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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We live in NYC. We were quoted $47,700 for a 2009 535i, with less than 100 miles. It comes with the premium and cold weather packages, nav system and satellite radio. It listed for about $57,000. Is this a good deal and how would we find who else might have new '09 models available? Appreciate any help with this.
  • My 2007 530i lease ends 3/31. I saw my BMW dealer in Jan who put together a 535xi, with Nav, Prem, Sat, Value with a list of $57,470. He offered selling price of $54,808 less $1,500 loyalty, MF .0024 and resid 59% (15,000 miles) and monthly with just 1st and bank with taxes rolled in of $819/mos.

    He also recommended I wait until the 2010 are marketed more heavily without waiting until supply dries up due to the 2011 model.

    My question is at what point do you think I can get the selling price to be invoice or lower or to get my payments into the $750/mos range. (Invoice is $53,095). Will the new model kill the resid on this model so that all that happens is the price and residual go down....duh similar deal anyway.

    Do I stay a month or two longer on my current lease and wait it out till the 2011 orders are being taken?

  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,252
    If you can lease the 2010 for less than 1% of msrp [574] excluding taxes and fees than it is a great deal no matter what. I would shoot for $550 and go as high as 600. I don't know if that is possible. My observations re leasing is that if they give in one area they take away in another. Another question to ask yourself-- do I want the first all new model of the 5 ? This is a totally new euro sedan filled with new gizmos and high tech features. Happy hunting.
  • How long do you think I would have to wait to be able to make a deal like that. I would grab it in a heartbeat to pay$574 plus tax ($623/mos) instead of mid to high 7's.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,252
    You may have to wait forever -- may not be possible but you can tell the dealer that you will deal at those numbers and let him contact you if it happens. Problem is that there aren't that many 5's left. You may be able to deal on a service loaner with 5k miles or less. They can be leased and there are some around.
  • tomy3tomy3 Posts: 20
    Does anyone know when BMW will provide "marketing support" for the 2010 528's given the 2011 style change is eminent. I see the 550i is currently at $7,500. Any guess on what the approximate support number will be?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,252
    don't look for any firesale -- there aren't many 2010's around. A few years down the road they will be severely depreciated because the 2011's are totally revamped.
  • tomy3tomy3 Posts: 20
    While I understand BMW website inventories are not always accurate, presently there are 70 2010 528xi's available in the Cleveland area. Perhaps the scarcity you mentioned is driven by geographical area as well. My intentions are to lease, so I am not worried about the longer term depreciation impacts.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,252
    The 2010's will be a much better buy than lease. The rv's and mf's could be brutal but you never know. I would contact a service profiled in edmunds -- Auto Authority and see what they have to say re lease deals. They charge a fee but can advise you on the best deal re the 528xi. Good luck -- I do like them -- sat in the M version a few weeks back. The dealer near me has decent lease deals twice a year on loaners with less than 5k miles. You might explore that avenue if you don't have to be the first one to put miles on the car.
  • I recently went to my tire distributor and he said I can get non run flats for about 1/2 the price...has anyone heard of this?
  • Last time the body style of the 5 series changed, there was a $4K manufacturer to dealer incentive on the outgoing 2003 530. Most dealerships were dealing for $1K over invoice MINUS the $4K incentive, so we saw prices at $3K under invoice on available vehicles. The manual trannies disappeared instantly, leaving most of us with no option but auto.
  • for 528 and 535 respectively.
  • ks535iks535i Posts: 1
    I bought a 2010 535i with a msrp of $56,500, I know that they are re-designing the 5 series in 2011. My car has 8k miles on it and was a loaner/demo car. I bought it for 43k plus tax. I have the balance of the warranty and maintenance. That is 13 grand under msrp. It seems like it is to good to be true.
    Are other people getting deals like this...did I just do good or did I buy a lemon, or are they going to get killed next year when the 11s come out?
  • ks535i,

    So here's what I leased in March: 2010 535xi, Saph. Black, Saddle Brown (not many of those around for sure) with 4,000 miles on the car (manager's car). Options include Prem, Value, Nav, Sport, Comf. Access, Prem Audio, Sat, Rear Sunshade. MSRP is $61,645. Inv was around $56,895, SP is $53,900 less $6,000 factory cash plus $1,500 loyalty. MF .0025, Resid 48% on 15,000 miles/yr. Sales tax 8.625% in the lease.

    Mos. payment with tax $785. I get the car near the end of the month when the 07 530i is returned.

    It's hard to compare the deals because the March mf and res. took a nosedive so instead you get factory money. In the end, I suppose the only way to compare is to see what the monthly payment is. I do think that my buyout (which I have never done) will be low since they are using a lower sales price and lower residual.
  • smithsongasmithsonga Posts: 123
    that monthly seems quite high for a $54k sales price minus $7.5k. So final price of 46.5k? 48% residual is that the latest 3 yr rate? wow...a few years ago we got a 528i with 2 yr, 74% residual.

    did you look at CPO cars? We have a 2007 550i ($72k car when new) with a financed monthly payment of $640 and building 'equity'.
  • jasonz1jasonz1 Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    Your price is good, but I assume you didnt' do research in 2011 model , it's got beautiful redesign in and out, so when you see that car out in the market, you will feel you are driving a old car even you just bought it. plus current model will be discounted hugh because of this.
  • I am looking to lease a 528i for 36 months / 12K miles. I've seen residuals around 52% but money factors from .0028 to .00305. does anyone have info on the current lease rates / money factors?
  • tomy3tomy3 Posts: 20
    The only MF I have seen is the .0025 (equiv to 6.0% APR) the residual looks right since the 10,000 mi./yr. 36 month residual % is 53. Hope this helps. Both tend to offset the $5,000 marketing support on the 2010 528's.
  • Hello...This is what I'm looking at. It's a loaner 528i with about 4,900 miles:

    Premium Package
    Value Package
    Steptronic Automatic Transmission
    Heated Front Seats
    HD Radio
    Satellite Radio

    36 month lease @ 12k miles per year with $3,000 total up front would be $571.11 per month (includes 7% tax)

    MSRP 50,570
    Cap Cost is $38,892.33
    Res Value $24,964.70 (52%)
    $ Factor ..00230

    Does this seem to be a good deal to you guys? It's a little more then I can afford, but if they can knock it down some more I may go for it.
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