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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • My first post here... and first BMW ownership....

    My wife and I are looking to purchase a new 528i in the coming months in Houston Texas. We would like a blk/blk or wihite/ tan leather, automatic trans, premium pkg, sirius, ipod adapter, tint, and floor mats. Does anyone know if BMW offers more incentives when the new 2009 models arive supposely in September. We would even be willing to purchase from Dallas dealers, anyone from Houston get better prices out of town. BMW doesn't discount like the US car makers do w/ $50k trucks discounted $15K so the best discount will help in making such a over priced purchase less painful. Also, is there any difference wether you purchase or lease a BMW (any benefits from leasing as oppssed to buying?).

    Any information appreciated.

  • I am hearing up to $1k off invoice from several dealers on 535i. I got an offer for a about $800 under invoice on a white one in Southern California because of some particular options I want. So msrp ~$56k to just over $50k. 0.9% financing. Pretty good deal. Not sure how prices and financing is going to move in the next few months though. I just know there is a load of 5's at the dealers and loads more at the port. I wouldnt be surprised to see prices drop even more. (I hear some Mercedes dealers are doing 5-6k off C class and 15-20k off S550). anycase I'm happy with the deal i am getting. Let me know if you hear pricing that is different from mine.
  • Has anyone heard rumors of what incentives will be forthcoming when the .9 financing ends 9/02? Also have not seen a date the free premium package ends. Trying to decide whether to pull the trigger this week or wait...?
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    The 335xi came to my driveway on February this year was the car standing on dealer’s lot, the deal I got was $ 550.00 above the invoice with the MSRP of $46,650.00.The car was made on 08/07, so the car might have been in the dealership for at least two months. The 535xi Alpine white loaded with rare back seats fold down option made on 04/08 with MSRP of $ 59900.00 had to come from a dealership in Rhode Island to South Jersey, and I paid $ 56000.00 on this passed June to the same dealer.
    I put up just bought 07 Treareg V10 tdi for sale through VW Vortex and Touareg Club by a well known forum maker, for two months NO ONE made any offer with 20k off the price I paid for it! It took only two weeks for local VW dealer to sell my 05 Passat tdi, and I got a few same church goers asking me if I want to sell the 06 Hybrid Highlander. The old saying: the timing, demand, and supply are still the factors.
  • gfish49gfish49 Posts: 24
    Looking to purchase a 2008 535xi, msrp 58,670. Dealer is quoting me 55,670. I would put 10k down and payment would be 840 a month for 60 months. Can I do better and if so by how much. It seems like it is a better deal to buy now instead of lease - correct. Thanks!
  • eights38eights38 Posts: 137
    gfish49 - The question of leasing vs buying is a personal choice. Do you drive between 10K and 15K miles per year? Do you like to have a new car every couple years? If the answer to these questions is yes, leasing is probably your best choice. If you need more help, please feel free to email me at
  • gfish49gfish49 Posts: 24
    Actually, I have leased my last 5 cars. So, guess I do like new cars, but I do put a lot of milage on my cars, about 22,000 a year. So this time with the low interest rates available at BMW and comparing it to their lease rates, it almost looks like buying maybe a good deal now. The only negative is the upfront money that I would put down for buying.
  • gfish - i think you should be able to get a better deal on the price. i would target for 53000 or 1000 under invoice.
  • Thanks, I have a chance to buy a certified 2008 BMW 535xi too, msrp of 55,225 and selling price is 47,495. The car is certified and has about 9000 miles on it. It also would qualify for the .9 financing, because it was a demo car. Think I would be better off buying this or buying the brand new car. Would 47k be a good price for this car? Thanks again
  • MSRP is 48925. They are offering 4200 off, for 44,725. We are paying cash.

    Does this sound reasonable?

    It has Parking assist, premium package (included in their incentive?), iPOD.
  • There is more room to deal on this one based on comments here on the board and my own buying experience. You should be able to get it for about $1000 to $1200 below invoice. I would say $44,000 is reasonable.
  • Sales of BMW brand vehicles decreased 4.1 percent in August for a total of
    25,462 compared to 26,562 reported in the same month a year ago. Year-to-date
    BMW brand sales were down 7.4 percent, to 180,889 vehicles compared to 195,436
    vehicles sold in the same period in 2007.

