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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • utexas06utexas06 Posts: 43
    Your best bet for getting the lowest price possible is to find a 2013 that is in stock with the features you want. If you want to order a 2014 to specs then the dealer will not the discount the car as much. Below are the cash incentives that I'm aware of.

    $1,000 BMW Build-Out Credit: Available to anyone
    $500 BMW Loyalty Cash: Current BMW Owners or Leasees only
    $1,000 BMW Ultimate Driving Experience: Must have attended event and provided with code for use.
    $1,000 Recent College Grad Incentive: Graduated within the previous 12 months OR you are eligible to graduate within the next 4 months and have a verifiable offer of employment.

    It seems like you'd be eligible for the Build-Out Credit and College Grad Incentive if you've graduated from undergrad in the last 12 months or plan to graduate from grad school in 4 months which might be unlikely. Find a dealer that might be advertising a car at invoice or as close as possible and then negotiate applying whichever incentives you qualify for. If they are not quoting a price with that much of a discount then you need to ask for invoice or $500 above invoice, minus the incentives.
  • Hoping that you see this message and can respond, Car Man.

    Are there any August lease numbers available for the new 2014 328i GT? 36 months and 12k miles.

    On another note, is there a reliable source anywhere on the internet for obtaining dealer holdback data and other hidden profits from the manufacturer? Is buying a Consumer Reports buyer report reliable? This is always a big question in our minds when we negotiate a new lease.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    just a FYI, since the GT is brand new and just hitting the dealers, even if you could find holdbacks and such, I highly doubt any dealer would go lower than MSRP for a while, the GT. Until someone post other wise, to get a ballpark lease number, use .00127 for MF and 57%, this seems to be the standard for a 328i sedan.
  • shazi00shazi00 Posts: 13
    Thanks for the clarification.

    The dealer infact did order me a 2014 328i with the options I wanted. The car cost me $37,400. So im hoping on delivery they don't start to mess around with the numbers again since the 2014 is $250 more than 2013 model. And looking at the new residuals which are actually lower than the residual i got at 61%.
  • You're not going to get any break on a GT for a while.
  • Is this a good deal for a BMW 3 series?
  • rabadashrabadash Posts: 11
    Yes. That's a fabulous deal on a 2014 335xi, providing it is an out-the-door final price on a purchase. Way to go! (I bought a 335i sedan in May.) You'll need some of your negotiated savings to pay for future speeding tickets. :-)
  • harry96harry96 Posts: 3
    its for 3 years and 36000 miles.

    i do not know what the money factor is .
  • harry96harry96 Posts: 3
    the tire insurance is also included in the numbers along with 3 payments on my cc. its for 12k and 36000 miles.
  • nick81nick81 Posts: 4
    On the hunt for a 2013 335. I've looked at the inventory online at local dealerships and the stock generally has been low for the last few months since I've been looking and is even lower at this point. I figure they're not replinishing 2013 inventory due to the 2014's rolling out soon. Does anyone have a sense of whether I could simply order a 2013 from a dealership, or are they only ordering 2014's now? Not sure how far I need to expand the search if the only way to get a 2013 is to find one currently in inventory at a dealership. Also, if you can still order a 2013, any thoughts on whether to expect the same deal on a car that is ordered by the dealer as opposed to a car sitting on their lot in current inventory would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • rabadashrabadash Posts: 11
    I had to order my 335i because American dealers don't stock manual transmissions, and I wanted specific stuff. The dealership placed my order in the Munich production queue the next day. If I were you, I'd sit down with someone in management at a dealership and ask when production shifts to 2014's. I expect the cut-off to be soon, but I'm only assuming. My order was placed on April 4th, and took delivery on May 16th. That's amazingly fast for a custom build. You can follow things along on BMW's website, so you'll know when it enters production, when it leaves the plant, when it's on its way over, and when it arrives at the dealership. Pretty cool. Lot's of negotiating room on production orders. Dealers seem to like transactions that don't involve having to carry a vehicle on their lot. Good luck!
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    It's the end of Aug, only 2014 are being built.
  • rbirgerbirge Posts: 3
    My local BMW dealership just received their first shipment of two 328d's. I am interested in them, given the fact that they are averaging close to 50-60mpg. Does anyone have any current experience with Prices Paid, Invoice pricing, Current BMW Diesel incentives (that could possibly stack with the ones mentioned earlier in this thread)? I am going to drive it today to see how it compares. Today I have a 2006 325i with almost 150k miles. Thinking this might be worth the change, if the ride is nice, and the price is good. Thoughts?
  • rbirgerbirge Posts: 3
    It looks like there aren't many incentives for the 328d. Here is what I found from BMW Dreyer and Reinbold in Indianapolis:

    $1500- Build Out cash is not available for any 2014, which is what all of these are
    $3500- Eco Credit is not applicable, even though the 335d, X5d, and 3 Series Hybrid had this (not sure if this is forever, or just since it is brand new).
    They were only willing to give me $500 as a BMW customer today

    Anyone experiencing anything different than this?
  • tomy3tomy3 Posts: 20

    I have been quoted a money for of .00165 for a 2013 BMW 328i Conv. Is this the best rate for those with very good credit scores?
  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    2013 production ended in June for Germany production and July for South Africa. Only MY14 can be ordered now
  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    Nope that is all correct. AH3 has $3500 ECO credit on them for MY14
  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    Top tier buy rate is .00125
  • nick81nick81 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the responses on availability of 2013 335i's. I got a quote from a dealer for a 2013 335i xDrive with the Tech Pkg. MSRP is $51,645 and he's quoting $3,800 under that ($47,800). Strikes me as about as good as I'm going to find, but was wondering if anyone had any recent experiences/thoughts on whether I should be haggling for more of a cut or if this is about as good a deal as I can expect at this point. Thanks again!
  • nick81nick81 Posts: 4
    Another way to ask my question above that would probably be more helpful is to clarify that the dealer is essentially quoting me the invoice price (based on my building out the same car, invoice is $47,700 vs. the $47,800 they are asking for). Was wondering how much below invoice I could expect to get at this point on the 2013 335i xdrive with the 2014's coming out.
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