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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    There is still $1000 build out cash on 2013's so you can get under invoice. How much depends on if the dealer will give some of it up
  • If you are a member of or Join USAA Auto Insurance. Its free. you can get another $1,000.00 off the deal. I did. I joined, they sent me an conformation e-mail that I presented to the dealer and received the $1k discount, plus the $1k previous owner discount.
  • audieddyaudieddy Posts: 28
    edited August 2013
    Shopped at least 4 dealers in the MA and CT area. Have a USAA membership which gets you 1500 off incentive and used pricing service to get a "quote" from two which range from $4400 to $5000 off.

    I dealt with the one dealer who orginally came in at 374 a month. Called and disscussed I needed payment reduced per my math. Was able to get down to $350 a month with tax + $1560 out of pocket and $2450 for 7 security deposits. By lowering the rate with multiple security deposits I saved about $30 a month or $360 a year (about a 14% annualized return on the $2450). And you get the security deposits back when you return lease or buy car.

    So this is how the deal worked- salesperson said I got the $1,000 build out incentive + $1,500 USAA discount.

    MSRP $41,325 (2013 328ix Alpine white w/ just moonroof and front heated seats)
    Price sold for: we didn't really say, but this only works with $35,500 sale price or $5,825 off MSRP)
    Residual: $25,208 (61%)
    Term/Mileage: 36 month/15k
    money factor: .00072 (.00121- .00049 for 7 MSDs)
    acquisition fee: $725
    dealer fee, title and registration fees: $425

    Monthly payment: $350 ($329 + $21 taxes)
    out of pocket at signing: $1,564 which includes first month payment of $350
    Multiple refundable security deposits: $2450

    Can't say how much I appreciate the info on this forum. Signing papers tomorrow.
  • audieddyaudieddy Posts: 28
    Just and update on the above deal for $350 a month $1,564 out of pocket if you are trying to replicate it. Signed all papers today and the dealer kept to the deal. However, they indicated that the USAA incentive for a lease was only $500, but they had done the lease math believing it was a $1500 rebate. While they pointed it out to this error to me, they were decent enough to keep all the other numbers the same and lowered the selling price (with the $500 rebate) to $35,281 to make the lease work. Not sure about other BMW sales people, but other dealers would probably have told me I would have to come up with another 1k to make them whole. Anyway, pick up the car Tuesday and it did close.
  • Is this a good deal? Thinking of going owners choice here

    Msrp $52750
    Negotiated price after rebates $47700
    Residual 10K = 63%, 12K = 62%
    Tax $2489
    Tag doc etc fees $400

    Minus $8900 for a trade in car

    $41,625 final price

    Owners choice 4%interest 10k $388/month 12k $408/month
    Lease 10k $410/month 12k $430/month
  • Hello Folks..Just came across a pre-owned 2013 328i deal. It has 21000 miles in ~1yr and it was sold to the dealer in a Manufacturer Vehicle Auction. It is Lux line+Prem Pack+Tech Pack+Cold weather pack+Lighting pack+Driver Assis Pack and the dealer has very good price tag on the vehicle. Any suggestions/experience with Manufacturer Vehicle? I really love the deal, however, I am not familiar with Manufacturer Vehicle handling..?? Are 21000miles/yr too much? Is it a good call to buy the vehicle..? Any suggestions would be appreciated..!! I'm California.
  • I want the car with all of the packages (tech, m sport, etc). MSRP is 59k. Invoice is 54.4k. What's realistic?
  • seems like a great deal but we don't know what your trade in is really worth
  • what is ah3?
  • ActiveHybrid3
  • Went to the dealer tonight to get some pricing on a 320ix, in Illinois keep in mind.

    Leather Seats
    Front Heated Seats

    MSRP: $36,900
    Residual: $22,140 (60%)
    Term/Mileage: 36 Month/12K
    Money Factor: .00165
    Total Down: $956 (First month payment included)
    Tax: 8.75%

    Could someone offer their thoughts on this offer? I feel like it isn't a good deal. Tier 1 credit as well. Also let me know any information I may be missing.

  • Way too much. I am paying $670 for a heavily option 535 x drive. Money factor should be .00125 for starters.
  • Thanks for the info. This is my first lease so all input is greatly appreciated. From what I was reading throughout this forum, 60% residual seemed a bit low to me as well for a 2014.
  • 60% is correct for a 2014 320xi for 12k miles. There is also a $500 Lease/APR Conquest Cash available if you aren't a current BMW owner for the 320's.
  • What would you consider a fair monthly if I get the MF down to .00125. Thoughts on getting the RV at 61 or 62 if I go down to 10K per year mileage? I also think I can get the MSRP down a bit as well. How do I take advantage of the $500 Lease/APR Conquest cash available? Thanks for all the help, this forum is amazing.
  • RV will be 61% for 10k. You take advantage of the Conquest Cash if you currently don't own a BMW. If you do, then you get the $500 Loyalty instead and they work as a rebate, not discount on the car itself.
  • I currently don't own a BMW so is it as simple as mentioning this to the dealership and it should be factored into my price?
  • Correct, it may be factored in already. I would ask them to show you
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  • dtd98dtd98 Posts: 19
    Has anyone ordered the 328d in the Bay Area? If so, could you please share your experience. I'm curious to see if the availability this diesel version is abundant.
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