    Sales BMW of North America, LLC, August 2008

    August AugustYTDYTD
    08 07 %August 08 August 07 %

    1 Series1,19008,617 0
    3 Series 10,756 12,470 -13.7% 81,967 97,041 -15.5%
    Z4 Roadster and Coupe 5561,127 -50.7%4,672 6,547 -28.6%
    5 Series5,2875,1732.2% 32,908 33,840 -2.8%
    6 Series 663 761 -12.9%4,881 5,951 -18.0%
    7 Series1,2011,294 -7.2%9,391 9,924 -5.4%
    BMW passenger cars 19,653 20,825 -5.6% 142,436153,303 -7.1%
    X3 1,9633,181 -38.3% 13,220 20,107 -34.3%
    X5 3,3802,556 32.2% 22,347 22,0261.5%
    X646602,886 0
    BMW light trucks (SAVs) 5,8095,7371.3% 38,453 42,133 -8.7%
    BMW brand 25,462 26,562 -4.1% 180,889195,436 -7.4%
    Cooper /S Hardtop 3,6313,233 12.3% 24,966 22,249 12.2%
    Cooper /S Convertible 505 844 -40.2%4,545 5,656 -19.6%
    Cooper /S Clubman 1,33307,421 0
    MINI brand 5,4694,077 34.1% 36,932 27,905 32.3%
    TOTAL BMW of North
    America, LLC 30,931 30,6391.0% 217,821223,341 -2.5%

    Paste link in below for full story., tml

  • I am planning to lease a 528i with the following options in Texas:

    528i Black on Black
    ZPP Premium Package
    ZCW Cold Weather Package
    522 Xenon Lights
    6FL Ipod and USB Adapter

    MSRP: $49775.00

    Here is the offer from dealer:

    Sale Price: $44775.00 ($5000.00 less of MSRP)
    Sale Price + Tax : 47574.00 (Drive Out)

    Initial Payment+Security Deposity+ttl+acquisition Fees: $2250.00
    Initial Payment: $686.00
    Security Deposit: $700.00
    Rest: ttl+acquisition fees

    Lease Payment: $686.00 per month for 36 month with 15K miles/year.

    Is this a good deal on lease?
  • First time on a forum like this...I wanted to know if anyone else has had an experience like mine. I am in the market to buy a 5.28 BMW 5 series....
    This was deal:

    A 2008 5.28 BMW series
    fully loaded only thing it didn't have navigation....

    Purchase price 37,000 has 15k miles and I wanted 100k mile warranty but no such luck? I was ready to buy last night but they did not go for it...

    Anyone know why they wouldnt give me the 100k mile warranty....

  • Good Deal?????? 2008 535i:

    $775/month (taxes and bank fee rolled in), 36 months, 12k/year

    sport, premium, cold weather, nav, Ipod...msrp $58,775

    Upfront: $1794 (1 month + security deposit + plates)

    Please reply ASAP...thanks!
  • weno2weno2 Posts: 38
    I was looking for a 535xi w/the following package: Cold, Premium, Satellite Radio, and iPod/USB Adapter (Chicagoland area). Sticker was $55,850, and dealer wanted $52,225, but I figured $50K was fair.

    Dealer said they were reducing their holdback from 6% to to "3%". They were still charging for the premium package, so that's an additional profit of approximately 4%, on top of the 3%.

    Now BMW's rate is 4.9%, and I can get 4.5% at my credit union.

    Think I'll wait for the 09s, b/c I can get the color I want, w/the options I want. I also liked the body style I've seen.
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 148
    you can certainly do better and the price, considering the premium package credit, even if you only get 50% of it, the selling price should be under invoice.

    Check around or wait till the 09's to get the exact options you want. Remember initially there will be little budging on the price of the 09's.

    Time is on your side....
  • What is your negotiated selling price? Lease aquisiton fee should be $625, did they mark it up by a max of $200? What is the money factor that is being used? They can mark that up by a max of .0004 and another mark up if you are not an existing leasee if you don't pay the security deposit. Additionally, you can pay multiple security deposits to bring the money factor down .00007 for each additional deposit (max 7 + 1 for new leasees).

    Good luck.
  • weno2weno2 Posts: 38
    The invoice price w/the premium package credit was approximately $48.7K. There may be little budging, but I don't expect the car market to improve to the point the dealer will offer a $500-$1000 price cut, and the buyer should feel honored.
  • I am in Dallas, and they are offering $3k off MSRP for the model I want - hard to find a 528i with Navigation. He won't seem to budge. (MSRP is $50,750 - $3k discount to $47,750)


    Premium Package
    Heat Seats

    How does one go about getting a better price? I have not bought new car in 15 years. They are quoting 1.9% for 60 and $0 down.

    My other option is ordering an 09 - but I am not sure I can get an interest rate like that at that time- even though it says 1.9% will expire 10/31.
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