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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pacdecimalpacdecimal Posts: 29
    My zip code only indicated two dealers in Utah and 4 in Illinois who's still participating in this event. 640 miles from California to the nearest.
  • jtp3zkjtp3zk Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    I got a 2012 328i in mineral gray color in end of June with premium and technology packages, heated seats and xm radio (didn't care for the heated seats or xm radio, but this was the closest car to what I wanted).

    Invoice price was 40,485. $350 discount off invoice plus $1000 for the college rebate program. $35,000 down, financed the rest with 3.54% apr. this was done at irvine BMW. Was this a good deal?
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    I love these type of questions..... Each car market is different so to ask this question on a national forum is a mute point. How would you feel if people stated, you got screwed on the deal and you could have done better? The deal is done, can't chance what happened, as long as you are happy with it that is all that counts.
  • nw0anw0a Posts: 7
    Just finished with a lease buyout of '09 328xi coupe through a 'no-haggle' dealership in the Denver area. In '09 the purchase price of the vehicle would have $43,625 ($48k MSRP), and to buyout BMW wanted $28,155 but the dealer quoted $25,650 or $28,200 with CPO. Went with having them CPO the car, got the 0.9% finance rate for 24 months (was 1.5% for 36 or 48 months), and did not have to pay the last month's lease payment. They provided an '11 328xi sedan loaner and the CPO inspection and mini detail took 4 1/2 hours. Some thoughts:

    1. There was some confusion with when the CPO warranty would begin, but the final opinion was that it would start after the 4 yr/50k miles new car warranty was up, and I would get a full 6 yr/100k miles with the CPO-added warranty.
    2. I was rather unimpressed with the CPO process. Service did nothing to the car but the inspection. I would have expected that at least an oil change would have been done. I asked whether the Nav's GPS data would be updated (it is three years old) but they said no.
    3. Even with leasing the car for three years, my total out-of-pocket cost will be very nearly the $43.6k new car asking price. This was because BMW had excellent incentives for leasing a car in 2009.
    4. I feel that this was a good deal (not a great deal), and got the dealship to throw in a new set of BMW floor mats.

    In all, it was a very good experience working with this dealership, everything was set up by email before I needed to visit the showroom and the getting though the paperwork took less than an hour. Hope this is informative for someone.
  • Folks,

    Can some one let me know what would be the best out the price I can ask for BMW 328ix drive 2011 new car that has premium package on it. The dealer reduced the price on car to 35995 + tax. I am trying to buy the car and not lease it.

  • hotdeckhotdeck Posts: 1
    Hi all, I'm look at 2011 model because I could get a good deal. This 328xi has premium package, heated steering wheel, MSRP $41K, dealer quoted $35K. Is this good? How much should I push further?
  • pbgpbg Posts: 4
    Hello forum and car_man

    I've never purchased a BMW before and want to see if this price sounds ok and how much you think I can negotiate. The car is in good shape, has only 40K miles (it's a 2004 model), it's loaded with all packages.

    Asking $16,900. Haven't seen the car yet, and requested VIN# to get a carfax.

    Also, should I have a mechanic inspect it before? I know it's a hassle for the seller and if it's a good deal I may lose it, but don't want to get stuck with a lemon either.

    Thanks for your help!

  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    All I will say is that, if it were me, I'd definitely have the car inspected by someone with BMW familiarity before buying any used BMW.

    The additional $100-200 may well save you $1000's down the road.

    As an additional step, I would also ask to see the car's history and service records. What you see (or don't see) there will tell you volumes about the car.

    Good luck!
  • Picking up my F30 2013 tonight. Using 7 MSDs, team USA voucher and BMWCCA on a 12k year/3 year lease. MSRP $44,270. Dealer substantially discounted my car because of a BMW error in production. End result, I'm paying $400 a month for the lease.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    explain how BMW made error in production. Give details of the lease, which model of the F30, options, what was the residual that BMW gave you, money down, money factor, cap reduction... thanks
  • quattroquattro Posts: 51
    edited September 2012
    Hi car_man,

    Can u please let me know the residual and money factor for 2013 328i 36mth lease and12k/yr. also do u know of any promotion and dealer rebate on 2013?

