same.
    Bought my car to downshift, brake and to throw it gear when I need the torque. :sick:
  • everett2everett2 Posts: 2
    didn't you think to test drive a new S4 an let yourself find a whole new refference for excellence? The bmw xi is way down the rungs of the ladder vs the awd S4 3.0t. Make sure you don't drive one now that it is too late.
  • chaolanrenchaolanren Posts: 15
    Hi, I recently go to some dealers trying to get a 2010 bmw 328i 4dr, premium pack,value pack, navigation,+floor mats

    the MSRP is $40250 something, and I offer them $36500 OTD price.
    The best offer they give me is $38000 otd price, is this a good price since the new 2011 is out already?

    Is there any new promotion coming out next week?
  • srohatgisrohatgi Posts: 3
    I am getting a 2010 BMW 328XI, for $ 36000 with premium package, automatic with moon roof. I am getting the car for 545 lease payment, which includes about $ 2000 down, which includes the (Tag, and first month payment).

    Please advice other BMW car owners, if this deal is good/bad.
  • acehawkacehawk Posts: 20
    What's the sales tax in your city,state?
  • chaolanrenchaolanren Posts: 15
    it will be 9.75% they told me its about 4000 bucks TTL and tax and blah blah
  • nmweb23nmweb23 Posts: 1

    I found a beautiful 2011 335i Coupe/M Package, Nav, Heated, etc. The MSRP is $54,700.

    Here's the deal they are giving me (I'm an existing BMWFS customer):

    0.0023 Base Rate w/ standard 59% residual
    36 months
    15,000 miles/year

    $689 + Tax (8.75%)
    Total Drive off: $3,500

    Is this a good deal - should I do it? They would not budge any lower.
    Thanks for the advice
  • drmhfdrmhf Posts: 29
    I was offered the same car for $36,000 that also includes the split folding rear seat, heated steering wheel and sat radio. The invoice price of these additional options is $925.
  • chaolanrenchaolanren Posts: 15
    is your 36000 otd price? 2010 or 2011, whats ur tax rate there?

    my $38000 is msrp 40250 bucks, our tax rate here is 9.75 thats about 4000 bucks tax and ttl
  • drmhfdrmhf Posts: 29
    2010 328 ix.
    I just noticed on the web site they list $1000 bonus cash. Is BMW giving a customer rebate in addition to the $2500 dealer marketing support.
  • pidanpidan Posts: 3
    Just leased a 2010 (not 2011) 328i 4Dr Premium/Sport/Vale/Nav packages.
    MSRP: $42300 Sell-Price $37000 (Dealers in CA matched cars??????.com posted price: $5300 off MSRP)
    Money Factor: 0.0019
    Residual Value: 55%
    Down Pay: $3500 Monthly $426.5 (including Tax)
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