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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kevin530kevin530 Posts: 25
    Gregory, I believe the warranty is just for the fuel pump, I can't imagine BMW extending the warranty for the entire car. While I love the 535, the pump problem might be a deal killer for me if I was going to keep the car a long time or drove a lot.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Kevin, I looked on, went to build your own, 5 series, and I figure that has to be the 2010? It's already end of August, wouldn't a new car be a 2010 at this point? Maybe I'm wrong........I guess so.
  • gregoryxgregoryx Posts: 44
    interesting . . . well good luck. i've had my 08 535xi since since may june 07 and i really like the vehicle. i'm waiting for my 2010 535xi to be delivered. my wife drives mercedes but i find the bmw dealer network (we've lived in 3 states in the past 3 years) has been great in dealing with any problem i've had. i find the customer service to be excellent
  • kevin530kevin530 Posts: 25
    Gardis, I am under the impression that the 2010s have been on the bmw site for the past couple of months at least. I am thinking that the 09s became last year's model in the late spring - early summer.
    You should not be building a 2010, my friend, since you just got a car you love!!!
    It is way too tempting!!!
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    I just asked one of the dealers I worked with before I made my purchase. Here's what he told me:

    The 2010 5-Series is still the same body style. It is still the same exact car. The 2011 5-Series will be the full redesign of the 5-Series model. The 2011's should start coming in mid-2010. We haven't seen any pictures of the 2011 5-series sedan but we have seen the 2011 5-Series Wagon. It is called the 5-Series GT. You can definitely find pictures online.

    So that pretty much tells us what the plans are for the 5 series. Thanks Guys.
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 148
    I had a 2005 ES350 and let me tell you, routine maintenance for that car was expensive. I had to put brakes on a call with 33K miles at $750. That is ridiculous for a Lexus.......IMHO
  • ...was delivered this morning. Silver w/grey, Prem and Cold Weather, 27K, $31,400 plus $575 delivery (eastern PA to MI). Love it, but am totally intimidated by the iDrive - so complicated! Any tips, tricks and key info would be appreciated. I downloaded the manual and I'm slogging through...Where are all the 5 Series Wagon people lurking??
  • Hi where did you purchase your 528i cpo? I think thats a good deal. A dealer in florence, sc is selling a 2007 530 for the same price.

  • Hi Guys, what is the key point of sports pkg for 535i, is it really necessary. Thanks...
  • The key point for the Sports Package on the 5 series (non X-drive models) is ARS (Active Roll Stabilization).

    It keeps the car flat (no body roll) during hard turns. It improves handling and increases the fun factor!

    There is only a slight decrease in ride comfort because it comes with low profile Run Flat tires. If you don't get the Sports Package the car comes with regular tires (non-run flat).
  • It is more clear now, thanks, jeffal...
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Further on the sports package: I have a 2007 530i that I bought from the dealer in Greenwich, CT. Vehicle had 24K on it. Sports package also gives you the black trim around the windows ("shadow line") and also sport rims. Now, if the car is "xi"
    then you get the regular rims that come with the 5 series even without the sports package and I don't under stand that. So that's two extra features you get with Sports. I love my vehicle.
  • Alright folks, I'm a proactive economist I suppose you could say, so I've digested a fair bit of this thread. I have a somewhat unique issue to bring to the table:

    I am looking at several '06/'07 5-series in the greater Boston area and trying to get a feel for whether I can make the move or not. For me it's an all or nothing decision: I drove the 5-series and I love it, if I don't go that route I'm going to be a masochist and buy something hateful like a Camry.

    Unique points: my company is giving me a $600/mo allowance for a car (and 38 cents to the mile). My accountant says that will all come to me clear after deductions for depreciation. My budget is essentially toppd out at $600/month and I'd like to keep it less than that for the total financing payment

    I drive the car for work and will probably put 25,000 a mile on it. I'm very concerned about the turn-in value being 'upside down' if I were to 're up' in a couple of years.

    Am I being paranoid or will I be able to afford my baby somewhere in the mid-500's and be able to turn it in without losing 3-6 grand.

    For clarity, I'm assuming and (certainly in my case) that there will be $0 out of pocket. The cars I'm looking at all seem to be just under $30k with ~40k miles on them.


  • Hi everybody,

    looking to get a CPO 528i. It comes with the extended warranty as part of the CPO. I am considering getting an extended maintenance plan that will cover maintenance for an extra 2 years after the initial 4yr/50K just like the extended warranty provides extra coverage for 2 yrs. The extended maintenance will cover the maintenance items like oil change, brakes, pads, wipers, services etc just like what BMW does for the initial 4 yr/50K. How much should i pay for this? Dealers are asking for around $2,000.

  • My dealer has a 535xi new w/ Cold weather pkg, M sport pkg, prem pkg, Navigation, comfort access, rear sunshades, heated rear seats, park distance control, Xenon headlight/adaptive light control, IPOD/HD rad/Sirius, Logic 7 snd sys

    they say that they reported it as sold some time ago to get a $5000 incentive. they want $56,342. Is this a good price? they say they can only give me 4.9% for 60 months financing... I'm not sure that's entirely true.
  • sounds like a great deal. I go the 09 535xi with cold,prem,sport packages, nav,parking distance, foldable back seat, heated back seat,ipod attachment for 57500. would love to have the sunshades and comfort access though
  • dnagsdnags Posts: 2
    I bought an 09 535 about six weeks ago. It had every option except nav (winter package, sports package, shades, premium package, etc.) It was an executive car with about 15k miles on it, but it was sold as a new car. MSRP was 59k and I got it for 40k. they gave me the incentive, but wanted to give me 6.9 financing. I told them to "cuddle it" and they found 4.4 at bank of america.
  • hi guys.

    I'm considering getting a used 2008 535i. And the dealer offer me 31200 after Michigan tax.

    The carfax reports indicates the High-pressure fuel pump problems, I didn't really know what that is, (sorry, I dont know too much about cars) and just wondering if it is worth to get. please help me out.. the following pdf is the reports dealer sent to me. ZDRkNmM5NjUwOWJm&hl=en
  • I have 2008 535i sport and prem. But I hate the sport option because the run flat tire. It is too soft. Even before the 20,000. It is gone. I had to replace them all and very expensive. Don't get it if possible. Not worth it.
  • Hi:

    I was just into my local dealer pricing a 2010 535XI (for one of the last orders). Guy seemed very amenable to going $500 over invoice (or thereabouts). Almost TOOOOO easy, if you know what I mean. :)

    Does anyone know if BMW is offering cash incentives (either to dealer or customer) in the NY area? That might explain things.

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