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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Carman, KYDFX, what do you think of this deal,
    2009 528xi, MSRP 52075
    Selling Price: 47460
    Sales Tax: 1294, Sales tax on cap reduction cost: 186.37
    Cap Cost: 2500 (loyalty) + 162 (didnt realize they took 162 here)

    12K miles, 36 months, Monthly with taxes is 530 in NJ.
    Car includes, Premium, Cold Weather and Ipod adapter.
    Initial Title Fees: 20
    Initial Reg Fee: 87
    Acq Fee: 725
    Supp TIltle Fee: 189.84
    Doc Fee: 239 (too high)

    Total Fees: 1953.23 including the first month payment.

    I thought the fees were higher by roughly 200 bucks? What do you guys think?Also if they are going to use the same plates from my lease returned car, should the fees be less.

  • ntuntu Posts: 9
    There seems to be many great deals out there - Here's one I'm considering

    $55 OTD , 2008 550i (sport, nav, and a few other small options), 3K miles, one owner

    Original MSRP was 70K

    Thoughts? Comments? I am also seeing some 2008 brand new with 10K-15K off MSRP
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    If your spending $55k on a car, why not spend it on a new car?

    btw, when is the new 5 series coming out?
  • ntuntu Posts: 9
    I am also considering a new 535 but like the extra power in the 550i but can't stay in this price range for a new 550i with the options that I want.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Then I guess the 550i is the better deal for you, after all the car is used only 3k,which is nothing.

    Any known reason why the owner is selling his brand new car?
  • jkmiecjkmiec Posts: 5
    Got a dealer that will do this $859 a month 10k miles 36 months.

    2009 535
    Power Sunshades
    Heated Seats
    Park Distance

    MSRP is $62,300
    Selling to me for $59,310

    From what I can see this is about $500 over invoice which seems reasonable.

    I also have $3200 rollover on an X3 that is figured into the deal

    $859 / month 36 months Taxes included, Only first payment down.

    My issue is that it has the old i drive. Is it likely that doing ED on a new 2010
    with same options and saving the 7% that I will get a better deal?

  • Picked up my car yesterday, here is the final deal I got...

    MSRP 53,075
    includes, premium, cold weather, comfort access, navigation and ipod
    Cap - 48,100
    BMW Financial cash back (everyone gets this) -$2500
    adjusted cap - $45,600
    58% residual, 0.00175 money factor, 6% maryland taxes,

    $699.55 a month, 15k miles per, 36 months

    Only first month and $725 security deposit due at signing.

    I dont think you can get the car much cheaper. I basically had the same offer from 3 dealers in Maryland and Virginia after several days of haggling. Had one dealer tell me this deal wasn't possible and tried to tell me I was getting a 3 series instead. Had another dealer tell me that I had to pay taxes and was getting screwed when I showed up.

    I also got two sweet new BMW keychains.

    Got the car from Tisher in Silver Spring....BMW Sterling VA and Northwest in Baltimore were the other two that offered the same deal on identical cars.
  • Hi,

    I am considering a BMW 5-series purchase. I am torn between new a CPO.

    My local dealer has a 2007 CPO with 30k miles. It is a 530i with Premium, Sport, Nav, and Cold Weather. The color is black with terra interior, multi-contour seats. The condition is great, but not perfect. There is a light scratch in the passenger side dash, about 3" long that I am not thrilled about. They want $38,700 for the car, and don't seem willing to work with the price at all. In this economy, that seems ridiculous to me. What do you guys think is a fair price?

    Also, generally, what % off of sticker price should I expect to be able to negotiate on a loaded 528i or 535i, with the 0.9% apr special. This dealer says they can go up to 5% off of sticker. Is this reasonable? I know someone who just got a brand new loaded Jaguar XJ8 for $20,000 below sticker. Is this dealer jerking me around, or does BMW just not discount their cars anymore?

    Please help me make some sense out of this. Thanks!
  • smithsongasmithsonga Posts: 123
    that is not a fair price. I just got a 2007 550i CPO loaded for $35k. 35k miles, but that isnt out of the range.

    Search the internet and ebay for CPO cars. there are a TON of 530is out there. You can find a perfect one for low 30s I am sure.

