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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,
    I am looking for any information on recent purchases of the 2010 BMW 528 xi. I might be purchasing within a week. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Best Regards!
  • Moritz in Arlington. Tried Autobahn, but their deal was not near as good as Moritz.
  • Local dealer is offering 2008 525 CPO 20k miles with prem. pkg. for 31k$.
    has other 2008 525 CPO 21k miles with prem pkg, sport pkg for 34k$.
    Any thought on price.
  • I just purchased a 528xi with Premiun, value an fold down seats at Bloomfield BMW here in NJ , the MSRP was $50,350.00, they sold it to me for $47,000.00 plus a $2,500 holiday discount on financing, so that's a final price of $44,500.00. This was by far the best deal out 5 dealers I called.

    If you are in NJ go to Bloomfield BMW they have the lowes price.

    And dont forget to buy this year to get the stimulus tax break, deductuble sales tax that is. For me that is another $800.00 when I file my taxes.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    I have a CPO 2007 530i, with almost identical features except the split rear seats and ski thing (whatever that is). I bought it last June at Greenwich CT BMW when it had 24K miles on the clock, they were asking $36,900, and came down to $36,200. The car is pristine, and still smells new even. It runs beautifully and I love it. It has a set of Bridgestone Potenza low profiles on it, I have Sports pkg also, and the sport rims that come with it. I am wondering if my tires are
    "run flats" how can I tell? Since I have a donut for a spare, I have to assume I have the run flats? I s that a correct assumption? My dealer told me just the opposite, that if I have a donut, then I don't have run flats.

    Can any one shed some light on it? Also, I read an article in the WSJ lately, that those same Bridgestone's are about $410 each. That seems like a lot of money.
    They are practically new, so I don't need to worry about it yet.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,652
    I don't think the 5-series came with runflats in '07... If it did, it would have been optional..

    And.. your dealer is correct.. if you have a spare, then you don't have runflats..

    (Your tires will have a runflat designation on the sidewall, if you do indeed have them..)


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  • Run flat tires are not expensive at all, only about 10% more than regular tires, try COSTCO they can order then for about $145 each. no tire on earth should cost $410.00 each, at least for this kind of car, that sounds like a rip off.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262
    Do you see RFT abbrevation anywhere on your tires? If no RFT or DSST (typical for Dunlops) then your tires are not RFTs. I believe all sport package 18s were RFTs in 2007. My 2007 550 has Dunlop RFTs. BTW I do have a spare tire/
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262
    Just checked tire rack - 2007 BMW 530 with Sport package:

    Size: 245/40R18
    Runflat - OE BMW use only
    Sidewall Style: Blackwall
    Serv. Desc: 93WLoad Index 93 = 1433lbs (650kg) per tire
    Speed Rating "W" = 168mph (270kph)
    UTQG: Treadwear: 140
    Traction: A
    Temperature: A
    140 A APrice: $335.00 (each
  • Hmmm. stimulus tax break? Really? For everyone buying (i.e. taking delivery) this year? Got to remember this for my accountant (for whom I need to keep doing research). Thanks.

    BTW, congratulations on the new car: is it a 2010 or 2009?
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    Both prices are very good compared to what I saw in the Research Triangle NC area over the last couple of months, including non-CPO, for more than you describe.

    Query: If this is a trade-in deal, have they given you good value for the trade? Are you financing with BMW? Is there room to get an even better deal. . . ?

    Good luck.
  • In this case, the dealer will not take the deal because it represents a huge loss....protecting resale values is generally not a consideration. I think buyer can reasonably expect to pay somewhere in the low 49000's on this car...before any incentives or rebates are applied.
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    Well, forgive me for being a beat behind in my recent reply.

    Congrats on a great deal!
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Excellent research, Sergey. Are those run flats?
    I figure if I go to a Town Fair Tire, I should be able to get away with upper $200's for maybe a Toyo or even Bridgestones. AGain, that was an article in the Wall STreet Journal.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Who installs them? Does Costco install tires? I didn't know that.
  • Yes COSTCO sells then at a great price and fixes flats for free as long as you buy from them.
  • Thanks, Its a 2010.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    btw, i had no trade-in. No financing from bmw.
  • did u lease or pay cash?
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