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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • qaliqali Toronto CanadaPosts: 58
    Please let me know if $31500 is a good price. Car is in Long Island:
    2007 530XI 6-speed auto, 27K miles, sport, premium, and cold weather package, new tires and brake pads (front and rear). Car was a CPO bought by the current seller.
  • I think you could do better. You could get a 2008 with that mileage for about 33-35KCPO easily. The 07 should have more of a concession IMHO. I would shoot for 29K.
  • jdbmwjdbmw Posts: 3
    Seems kinda high for an 07...I'd try to offer $27-28K, which I think is fairer.
  • I live in VA and just saw that the 5 series is priced at invoice on the American Express car buying site. May not be the case in other regions, but it's a good point to start negotiating off of. I ordered my 550 right when the car was available back in May and paid about $1,500 over invoice using the same program. Dealer wouldn't move below it since they didn't even have any new 5's on their lot yet when I was ordering.
  • My guess is it's not invoice, but $1500 above invoice, because there is the current BMW $1500 incentive. Invoice would mean, in effect, $1500 below invoice.
    Can you clarify?
  • Hi,

    I am based in North Texas and planning to lease a 528i. I am going to do the rounds at dealers tomorrow AM but wanted to have a price in mind to negotiate. Can you experts help with what should a great to good pricing look like in North Texas area, especially looking for the following numbers as listed below.

    My config is 528i with Black Metallic, Leathertte, Navigation and Heated front seats. MSRP as build is $48,500 and invoice is $44,700 (from edmunds TMV tool). This car will need to be ordered. I would like to close the deal before 1/3 to take advantage of $1500 holiday credit. Greatly appreciate quick responses! Thank you in advance.

    1. Base cap cost (negotiated price before the $1500 holiday credit)
    2. Residual value
    3. Money factor
  • Sorry forgot to add that I am looking for 3 yr / 36,000 miles lease. Also, being a first time BMW customer will I have a higher MF than the standard Dec going rate?
  • Hi - I am in the process of negotiating a price on a 535i with metallic paint, conv pack, prem pack, prem2 pack and sport pack. I am purchasing vs leasing, and I am not eligible for the holiday cash since I'm not financing through BMW. The MSRP is 62,125, and they are willing to come $4100 off. Is that a good price? Thanks!
  • Car_man and everyone else,

    I am in North Texas (pay full sales tax) and first time BMW customer. This is what I am being offered for 2011 528i - 36 mos / 12K miles per yr. Black metallic, Leatherette, Nav, Heated Seats. They will be ordering the car for me.

    MSRP: $48,527
    Invoice (per TMV): $44,680

    Offer from dealer: $46,586 (before the $1,500 holiday credit)
    MF: 2.7 (with a $700 security deposit)
    Down payment: $3,000 (excluding first month payment)
    Monthly payment: $699

    I am bit surprised with the high selling price and MF being offered as compared to what I have been reading here where ppl say that the selling price should be around invoice (before holiday credit) with 2.3 MF.

    Is this is a good, bad or a fair deal? Should I pull the trigger?

    Please help! Quick responses will be appreciated as I am trying to close something before Jan 3rd.

  • reg17reg17 Posts: 1

    I'd be grateful if someone knowledgeable advise if this is a decent price in CT?

    2008 535xi cpo with 26,500 miles

    Premium, sports (with multi-contour seats) and cold weather packages
    Park distance sensors
    Logic 7 stereo
    Comfort access
    CPO warranty ends 12/2013

    Price: $36,500 (excluding $1,500 credit on CPO scheme that expired today)
  • gr8nrggr8nrg Posts: 15
    Just took delivery of 528i (ordered in November) for $2000 BELOW invoice (holiday cash included) - now that's a steal!, you can always do better.
  • mrcampmrcamp Posts: 7
    I am looking at the 535i Xdrive with the following options (I am in The NW surburbs of Chicago zip 60102)

    - Premium Package
    - Premium Package 2

    Invoice - $55,185
    MSRP - $59,975
    TMV - $57,481

    Purchase is within the next 3 weeks. I plan on using the invoice as my negotiating point. May be to possible negotiate to around $50K - $52K. Is this a possibility. Can others with similar specs please post what they paid? This is not a lease. I will buy with about 50% finance and 50% cash upfront.

  • In the market for a 08 528i. I have found several CPOs with <30k miles for about $29-30k. Just wondering what kind of OTD offers I should be giving for these vehicles? I was expecting to offer in the range of $29-30k OTD. Anyone else recently purchased a 08?
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 148
    You should be looking for about 6-7% off of MSRP. A good deal would be about $55K. I bought a 535 x drive in December 2010 with a MSRP of $59300 which I got for $53900 before the $1500 holiday cash. It was end of year so the pressure was on to make sales targets so.....I was going to order and wait till January/Feb to receive, but they were able to get a car on it's way over from the Motherland.

    It doesn't matter whether you are leasing or buying. You should be driving toward the lowest price you can get.

    Good Luck!
  • I'm STILL waiting on delivery of 2011 535i. The first delivery was stick shift, which I did not order. I've been very patient with the reorder and delayed delivery. I had more attractive offers for Mercedes and Audi but decided to stay with BMW due to the good safety ratings on the 2011, but with ambivalence due to past problems with BMWs.
    CARMAN, please provide the Feb MF (and residual) for 2011 535i 3 yr lease (I assume 2 yr is still cost-prohibitive), 12000 miles, 15000 miles, and advise if lower MF available for BMW loyalty/owners. Many thanks.
    (Also, my understanding with dealer was $1500 BMW credit for ordering in December AND the t MF would be either Dec MF OR MF when car arrives -- WHICHEVER IS LOWER. I would hope that understanding would be honored.)
  • Think twice... I took delivery of 550i '11 In Nov. m-package. Had issues with grinding in the front end which was noticed after only 200 miles. See other threads on Bimmerfest. BMW needs to proactively reach out to all current owners and provide fix and not expect owners to waste tons of time while the car sits in service bay while most of the dealers are perplexed with what to do... Some owners are seeking lemon law resolution as an alternative. Think twice.. If you do not get Dynamic handling you should be o.k. Benz E550 nice alternative and a whole lot cheaper...
  • I did NOT order dynamic handling.
    This time, didn't even get sports package -- it didn't seem to make sense.
    I ordered good seats separately, and high tech items like heads up.
  • mrcamp,

    Do you mind telling me what state you got that deal in (dont think you are able to tell me dealers name)? The deal you got was really good but at this point I just am looking for 6% to 7% which is touch to find at my local dealer and there is little competition.

    I am willing to travel!
  • I am assuming you are referring to my post below. I am in the North West suburb of Chicago.

    I agree. Competition plays a key role in how one can negotiate. I payed 6.5% below MSRP here in a suburb of Chicago. The dealer first came back with 5.5%, then I told him the other dealer 20 miles away is offering more than that, which the actually are, but the are further out than this dealer who is only 5 miles away.

    I bought a 535ix with premium, premium2.
  • jmo5jmo5 Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a 2010 535 ix with about 6000 miles, premium, cold weather and sport packages. Ask is $48000 which is close to the TMV. What are your thoughts on this price? I've been buying cars for 25 years and it's not been my experience that dealers (other than Carmax) set their price this close to what the cars are actually selling. Thanks for your input
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