    Good luck.
  • Looks like you got the price down close to 10% off msrp, could be different by states.

    based on your adjusted cap of 45.6K and info you've provided bout your lease, your monthly should be $577.94 (including tax).

    Was there add'l cost added to your lease? Looks like $3,900 was added, are you sure you got the $2500 cash back? Something is very wrong with your $700 monthly. I'd re-check your lease contract, but unfortunately if you already signed and took the car home it's too late.
  • Taxes in Maryland are based on cap cost, not leased cost. 6% on $48100 where as other states would pay tax on 42% of the that value (100% - 58% residual)

    Plug a maryland zip code into the edmunds lease calculator (20707) and you'll get the $699 number.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    I'm looking for an identical car. I have one in NY (LI) that the salesman just told me about, 2007 530i, NAV, Sports, Premium, Cold, Premium Sound, 30K miles, for me he's offering $35,250. Sounds like you're over paying for that one. I have another one, black with auburn interior that's for sale, 24K miles, 2007, 530i, sports, prem, cold they're asking $35K and change.

    I know a dealer in NJ that let one go just like the above with only 20K miles on it for low $30's. I'm still kicking myself.

    Good luck, let me know how you make out, CT here.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Can you give us a link into that ebay CPO?

    I'm looking a 2007 530i, with sports.

  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    I need some guidance. I just saw a beautiful car, CPO at the dealer. Actually the car is listed on the website, but was not on the lot. So I spoke to the internet sales manager, and the car was still in the process of being certified, so he brought me to show the car to me. Here's details:
    2007 530XI
    SPORT, premium, cold, bluetooth
    Black Sapphire with Auburn
    Warranty: 4 year to FEB 2011, extended warranty to FEB 2013
    Mileage: 23K
    ASKING PRICE $35,659

    He is going to let me know when it's fully conditioned and let me drive it. I'm not sure about the all wheel drive. Is that good or not good? It has the usual 5 series rims, which I was disappointed because usually Sport pkg comes with sport rims. He explained why (something to do with all wheel drive, 18" wheels, etc). But the warranty is good, and the mileage is low. I just feel that price is a little on the high side.

    Any comments? I can't wait to drive it. It had one owner, the dealer leased it to him for 2 years. No incidents with the car at all.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185

    I'm in CT

    Gardis - CT
  • smithsongasmithsonga Posts: 123
    Nice car. Price is high.

    For example, I bought a 2007 550i loaded in late Jan. Same situation with 1 owner, 2 year lease. My car is loaded but with 35k miles. Asking $40k bought for $35k. $70k car new.

    Ask $30k. Imo
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Thanks, good advice. Actually they had a 550i on the lot also, but too high powered for me. My problem is that since the car has just been received by the dealer, maybe they're not too anxious to make a deal with me. They might figure, let it sit there and see what happens? OTOH, I'm taking the car off their hands, decreases amount of carrying costs. I'm going to shoot for $33K see what happens. After all, the car has low mileage and the AWD makes it higher in price, that's just reality. I gotta tell you, that Auburn interior with the black is spectacular. I was hesitant about it, but when I saw the vehicle, very impressive combination. Don't see it too often.
  • mjf70mjf70 Posts: 5
    can you give me the dealer you got this deal from NJ as i am trying to get something similar.
  • gcmiamigcmiami Posts: 2
    Would be grateful for your input. I'm looking at a couple of 2007 525i CPO, both are basic. only option is steptronic auto trans.

    One dealer has 2007, 525i, 14k mi. list price was $34,500k, then he dropped to $30,900 pretty quick. black/black
    Another dealer, 2007, 525i, 22k mi, list price $31,995k, haven't furthered my discussion yet. gray/black.

    I still feel that these prices are high given the car is pretty much a base model. Your thoughts on an offer? I'm not trading-in or using their financing. This will be a straight forward deal.

    Also, what is the philosophy around the dealer fees?$495-$595.00 Has anyone had success if getting those waived.

  • sss2sss2 Posts: 11
    I have a 2007 525i coming off lease in a couple of months. It has NAV, SAT, Premium, auto, and USB. My residual is $31,412, and from what I've seen on the forums, I should be able to buy it from the dealer at a significant discount (like $27-28k). Based on that, you should be able to get these for about $30k. Mine is Black Saphire w/ Black Dakota leather. I have 40,000 miles on it if you're interested.
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