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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577
    I'm returning an '04 x3, no iDrive. Before that I had an '01 330. I kind of liked the "clown nose" under the mirror.

    Don't worry. The clown nose is still there for night time ambient lighting, although more flattened. (I guess it had a Rhinoplasty.)
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577
    Is it possible to replace the SP run flat tires
    with regular tires once they are worn out..?

    Sure you can replace them, but I'm not sure if BMWFS accepts non-RF's as replacement if you have a lease.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    Good point.. if you have a leased car with runflats, then it has to have runflats when you return it.

    So... replace the runflats right away, keep them in storage, and put them back on, before turning the car in.

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  • replace four tires cost around 900 dollars. How long do RF tires last? I am going to have the lease car. Need more advice on this one.

  • Question for the group -

    Any word on when the 5 series gets overhauled? I heard online it is for the 2009 model year, but also heard some for 2010 -

    Also looking when the desiels might be coming?
  • So topspin are you going to pull the trigger? We are all waiting with great anticipation. Sounds like a great car except for the spt suspension. Unless the increased weight of the 5 calls for a stiffer suspension (I guess unlike the 3 which to me the sprt felt too rough) or the effect of the sprt on the 5 doesn't feel the same as the sprt 3 I might think twice or drive again the non sprt and the sprt 5's back to back (and make sure you drive 550's not a 550 then a 535).

    My plan is to pull the trigger tomorrow. I am done test driving (except if they have an active steering car to try). No more paralysis by analysis. As for sport or non sport. I too had a 330 i with sport. It was the most fun I ever had in a car and I never got bored or tired of it. I never regretted getting the sp in that car. In the 550 I find that the SP to be very compliant which is one of the things that sold me on it. I had 0 intention of getting a sport pack and was going to get an xi. Then I drove the 550 and it was over. Believe it or not, the ride felt more comfortable than the non sport xi. I think the non run flats that come with the sport pack 550 vs the run flats on the xi may be the reason. I was amazed at how smooth it was. Plus you don't get the cool aero package, wheels, new sport auto trans with paddles (which is getting great reviews) and the dynamic suspension ARL which is really a great feature. The car stays totally neutral when cornering, no lean, amazing. So I decided that all that "stuff" was more than worth changing out my tires twice per year. Trust me if I thought the ride was too rough I wouldn't be getting it. It was very smooth.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577
    replace four tires cost around 900 dollars. How long do RF tires last? I am going to have the lease car. Need more advice on this one.


    See my post #2332.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577
    Good luck with your car. Bottom line: you've got to go with what floats YOUR boat.
  • skobolaskobola Posts: 207
    Re to #2728 of 2750 Re: Car Man- Lease question [nyccarguy] by topspin628, Sep 27, 2007 (2:01 am), which said:
    There is a $180 training & services fee added to the invoice of every BMW that is not shown on websites like edmunds or kbb. Also depending on where you live (I live in New York), there may be a $300 MACO (advertising fee) assesed to each car.
    Yes, I live in NY and they are adding the 480.
    Is that something that can get reduced? Do I have to pay for their advertising fee?
    How would you play this?

