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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,897
    is it a lease or a balloon note?
    You say balloon payment, but the mileage limit indicates lease. If it is a lease, the residual really doesn't matter in this case. If the car is worth less than the residual at lease end, then just give the car back and walk away. If it is worth more, than you can buy it at a bargain price.

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  • asadeeeasadeee Posts: 2
    well this is a hybrid financing option that some BMW dealers still do. "owner's choice" you get lower payments of a lease with less down but you're the owner. it is an actual balloon payment fixed at the end. the mileage limitations are consistent with a lease.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,904
    You see these a lot in Texas and Illinois, because those states charge tax on the full selling price of the car, even on a lease..

    By doing the balloon note, you have title to the car, and can take advantage of the trade-in sales tax credit.

    I think the reason there are mileage limitations, is because Owners Choice allows you to return the car, instead of paying the balloon amount..

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  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,897
    So it sounds like what GM/Chrysler used to do. Can't remember what they called it. We did it with the wife's Pacifica. Treated it just like a lease and turned it in at the end. No problems except there was a turn-in fee at the end equal to about 1 month payment. In that instance, it was a great deal, too. $0 down and $485/mo on a $39k vehicle. Buyout was something like $18k, which was way more than it was worth at the end.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,904
    I think they called it a SmartLease, though that might have been something else..

    I never shop GM/Chrysler.... lol

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  • BMW corp won't tell me (they must know by now). Car and Driver says no. Dealer says yes :confuse: However the dealer can't order one yet because they don't have the info from BMW yet.

    If you have real info - please let me know as I want to order a new 2012 328xi for Euro delivery soon. Otherwise I will buy a used A4 Avant. It is a crazy shame how many Euro wagons are no longer being brought into the US - V70, V50, C300, A6, 535, Passat... I sure hope the 328xi isn't next, especially since it is one of the last to offer a manual.
  • Hi Guys,

    Here is the deal i closed:

    2011 BMW 335iX
    MSRP - 54,580
    Invoice - 48,790
    Total due at signing - $ 3360 - first month, motor vehicle, bank fee and (NJ) sales tax
    36 month / 10K per year.
    Monthly - $577
  • I would like to know if this was a coupe or sedan?
  • This is a Sedan.
  • BTW, does this seem like a reasonable deal?
  • New to BMW's - looking for 328xi or 335xi - CPO. What pkgs should I be looking at? - I live in New England. Looking for < 30K miles - what's a reasonable price? Not stuck on 335 - not sure if I would notice the additional performance?
    Thanks in advance
  • poorlawyerpoorlawyer Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I'm looking to purchase a new, 2011 335i sedan. I'm interested in the Sport and Premium packages. I'm aware that the 2012 model will be a significant redesign. Consequently, I think that the 2011s remaining on dealer lots should command a substantial discount. What pre-tax price would you consider a good deal, assuming the MSRP is $52,000? Thank you in advance for your help. [EDIT: I'm located in Texas, in case that is helpful.]
  • I can only briefly comment on the performance difference between the 328i & 335i, since I had the pleasure of owning both. If you are a first timer with BMW, then yes go ahead and get the 328i, it's a fun car to drive. Later you may want to get into a 335i where you will notice a big difference in performance! Once you get into a 335i you ask yourself why you didn't do that sooner.
  • I just got a lease price for the following:
    2012 328 convertible
    mineral white
    red leather
    harmon kardon

    The msrp: 55,225 purchase price: 51,248

    $2765 up front
    $$645 a month

    Please let me know if this is a good deal..
  • olivioboliviob Posts: 23
    edited September 2011
    Hey there, considering this 328i 4 dr sedan LEASE from a Southern California dealer. Seems like a good deal. Thoughts?

    Black ext/Oyster int
    Prem & Value packages
    BMW Apps/Assist

    Vehicle Price: $41,375.00
    Preferred Customer Discount: - $4,490.00
    Total Selling Price: $36,885.00

    Sales Tax (estimate): + $3,260.25
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $310.00
    Other: + $29.00
    Flat Add/County Fee: + $10.00
    Smog Abatement Fee: + $20.00
    Documentation Fee: + $55.00
    Balance Due (estimate): $40,569.25
    No Trade-In

    LEASE OPTIONS (tax included)
    Cash Due 36 months
    10,000 Miles
    $1,500 $457
    $3,000 $411
    $4,500 $366
  • rrt1rrt1 Posts: 9
    edited September 2011
    I am looking at a used 13000 mile 2011 328i MSRP 44,675.00. The dealer has discounted it to 38,990.00. Is this a good deal? Car has the following, Convenience Package, Cold weather Package, Premium Package, Value Package, Steptronic, Nav, etc.

    Is this a good deal or should it be discounted more? They are offering me a lease @36 months/15000/year no money down for 598.00.

    Thanks for all inputs. This is the first time looking at BMW's

    Need to know ASAP
  • mortiennemortienne Posts: 30
    edited September 2011
    According to, you could buy that car for around $41,000 so you'll have to decide if it's worth 13,000 miles to save $2,000. Something to bear in mind is that you're leasing the car for 45,000 miles, so the car could have up to 58,000 miles on it when you return it. The warranty will run out at 50,000 (and possibly the included maintenance too).

    As for the numbers, the new lease figures should be 0.00190 money factor and 61% residual if I remember correctly. Assuming you're paying all the fees up front, then I make the payment to be $451 plus tax. Because it's used, they'll be using different figures.

    If you were to buy the same car new, and get it for $41,000, then your monthly should be around $512+tax.

    Bear in mind, I'm no professional at this. Just pulling in info from different sources. I did sell Infinitis for a couple of years though :)
  • rrt1rrt1 Posts: 9
    Thanks mortienne! I really dont know what to do. Can you give me your opinion on what you would do? Should I just look at another brand new one or take this one. Their lease price was including all fees and taxes no money down for 598.00. 36 months/1500/yr.
  • What are the current money factor, residual %, and other incentives for the 2011 335i (Sedan) and 2011 335d. Term is 36 months and 10k miles per year. I am a current BMW owner.

    I am seeing $1,000 bonus cash (loyalty) and $750 dealer cash. Is there also a reduction in the money factor for a returning customer?

    How does the $3,500 ECO credit work on the BMW 335d - is this a discount? I typically can get a deal $750 to $1,000 above invoice - so can I subtract the $3,500 from that price?

  • 4tune4tune Posts: 15
    edited September 2011
    I was given a quote for a mineral white saddle brown 2011 3 series coupe and wanted to know if it's the right price
    2100 due at signing. Includes first months payment tax title etc
    $550 a month for 10 k miles/year
    The car has premium pkg and value pkg with nav Sirius satellite radio, iPod adapter

    Please help. Don't know how to negotiate dealer says it's a 46k car
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