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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chaolanrenchaolanren Posts: 15
    does this 37000 with ttl or without ttl
  • srohatgisrohatgi Posts: 3
    I am in the process of buying a 2010 BMW 328XI and I am trying to debate whether I should lease or finance the car. the final selling price of the car is 35990. the lease is working out to be 545 per month, with a 2000 dollar down payment (which includes - 1st month payment, tag and title).
    It would be great if i could get some response from other BMW buyers in the North East Region.

    do you guys think the 2010 BMW 328XI with the Premium package at 35990 is a good deal. The only thing I did not choose is Navigation system in the car.

    thanks in advance for everyone's response

    I am buying the car in the Northern Virginia area... please let me know if anyone was able to get any additional discounts, since the spring 2500 credit is not available anymore
  • tumdtumd Posts: 7
    I think your lease deal is too expensive. With a final sales price of 35990, one would expect a lease price of mid 400 (36mo/10k). I got a quote on a 2010 335i for
    MSRP- $50,600
    Invoice- $47,393
    Your price- $43,643 + tax and license
    and lease for "A 3-year/10k lease with$2230 total drive-off is $570.57 including tax"
    I would shop around some more.
  • acehawkacehawk Posts: 20
    Never lease a car in Virginia before, but I think they tag on some usage tax on top of your monthly payment, hence the price. I'm not 100% sure though.
  • bchen7611bchen7611 Posts: 6
    2010 328i premium+value+6-Speed STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission

    MSRP: $38,050

    Quote: $32,090 + tax +fees

    Is it a good deal already? Do I have room to further negotiate? It was offered in the first round of emails?
  • bmwormercbmwormerc Posts: 3
    2010 328xi premium+value+heated steering+6-Speed STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission
    First payment: Only 1st month's lease
    MSRP: 40,240
    Sell Price: 34,385 (after 3500 discount)
    Monthly: 569

    I'm in North NJ. Is this a good deal? I feel this is high but the forum gurus can help..
  • thavornthavorn Posts: 20
    This car has 36k miles on it, Nav and xenon that's about it. Anyone knows any website that would price this car? What should I offer the dealer? Thanks
  • sbdudesbdude Posts: 3
    I am in Southern California and looking at a car with the following specs, at a negotiated price of 24,000 (4000 below dealer's sticker) +Tax/fees:

    Black 2008 328i with:
    Around 40,000 miles

    I'm also planning to pay for the Maintenance program upgrade (~2000 $). Does this deal sound any good? I'm looking for some quick advice as I need to get back to the dealership soon.
  • bchen7611bchen7611 Posts: 6
    anyone gives a hint?
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    edited May 2010
    Two weeks ago I purchased a Certified Pre Owned with premium pkg with 14k on the odometer. I paid close to the price your planning to pay. Is there another CPO with less mileage?
  • sbdudesbdude Posts: 3
    Unfortunately, there isn't.. was yours a 2008 too? I am looking for that specific combination with Sport and Nav and seems like it is a little rare. Which state was your vehicle bought in?
  • srohatgisrohatgi Posts: 3
    I am getting an offer to lease a 2010 BMW 328XI with premium package. 12K lease with $2000 down for $ 545 per month.

    The price for the car is coming to be 35990. What do you think. Should I lease/finance a little confused.

  • thavornthavorn Posts: 20
    Anyone? Anyhelp? Thanks
  • mugsalinimugsalini Posts: 4
    It sounds a little high to me. I just signed a deal today for a 2010 328xi.

    36 month12,000 miles per year
    MSRP $43,340

    $1,822 due at signing
    $495 per. month
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    edited May 2010
    Yes it's a 2008. Bimmer was purchased at BMW of Palm Springs in CA. It's a large dealership and they have a large inventory of lease returns. 40k is a little high for an 2008...more leverage for you in negotiating a lower price. Good luck!
  • sbdudesbdude Posts: 3
    thanks for your response. that's the only car I have found with both packages on it and alum. trim.. I did try to leverage all i could and ended up saving another 500 bucks. :)
  • dandydoniidandydonii Posts: 45
    think you should skip the 08 and find an 07 with less miles that should cost you less and will include the extra two years of maintenance. Frankly, with 40000 miles, that car only has one more year, if that, with the original warranty, kind of defeats the purpose of buying an 08.
  • You might have saved me lot of money, I was about to sign a deal with MSRP of 40600 for 1750 down ,36 month 12K for 569.

    Can you please send me the details of the dealer.

    Thank you.
  • xeyexeye Posts: 162
    edited May 2010

    I've been here before.

    Here's the news:

    I took delivery today of my new (!) 2011 335i xDrive.

    Right from the window sticker:

    Tasman Green Metallic
    Oyster/Black Dakota Leather
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package
    Sport Package
    All-Wheel Drive (Duh!)
    Heated Steering Wheel
    Park Distance Control (front & rear)
    Satellite Radio (So far, every channel is the Sirius channel, and is really annoying. I'll figure this out.)
    Harman Kardon Surround Stereo

    Now for the details:

    Transmission (6 MT - MANDATORY!!!!!) is melted butter smooth.
    Engine (N55? I can't remember if the new one is N54 or N55). Smooth for having 4 miles on the odometer. I haven't really nailed it yet, but the power curve seems to be very smooth and continuous. Someone had posted some time back that the new engine is quieter than the previous version. I say that, once climbing past 3,000 RPM, this engine emits a growl much better defined AND enjoyed than before.

    Comfort? Definitely.

    The really bad news?

    BMW has gone overboard with being socially conscious to the point of being really blind to current culture, buying habits and technological power requirements.

    In their apparent attempt to be socially conscious, they removed the ashtray with the "flippable" cover that released every single time you dusted the Dark Burl Walnut trim. Kudos to BMW for removing the "ashtray" but I'd really like to know who the total moron was who endorsed the removal of THE POWER OUTLET THAT SUPPLIED JUICE TO OUR RADAR DETECTORS, (in my case Garman), and anything else that required power (defibrillator?). I can only conclude that this is a monumentally stupid decision that no one, anywhere in BMW, realized is really going to piss off BMW customers. GPS, radar, iPod, etc units are everywhere. How did BMW think they were going to be powered? If I'd known, I'd have had serious second thoughts about my purchase.

    I spent big money on a Y-joint to get my Garmin and Escort 9500ix to be powered by my $51.000 car.

    If they don't fix this, free, I will shop Audi from now on.

    One more really aggravating issue:

    The Finance guy ran the Purchase & Sale Agreement at MSRP in spite of the GM writing the deal up at Invoice minus $1840 Option Credit plus &750 profit. When I told him this was wrong, he admitted "Oops, my mistake". Either the guy is incompetent or a cheat. I can't see it any other way.

    My deal was good, and I'm happy, but the best advice is to be extremely vigilent on every tiny little detail because no matter how friendly the are, they are not your friend going in. If you establish a friendship you value coming out, so much the better.

    Good luck. I really do like my new ride, and I would not hesitate to go back to BMW of Sudbury (MA) again. The GM and salesguy were awesome. BUT, I would be very careful at checkout.
  • mugsalinimugsalini Posts: 4
    Glad to help. It was a good deal because I went to 3 other dealers and the best I could get from them was $1822 down and $519 per month for 36 months. I was not expecting to get below $500 but I held firm that I needed to get below in order to make a deal so he came back at $495. The dealer is Wide World BMW in Spring Valley, NY.
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