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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    BMW has raised the residual on the 2014's to 66% this has helped with the payments of the 320i's. You might not be able to find a 2013 with the options you are looking for,.
  • richneedsaleasrichneedsaleas Posts: 36
    edited November 2013
    OK All, here you go: As always, much better lease deals out there than the Advertised "Specials"...

    Configuration MSRP 49,750 Was told residual is 61%, MF works out to 3% apr

    Cold, Tech, Prem Pkgs.

    Total Drive-away OOP $1599
    Monthly incl NY Tax $484.
    10k mi/yr 36mo loyalty and tier 1 applied

    Thanks for all forum help as always
  • Seems about $60/mo too much to me
  • You can do way better. See my Gran Turismo Post, It should be far cheaper than that!
  • Hello all,

    Great information here-- thanks to all who provide feedback.

    Time for me to request some, please. I think these numbers are high, but I'm not sure.

    Loc: Washington, DC
    2014 328 xDrive
    Luxury Line
    Cold Weather Pkg
    Driver Asst Pkg
    Lighting Pkg
    Premium Pkg
    Tech Pkg
    MSRP 51,925
    Negotiated Price 47,405

    MF: .00125 (would rather not buy down with MSDs)

    4K OOP (+500 Loyalty = 4.5K down)
    507.92/Mo (incl. DC 10% use tax)

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 182
    Why are you putting down 4K on a lease? Unless you have to pay tax upfront. If you are paying down to lower the cap cost, it is the wrong move. Once you leave the lot, anything happens to the car, you are out your down payment.
  • Looking back, you're right. Will re-negotiate that piece. Thanks!
  • I am getting BMW 328i lease for 675 (with tax) per month for 36 months
    with 15 k miles per year
    below are details
    msrp --46475
    sale price--44675
    residual amount --26955
    no rebates
    customer cash 675

    down payment is first month that is 675
    car has driver asst. , premium and technology package..

    this is the first time I am leasing , what is the best way to negotiate...
  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 182
    First off your price is bad! right off, I think you are paying probably minimum of an extra $100 plus per month. That being said, I take it from your name you are in Charlotte, NC. therefore, you can buy/lease from any BMW dealer in the US and do Performance Center Delivery(PCD) in Spartanburg. don't have all of the info for a lease...biggest is what is the money factor MF, the base MF is .00125. There are also other fees involved and it would behoove you to read up on BMW leases.

    The absolute best market to lease a BMW in the US is SoCalifornia. I would email the build of the car you want to either Greg at Pacific BMW, Justin at New Century BMW or Jon at Santa Barbara BMW. They are all sponsor on the Bimmerfest forum. Any of them will give you a great deal and arrange for the PCD delivery.

    If you go on the above website, there is a topic devoted to PCD delivery. I would also read up on MSD's, if you look at my earlier posts, you will be able to learn about them.

    Good luck
    PS stay out of your local dealers, unless you want to get hosed!
  • Hi all,
    First time leasee and wanted to get people's thoughts on this deal. I'm in So Cal.

    Leasing a 2014 328i 36 mo 10k miles/year. Nav, heated seats, & moonroof.
    MSRP 42,275
    Inital Cap Cost 37800
    Residual 61%
    Lease end value - 25787.75
    Money Factor .0014 (based on other posts this should be .00125)
    Monthly payment - 428.36 (including 9% sales tax)
    Cust Cash Down - $2000

    Sales guy said he could try to get to $400/mo if I signed by month end. How good of a deal is this?

  • first time lease for 2013 328 i
    12k miles a year

    car comes with
    premium package
    lighting package
    cold weather package

    0 down
    taxes and acquisition fee and bank fee MVC etc total 2500
    and 375 a month could you guys please let me know if its a good deal its my first time leasing bmw
  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 182
    First off is the customer cash down for only the drive offs? by that, I mean, first month's payment, dmv, $80 doc fee and $725 acquisition fee? I would guess based on CA jacking up your money factor, he has increased the Acq fee too.

    Send your build to either Greg at Pacific BMW or Justin at New Century Bmw and get a quote from them.

    Also, there is a wealth of info on BMW leases on the Bimmerfest forum, including using MSD's to lower your monthly payment. It looks like you are possible putting money down to de cap your lease, very bad move.
  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 182
    Not nearly enough info you provided on the car. What is the MSRP, the invoice price, the money factor, the acquisition fee, doc fee and any other fees they might have. This is a 2013 model, therefore, your capitalization cost should be minimum $2000 below invoice.

    If you come back with the above numbers, I can tell you whether it is a good deal or not.

    Do yourself a big favor, go onto the Bimmerfest forum and read about leasing. There is a ton of good info to help educate you on BMW leasing. Believe me, you will gain a lot for a small amount of time invested.
  • Would you be able to stack the holiday credit with the build out credit on MY13 cars? Or only one credit can be applied? Thanks.
  • Getting for below rates for 2014 320x, 36 months, 10K miles . Is it good one?
    MSRP 40370
    Sale Price :37120
    Residual :66%
    Money factor :0.0096
    Down payment: 2200 (Includes First month payment, doc fees, Tax and all that)
    Monthly payment including tax : 360
  • Hi, please post the Dec numbers for a 36mos 12k/15k lease. Thanks a lot!
  • Looking to buy a 328i or 335i later this month.

    It seems, usually, people are able to get a 200-300$ over invoice (+ TTL) when they buy. Considering various rebates (holiday case of 1250$, 500$ turnkey cash), what price can I expect to realistically target?

    I am in SoCal.
  • lexmalexma Posts: 1
    I plan to order my car but have been told by the dealer that they won't give as good a deal as for a car that exists in their inventory. That makes sense to me but I wonder what others' experience has been like in this situation. Thanks!
  • Become a member of "Bimmerfest" Its a great BMW lovers site. There are many sponsor dealers who give exceptional deals to Bimmerfest members only. Its free to join and has an abundance of info. Do yourself a favor, you should be able to get a car, with incentives, below invoice.
  • You should be way under invoice at this point. Become a "Bimmerfest" member" (its free !!) and reach out to Greg Poland at Pacific BMW. He is a Sponsor Dealer on "Bimmerfest"and will give you an incredible deal. It will blow you away !!!
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