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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    I'm being offered a nice 2007 5 series out of state (60 miles from my house).
    Does anyone have any experiences buying out of state? What are the advantages, disadvantages. I would have to service the car at one of my local BMW dealers, no question. But if there's a problem with the vehicle, are they going to approach it the same way as a dealer who sold the car?

    Please advise, I hate to pass up this opportunity. Also, do sales taxes apply if the car is bought out of state? Years ago, we use to go shopping in NYC because we didnt' have to pay sales tax. I doubt that's the case any longer.

  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,196
    you pay sales tax at home when you register the vehicle. buying out of state is absolutely no problem.
  • xdcxdc Posts: 12

    Got yours? I am considering 2007 530xi with similar package you got. Wondering how was the process of negotiation. How much did you bring the price down?


    xdc :confuse:
  • Wow! with today's market, the best you got was a 4.5% off msrp! :confuse:
  • Now this is better, 14.5% off msrp. with today's market, 18% to 20% of sticker price as your starting negotiation price is not insane. if you're getting less than 14% off msrp, you're getting jipped!
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Hi xdc,
    No not yet. I have to get the chance to drive 55 miles, not a big deal, but with work and all, plus they don't want to talk on Saturday so that leaves the weekend out.
    I always check the BMWUSA website for inventory, do you? Good luck, I missed out on two cars, someone's buying!!
  • xdcxdc Posts: 12
    I also missed one today. :mad:

    I was very close to get 7.7% off MSRP for a 2006 530xi. Somebody from PA (thru internet) is willing to pay $700 more plus shipping from San Diego to there. The person even did not get a chance to look at it.

    I became a loser.

  • Hoping someone can tell me what they think or where I can improve this lease offer - coming from NJ dealer.

    2009 528i
    Premium, cold weather, navi, sirius, and ipod adapter, auto, xenon, fold down rear. 23K miles / year, 36 months

    Cap Cost - 51400
    Bank Fee - 925
    Total Cap - 52,325
    Cap Reduction - 2500
    Net Cap - 49,825
    Residual - 27,746

    Total Payment - 725.78

    MSRP - 54045
    Cap Reduction 2500
    Upfront Sales Tax - 2026
    Luxury Tax - 205
    DMV fee - 254
    State Inspection 7.70
    Advance Payment 725.78
    Other Fee (?) - 195
    MF - .00145
    Total Drive Off - 3422

    Thanks for any help!
  • 23,000 miles per year? That's such an unconventional lease it's hard to compare.
  • why in the world are you only asking for 5% off the msrp? makes me think that you work for the mfg or dealer, he! he!

    if you're a serious buyer. here's what i'd do.

    base cap 45,940 (that's right, 15% off msrp)
    cost added $925 (this is negotiable, don't buy what the dealer tell you)
    current bmw money factor is .0019
    residual for 36 mos is 60%
    no freekin money down!

    total drive off (1st month and tax) = $590.33

    this is your monthly with tax = $590.33

    based on 15K per year. i know you mentioned 23k, so this gives you an idea of what a good eal is based on a 15K.

    MSRP 54,045
    total drive off less than $600 (including 1stmonth)
    monthly of $590.33
    15k/yr 36mos lease
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    I missed out on a beauty. My fault totally. But car was 50 miles away, I just couldn't get there in time. They lowered the price to $29,500 and the car sold within days. That's where the pricing has to be. I'm still looking............I have one more they're trying to sell's a 2007 530i, white/black, premium sports and cold. Asking around $ has been on the lot since November, why hasn't it sold?? I'm thinking something is wrong with it, couldn't be such a nice car hasn't sold. It has about 30K miles on it, which is more than I really wanted. I'm trying to stay in the low 20K's for mileage.

    How on earth do you buy a car sight unseen, and ship it across the country! I wish I had these people's guts!!
  • Thanks Phil - first time leasing as you can easily tell so looking for all the advice that can be provided.

    Wouldn't or should the residual be lower for 36 mos lease since it is a high mileage lease for 23k/per year?

    For the total drive off - it will be tax, first month and dmv fees - is this negotiable from what you are saying?

    are you also saying the Mf is off in this deal as well?

    Thank you for your time reviewing
  • 06 530i, 20k miles, cpo, listed at $32,000 with 0% financing.

    pls help
  • Can anyone give me details on current lease programs on a 2009 535i for 36 months? (Money factor, residual for 12K miles per year, and ideas on where they are willing to go on cap cost)

    Also, I will be turning in an '06. I know they wive the lease termination fee and new security deposit...but are they waiving a new bank fee or offering to forgive the last 2 payments if you turn in 2 months early? (My current lease is up on 5/20/2009).

  • xdcxdc Posts: 12

    With prem. package?
  • lowering the residual will bump your cost higher.

    drive off = (tax/1st month/dmv fees) + down (cap reduction) + other fees you'd lilke to pay. "other fees you'd like to pay" such as bank fee are negotiable.

    mf factor, check my previous post. your cap cost, negotiated price of the car, should be atleast 15% off msrp (due to today's market). it's your money, if you'd like to pay more then do it.

    read this to get more leasing advise, that's if you really is a shopper and not someone who works for a dealership, he! he! j/k. you kinda sound ilke you are.

    you know that your url and/or ip account can be trace and will be embarrasing for your employer if you are found an employee or affiliated to an auto dealership or manufacturer? posting to this site to give real consumers false info on the current market is against the law!
  • I am not eligible for the loyalty discount. I am trying to lease a 535i with the premium
    package. The msrp is 55K. The best my dealer says he can do is 1450 down 650 per month with tax. Reading the above posts, this does not sound like a good deal. Any help would be appreciated.
  • patellapatella Posts: 4
    Hi Guys, Just purchased a year old 528xi what do you guys think of the deal?

    2008 528xi
    20k miles
    cold weather, premium, xenon and comfort seats

    33750.00 plus ttl..

    What do you think?

  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    That sounds like a very good deal to me. I'm looking at 2007's and they're in the same price range as what you just paid for a 2008. The 2008's are running in the upper $30's.
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