    Thx very much
  • frank1961frank1961 Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    i got quote from dealer indicated $1000 over edmunds invoice price, the car is in process center, I deposit refundable $1000 credit card deposit, I requested dealer before sing the dotted line, I need see the original invoice, is this a good deal?


  • csnyder335icsnyder335i Posts: 7
    edited September 2012
    Im looking at a 2012 335i with the below options. Can someone help me with what I should offer on this car. My current lease is up and I'm looking to go with another 335.

    36 Months 12k Lease

    MSRP $54820
    Money factor .00185
    Doc fee $900
    Residual 61%

    Using $750 loyalty and $300 Drive App


    Parking Pkg -Inc: Rear-View Camera, Front/rear Park Distance Control, Side & Top View Cameras (req: Zpp Premium Pkg)
    Premium Pkg -Inc: Dakota Leather Seat Trim, Universal Garage Door Opener, Comfort Access Keyless Entry, Auto-Dimming Exterior Mirrors
    Sport Line -Inc: Sports Leather Steering Wheel, 18" X 8.0" Double-Spoke Light Alloy Wheels (style 397) W/p225/45r18 Run-Flat Performance Tires, Black Exterior Mirror Caps, Sport Seats, High Gloss Black Interior Trim, Coral Red Matte Highlight Trim Finishe
    Technology Pkg -Inc: Navigation System, Head-Up Display, Extended Content Instrument Cluster, Real Time Traffic Information
    8-Speed Sport Automatic Transmission -Inc: Driving Dynamics Control, Automatic Sport And Manual Shift Modes, Steering Wheel-Mounted Paddle Shifters (req: Zsl Sport Line)
    Split Fold-Down Rear Seat
    Heated Front Seats
    Bmw Assist W/enhanced Bluetooth & Usb -Inc: Online Info Services
    Bmw Apps -Inc: Smartphone Integration (req: 6nl Bmw Apps & Ztp Technology Pkg)

    I don't see any additional Incentives on 335i at the moment. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  • Invoice price is about 8% off the MSRP, you should be able to get somewhere around 7% off and then apply your loyalty discount, don't believe there are any other incentives right now.

    Your money factor is being marked up - std money factor is .00145. Also you should look into doing Multiple Security Deposit if you can, google it to educate your self, you can put down add'l refundable deposits to lower the money factor, doing the math you basically earn 10-12% on your money by saving 40-50 per month on lease payment.

    Also, you say Doc Fee of $900, I assume you mean bank fee, std bank fee is $725, so they are also marking that up and you should be able to negotiate that down.

    Good luck
  • I missed the fact that you are looking at an 2012, you should be able to go below invoice in that case since it is a leftover, I was thinking you were looking at a 2013.
  • BMW didn't install my BT at the factory. I was already getting the car for $500 over invoice. In light of the problem BMW dropped the price of the car $750. Not satisfied (such a small discount for a lease), I had them tear off another $1250 from the CAP Cost. Added in the BMW Team USA voucher giving me a cap cost of 38k. Then I did the 7 MSDs: $2800 (which will come back at the end). 12k mile lease ended up at $399 a month including taxes.
  • csnyder335icsnyder335i Posts: 7
    edited September 2012
    Thanks, yes its a 2012, they are not giving much on the price but there are only 3 dealers in the Phxoenix area and two are owned by the same company. Yes I meant "bank fee" which should be 725 however they are charging more and are upping the rate. Are these negotiable? I have leased before and was not sucessful in getting the rate back down to the base or the doc fee. the .00185 works out to 1400 in profit for them over the 36 months. Im now thinking about ordering one to get exactly what I want as there are no 335i in stock yet.
  • You can do better. The lease fee is negotiable (most reputable dealers will not mark it up).

    You may want to check as there are board sponsors on there who will easily do $400-500 over invoice on the 335i. They'll go lower on the 328i as the sales are rather soft...
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    My last two BMWs where bought at Chapman BMW on Camelback, never had a problem always dealt with the internet manager (he just left) but got the deal I wanted. I would stay away from North Scottsdale BMW at all cost...
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