    Sorry for replying this late, but I have not read this board for a couple of days, so here it goes. Note that I always buy my Bimmers or recommend my friends to buy their Bimmers in NY, where I/we have never been charged any training nor MACO fees, just plain $1,000 over invoice. Also note that invoice is the same invoice published by Edmunds.
    The reason why we buy our Bimmers in NY is because in Miami we cannot dream getting any Bimmer at "only" $1,000 above invoice, plus they then even super-pad all the fees, tricks, songs and dances. So, it actually pays for us to buy them in NY and ship them to Miami. By the way, this is the case for Bimmers that we lease and that get ordered! So it appears that our NY dealer is pretty OK with us paying $1,000 over invoice, which still appears to me to be pretty well paid, as it appears that they just have to fill up the ordering papers, which I believe cannot take them more than about 1 hour job, including us talking to them and ordering the exact car.
  • Can I ask you for the name and location of the dealer.
  • RF tires require a specially lipped rim and the suspension on the 3 and some 5's were designed specifically for RF tires. OEM is always the best for safety. Also keep in mind that if you have to use a spare; those aren't supposed to be used more than once so the cost differential of 10 - 15% is overcome by the overall safety. And you might ask the dealership if they have a Road Hazard program. That small investment will overcome the cost of damage to tires/rims or for sure extra tires.
  • Any costs that go to the product go to the bottom line. This is with any business. And to try and be creative with your understanding is at best dishonest. I've found that with anything I purchase, typically I get exactly what I pay for. In other words, we reap what we sow!:)
  • skobolaskobola Posts: 207
    Rallye BMW in Westbury, NY. E-mail me for details, if you want them.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    2008 535i black/black with bamboo trim ($49,400)
    Destination ($775)
    [ZCW] Cold Weather Package ($750)
    [ZPP] Premium Package ($2,100)
    [ZSP] Sport Package ($2,800)
    [2TB] Sport Automatic ($500)
    [775] Anthracite Headliner ($500)
    [322] Comfort Access ($1,000)
    [508] Park Distance Control ($700)
    [609] Navigation System ($1,900)
    [610] Heads Up Display ($1,200)
    [677] Premium Hi-Fi System ($1,200)
    [655] Satellite Radio ($595)
    [6FL] iPod Adaptor ($400)

    MSRP: $63,820
    Paid: $60,435 'out the door', including all fees.

    Purchased from Tulley, but received similar pricing from Stratham and two dealers in MA (Natick and Peabody).
  • Wow! I personally don't negotiate on these cars and I've owned several. BMW has one of the highest residual values. It doesn't help the residual value of the product posting deep discounts like this on one of the Finest brands in the world.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    Well... the whole purpose of the Prices Paid forums is to post how much you paid...

    We have over 460 separate discussions, just to relate that specific information.

    If a potential buyer can save $3000 on the front end, I'm pretty sure that will make up for any loss in possible depreciation caused by that same post. I know the pen is mightier than the sword.. but, I'll subscribe to the saying, Knowledge is Power ;)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • joelk01joelk01 Posts: 39
    535xi, steptronic, sports, premium,cold weather, nav, heated rear, rear airbags, IPOD. MSRP $59,560, I got the car at $55,970.
  • joelk01joelk01 Posts: 39
    If you lease a car, bring a calculator with you. After you negotiation the purchase price of the car, and the dealer calculates the lease payments for you, be sure and tie out their numbers with yours. If there any discrepancies, ask the dealer for a clarification. I am stunned at the sleight of hand I experienced in leasing my 535xi. I had dealers negotiating a Cap Cost and stating that they are using the published MF, Residuals, and MSRP for the configuration I wanted, and then coming out with payment numbers that were materially off from what I calculated. I verified that their inputs were the same that I was using. I also verified that the taxes were treated the same. I verified everything. When I questioned them, they refused to go into the math with me. Flat out refused. I asked to speak to the sales manager, and he was no better. It was disgusting. Other dealers were happy to go thru the math and bring in their finance person, if necessary. Do not be timid about checking the math and calling them out.
  • Just curious what others have been quoted recently:

    I have been quoted on a 535Xi with NAV, Prem, Cold Weather, Sat Radio the following:
    $57,720 List
    $55,150 Lease Price
    36 Months
    MF of 0.00225
    Residual of .60 or Buyout $32,382
    20,000 miles per year
    $3,103.48 due at sign (1st month, $825 Bank Fee, $900 Sec, $487.60 Lux Tax/NJ DMV 3 years)
    $894 month including NJ 7% tax

    Sounds a bit high but I have not dealt with BMW prior to this.
  • What state did you buy your car from? How much did you pay for out of the door?

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