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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,
    I was wondering about people's experiences purchasing extended warranties/service contracts. My dealer is pushing a warranty to extend to 6 yr/85,0000 miles by Easy Care with either $100 or $250 deductible. (They also recommend it as it covers tires/wheels, but unlike the tires/wheels policy there's a big fat deductible). By itself costs 4226/3671 for the 100/250 deductible.

    Then there is the extended service to 6 years/ 100,000 miles, which is $2800.

    If I get both there's a discount for a total of $5466.

    I plan on owning the car at least 5-6 years.

    Does anyone have any idea of whether either or both make economic sense? the dealer told me that to replace brakes/pads/rotors, which must be done at least every other year, costs $2600-$3000. If this is the case, then the extended service would make sense

    They also say that it increases resale value.

    The are also pushing a product called resistall enviroguard to protect the paint for $700.

    Thanks for your responses.
  • 1) Brakes are expensive.. I'd say more like $800-$1200. Of course, they are covered for the first 4yr/50K, so no cost to you... Every other year? My rear brakes were done at 30K miles, but now at 48K and still on the original fronts... I'd say my experience is typical.

    2) Those are big numbers for just two extra years of coverage.. If they can knock off $1000 or more, if you buy both plans, just think how much mark-up they are putting in them to start with... (and, how much more there probably still is).

    3) They also say that it increases resale value. How so? You plan on keeping the car for 5-6 years... those plans expire at the end of six years... they will be worthless to the next buyer.

    4) The are also pushing a product called resistall enviroguard to protect the paint for $700. Pure profit adder...

    Basically, over $6K for two years of extra coverage.... I think I'd rather put my $6K in the bank for four years, then use it as needed for repairs and maintenance for the next two years. Plus, you'll have the advantage of taking your four-year-old car anywhere you want for service.


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  • jbob1jbob1 Posts: 1
    I am considering a 2011 BMW 535i xDrive with Cold Weather and Premium packages and navigation. I live in the Chicago area. Any guidance on deepest discount I might be able to negotiate off MSRP. Plus, are there any factory to dealer incentives out on this model?
  • Since they are already lying to you about replacing brake pads every other year I wouldn't give them too much credit. It all depends on your driving style (highway = less braking, less driving = less braking). I did not have to change my front-brake pads till 100k miles and only needed pads (not rotor). I bought the OEM brake pads from dealer with 20% discount and have independent BMW mechanic installed it. It's about $250 total.

    I believe you can also buy the extended service/warranty right before your current 4 year / 50k miles is up. If your car is a lemon prior to 4 year /50k you would want to trade it in.
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 148
    Remember you are negotiating UP from invoice. However, as I mentioned on a previous post, I was able to get about 7% off of MSRP in December BEFORE the $1500 customer cash for a 535 x drive with navi, cold and premium. My dealer threw in satellite radio and fold down rear seat and 2 final lease payments to make the deal. I'm paying $679 mo for 36mo 12K/yr.

    I'm in NJ where there are many dealers to chose from, so I would think Chicago area would allow shopping around.

    Good Luck!
  • Hello there,

    Are there any incentives in March for a 535i lease?

    What is the current residual and MF for a 10,000 mile 36 month lease?

    Thank you...
  • rajeev_rairajeev_rai Posts: 6
    edited March 2011

    Looking got validation on pricing in the MN - Minneapolis area for CPO 2008 535ix - 31700 miles with new tires , lease return with Nav, Premium pkg, Cold weather pkg, Heater Rear seat and Park assist. (No premium sound).....

    The offer is around $33,900.....

    Should i be buying the $2200 maintenance plan to go with this... for peace of mind

  • stankalstankal Posts: 5
    I'm considering a 2011 535i cold & premium packages, dark wood trim & iPod and USB adapter. It's a dealer service car with 7,700 miles on it. It has been in use for about 9 months. The sticker price is $53,725 and they are offering it to me for $45,200.

    How good of a deal is that? I guess the dealer gets a certain amount of money each month they use this vehicle as a service loaner, but I don't know how much. Do they still have some room to go down and still make some money from it? The sales guy was pretty clear that that was his bottom price (he did budge $500 from his first offer after I asked him to take it down $2,000)

    Also, what's your opinion on the dealer service cars? I've never bought one before. This one looks in excellent shape and seems like good savings from the brand new one.

    Looking forward to hearing your opinions.

  • stankalstankal Posts: 5
    So, either nobody is buying these cars anymore or Edmunds forums are not the place to get pricing opinions anymore. Just noticed that the last post is from more than a month ago.
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    Good question. I am seeing more 2008-2010 BMWs on the road, but not 2011s. This forum really helped me work a good deal on my 535i a couple of years ago. Maybe others are lurking . . .
  • jazzy15jazzy15 Posts: 9
    You did not even give it 24 hours! ???

