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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • quemfalaquemfala Posts: 107
    I have a 550i on my shopping list, along with a few other 8-cylinder marques. I've spent a few hours going over a lot of these posts and thank you all for the info. But I have to admit, reading all about the "pricing", the "negotiating" (or lack thereof), "no discounts" -- shopping for a BMW is going to give me a severe headache! It sounds a bit like the old story of "hitting your thumb with a hammer because it feels so good when you stop"! I honestly wonder why someone would pusue a business deal with some of these salespeople? I stopped for a brief chat with the a local dealer and requested some literature on the 5-series, only to be subjected to the worst display of arrogance that I've seen in a long time. His pitch was that I would be happy to be the "first one on the block to own" and "most people just come in and write the check"! In other words, money should be no object! Wow! Maybe I'm answering my own question.

    I'm still a few months away from making a decision, so I'll keep watching these boards in the hope that the market will force some of these prima-donnas into a more advantageous deal; after all, there's still a few other manufacturers out there that are also trying to sell a car.

    THANX -- and remember, Life is Better at the Beach!
  • azur025azur025 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the the reply!

    I finally pulled the trigger yesterday.

    After seeing what you paid, I negotiated some more. MSRP on my 07' 530i+Options is $58,270 and I got it down to $55K Flat including the MACO fee. Can I ask where you went for you BMW? I've looked all over LA area and this is the best I could do. Some dealers just stopped returning my calls. I must of been pretty aggressive on the price.
  • low_ball_88low_ball_88 Posts: 163
    I am in Northern CA. Dealers around here are the same way. They think the vehicle is a precious commodity. I did everything by e-mail and over the phone. All wanted $2500 over invoice (that includes the MACO) but one dealer gave me $1188 over invoice. I was trying to get him to come down to $688, but he would not budge so I just bought it. This is for a car that is ordered, not on the lot. I basically ordered the options I wanted and nothing more.

    BTW, good job in getting the dealer to give you the $55K price. He could of said that is the lowest price, and you probably would have taken it. The dealer didn't have to do it and neither did mine since they know the market value for this vehicle. My dealer said he would have given me a better price if it was the end of the year but I didn't want to wait.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    A national personal finance magazine is looking to interview consumers who have recently purchased (within the past year) a new 2006/2007 BMW 5 Series and would like to talk about your new car. Please send an e-mail to no later than Thursday June 22, 2006 by 2:00 PM PST/5:00 EST containing your daytime contact information with the year of your 5 Series.

    Chintan Talati
    Corporate Communications

    Community Manager If you have any questions or concerns about the Forums, send me an email,, or click on my screen name to send a personal message.

  • 3mk3mk Posts: 8
    HI dallencat,

    Can I ask what dealership you purchased your 525i from?
  • 3mk3mk Posts: 8
    Hi low ball 88,

    Can I ask what dealership you got the great deal from.

  • dallencatdallencat Posts: 28
    Dave Walter BMW, Akron, Ohio. Great service, great price, overall great experience.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Does anyone know if there is any dealer holdback on the 2007 530i?
  • allnationallnation Posts: 18
    On 6/22/2006, I purchased my 2007 530i JetBlack/Beige /w Premium, Sports, Premium Sound, heated seats, comfort access, power rear shades, and sat radio. Importanly, I paid $400 over invoice plus MACO $440. I was going to purchase at $800 over invoice. But another dealer was willing to beat at $400 over invoice, so this dealer matched. I live in the bay area. Amazing car... You always want to deal with an internet/fleet manager on a weekday over phone or email. Then let diff dealers match prices one another.
  • allnationallnation Posts: 18
    forgot to include navigation and automatic.
  • swiz454swiz454 Posts: 1
    A local dealer I have been working with has a car that includes all of the options I was looking in the color combo I want. Sticker is $57,070. When I asked what they could do one price given that the 5 series typically have at least $5k markup over invoice they replied $1200 under sticker. I then argued and stated that this car is a commodity and there are 4 other dealers within a 20 mile radius of theirs. They would not budge and basically told me to have a nice day. Well, there just happened to be a MB dealer across the street. I drove across the street and picked up a similiarly equipped '06 E350 for around $6k less than the 530i would have costed and got 2.9% financing for 36 months. I love BMW but when you have to go to a Mercedes Dealer to get a deal there something wrong there. BTW, loving the Benz.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    BMW doesn't have holdback in the technical sense... However, they have a couple of programs that together rebate about 5% to the dealers.. about half of that is dependent on their CSI scores...

    Even given that, the market pretty much determines that you won't see a dealer dip into that money to make a deal.. Generally, you are going to have to work on the premise that you'll have to pay invoice + profit to make a deal on a BMW...

    The question is... how much + profit are you going to have to come up with?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    >The question is... how much + profit are you going to have to come up with?

    That is the question, isn't it?

    Thanks for the info - very helpful.
  • dallencatdallencat Posts: 28
    Does anyone know if BMW will be bringing back the 2.9% financing anytime soon? Thanks!
  • 3mk3mk Posts: 8
    I'm thinking about buying the 525i. I'm close to the bay area in norcal. Can you give me the name of the dealer. I would appreciate it, thanks in advance.
  • low_ball_88low_ball_88 Posts: 163
    Do you mind telling me who the dealer is? Was it a car on the lot or ordered to your spec?
  • akv25akv25 Posts: 42

    I am looking at two different 2007 530xi's. Both are 36 mo/36K miles, 62% residual, $3000.00 down payment, $825 Acquisition Fee, and Security Fee of first month's payment.

    Jet Black
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package
    Auto Trans
    Comfort Access
    Fold down seats
    Heated rear seats
    Nav system
    Logic 7 System
    Sale Price - $59,045.00
    Lease Payment - $715+tax

    Black Sapphire Metallic
    Cold Weather
    Premium Package
    Auto Trans
    Comfort Access
    Fold down seats
    Sale Price - $55,695
    Monthly Payment - $715 + tax

    This is the first time I'm leasing a car. I don't have information on the invoice or the MSRP. Is the sale price and monthly payment reasonable. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • bilmacbilmac Posts: 3
    530Xi with
    Premium Package
    Cold weather
    Purchase price :$52,135

    $693.50 for 36 monthslease 10K miles

    How does this deal look?
  • allnationallnation Posts: 18
    I wrote a msg once and was deleted because I mentioned specific names. So let me try it again.

    Lowest offer was by a dealer in Berkeley(highly recommend).
    Matched by a dealer in Marin County, and bought it here.
    I bought a vehicle that was in a cargo on the way to US.
    You want to talk to an internet/fleet manager.

    I hope this doesn't get deleted.
  • low_ball_88low_ball_88 Posts: 163
    I ordered mine from Berkeley as well back in May with the options I wanted and nothing more. The car will be arriving at the dealer this week. I guess the internet sales guy is starting to give a better deal than what he gave me back in late April. That was $788 plus $400 MACO.

    He did mentioned to me that he could have given me a better deal if I took one of the cars that was already on its way to the dealership and have not be reserved/sold.

    Thanks for the info.
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