    I have not been in the market since last summer, so I cannot comment on current, but it looks substantially under invoice. My advice is to walk from their price and offer a few thousand less, and see how far they will move. Their bottom line will change over time.....but the price being a fair amoutn less than invoice when the 12's are a ways off sounds pretty good.....
  • dudeatbaydudeatbay Posts: 1
    Just now signed a contract for BMW 535xi (metallic) with Premium, Premium2 and cold weather package. MSRP was $61K+ but managed to get it at $55K.. Edmunds TMV is around $57K.

    Let me know what you guys think of the price..

    Also do you guys recommend the BMW tire and wheel optional coverage ($2K seems high). Appreciate any help on this...
  • smithsongasmithsonga Posts: 123
    I ran your 535xi on and it states an excellent price is $57,140. And that dealer cost is $55,733. (msrp was $61,575).

    Not sure what incentives are out there, but if that is a straight up deal, you got a very good one.
  • amrhalemamrhalem Posts: 11
    Today I pick my 2008 528i with 30K, centeral Jersey , CPO for $26,300 with 2.8% APR loan , the car got extend warrenty to 100K / 6 years. Could you please advice if that is good deal? i still can retrun it ;)
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 284
    Very good deal. Buyout on most 2008 3 series is around that.
  • bikerrnbikerrn Posts: 6
    I am considering the purchase of a 2009 CPO 528i with premium package and NAV. Dealer has retail price listed at $39,991. My question is where should I start my offer? Car is located in S.C. I'm thinking I should start somewhere around $35,500. If anyone can lend me some advise I would appreciate it. I've not purchased a CPO before. I'm a lexus driver but want to by a BMW as a second car. Thanks!
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    edited May 2011
    I'll opine that your number is fair. However, how many miles are on the car? If the tires are worn, ask the dealership to put on a set.

    [When we bought a CPO 2008 BMW 535i in 2009, I had not even noticed the tires on the car. I drove another car, a 550 I think, and the 550 had worn tires, which I did notice and mentioned to the salesman. Unsolicited, the salesman put new tires on the 535 I wanted and that helped seal the deal. They also threw in new floor mats in both carpet and the heavy duty rubber.]

    Good luck.

    Good luck!
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    If your timeline and finances allow it, consider European delivery. I did on mine, picking it up in Munich in late April this year (2011). Now waiting for it to be re-deliverd here in the states. Munich is a nice place to visit, and there's all sorts of things to do and see not that far away, so it is a nice vacation. You can legally drive the car at much higher speeds than you can in the states (but keep in mind the break-in period is 1200-miles/2,000Km), and you shouldn't exceed 100mph/162kmph during that time. They treat you well at the delivery point and include some 'freebies' as well (credit in the gift shop, restaurants, engraved key fob, use of the lounge, museum entrance, and factory tour). If you want to tour the factory (essentially across the street), you need to make reservations in advance. This is the factory where they make the 3-series, but is representative of all models.

    Also, consider that if you order the car, verses taking one off the lot, regardless of whether you do European delivery or not, you can also take delivery at the performance center in SC, where they'll provide a free night in the hotel, meals, and a day of training at the track at no cost to you (you have to get there and home, though). Also, there are certain options choices that are only available if you order the car verses taking one the dealer ordered for his inventory (no 'new' options, only certain option choices).

    Most dealers will also deal off the European delivery discount. A European delivery sale does not come out of the dealer's allotment, they don't get hit for any advertising fee or floorplan costs, and it counts as a sale which helps for the next year's allotment, so it's a win-win situation where they don't have to make as much on the sale since it ends up being an 'extra' sale for the dealership and you get a better price than you might otherwise. The biggest hassle with getting to Munich now is the surcharges the airlines are adding - this is often more than the airfare. They have a promo with Luftansa where you buy one ticket, and the second one is 'free'. But, you have to pay the fuel surcharge and security fees, and that added up to over $500 from Boston-Munich. Hardly free, but still a lot better than also paying the full fare.
  • amrhalemamrhalem Posts: 11
    Just got 2008 528i CPO with 31K on it, the car got extend warranty until 2013 and now being offered Extended maintenance program until 2013 ( 2 years ) for $1950 ( discounted from $2300), the program will cover everything except the Entrainment system and NAV. The Dealer Service Person recommended as none of the brakes were replaced and he told me a it would cost$1800 beside all Oils, belts and normal services , etc.. , I am planning to drive a 25K a year on this car, any advice if his numbers are correct?
  • rezrez Posts: 41
    Just wanted to inquire from you seasoned folks about a CPO 2008 535i with 28,300 miles on it. Asking price is $35,900. I offered $36K including tax, title, lic, which is about $2K. Car has Premium, Sport, Navigation, Rear shades, Distance control. I have to also drive about 250 miles to get it.

    deal, or no deal? :confuse:
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