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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • adduaddu Posts: 16
    edited June 2011

    I am new to BMW. Looking into 2011 528i and would appreciate any advise on pricing and some general information

    - Based on people's experience in this forum what would be a great deal on the purchase of 528i, Premium, Sports, Navi, Rear Camera w/ Parking dist contrl. MRSP 53.5K

    - I am still debating on wether or not it is worth spending extra 2K on sports package. Is there an option to get the sport package style 328 alloy wheels by themselves ?

    - I have been driving Japanese cars. Last purchase was an MDX and have never bought any extended warranties or maintenance plans with no regret. I have heard scary stories from acquaintances about BMW though (after the 4 year program). Is it worth the money ? I am no heavy on miles. 10K annual and am afraid if I go with any plans, I will run out of time before miles. WHat options do I have ?

    Appreciate any feedback.

  • A dealer has offered to sell the car for Edmunds 'TMV' price, + state inspection fee $65 + gas fill-up $75 + detailing for delivery $196. Can anyone tell me if 'detailing the car for delivery ' is a valid charge?
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 284
    Detailing for delivery? Gas? You have got to be kidding. State inspection fee is legit though.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Addu, I can address the sports rims. I have a 2007 530i with sports pkg, and I love the rims I have, which are distinctive from the basic rims, as you have described. Also, with sports pkg you get the solid black trim around the windows, instead of that chrome trim, which also makes the car look sporty (the black trim I'm talking). Try going on the BMW north america website, and look at all the rims. You will quickly come to the conclusion after you see the pricing, that the $2K is the cheapest option. Personally I would not go with the extended warranty, they're very very expensive and if you don't need it (you might very well not need it) it's a total waste. Why not just put that same amount of money into an escrow savings account or something, and keep it there in case you need to make a repair. These are good solid cars, not that they don't need attention. But I think the scare stories are way overblown.
    Good luck, let me know what your decision is.
    Gardis in CT
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,643
    It really doesn't matter how he breaks it down... He doesn't care about TMV.. He wants a certain amount for the car.

    If you think that amount is fair (in total), then grab it... If you think you should pay less, offer less..

    TMV, gas, detail, inspection... all just serve to keep your eye off the real number..

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  • adduaddu Posts: 16
    Thanks Gardis. I missed the magnification feature on BMW website. Looking at it closely I think I will skip the sports package (just personal preferrance on the sporty appearance)

    So now I am looking at 528i metallic ext, premium, navi, rear view camera w/ parking distance control. Anyone got information what the best price is on this forum for this configuration ?

  • bimmerfastbimmerfast Posts: 2
    edited June 2011
    Thanks for the replies, ponytrekker and kyfdx. I'll try & negotiate some more, and see what happens.
  • rezrez Posts: 41
    I am experiencing something that's astonishing! I was negotiating on an '08 535i CPO. I have placed the above offer, but the dealership cannot accept it, but has made a counter offer. The counter offer is that they will sell me the car stripping it from CPO status. In other words, they will sell it to me at my offered price without the 100K mile CPO warranty, and just as a regular used car. Can they do that? I didn't agree to it. The car is now changed on their website as a used car and not a CPO. I am totally dumb founded on this and would like to hear everyone's expert opinions/ advice here. :mad:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,643
    Generally.... once a car is entered into the CPO program, it is supposed to stay that way.. BMW doesn't want the dealers to advertise a car as CPO, until it has been certified, re-conditioned, and entered into the program (with the dealer paying BMW for the CPO warranty).

    That doesn't mean it always happens that way.... and, it doesn't mean that they can't de-certify it for someone that really wants the car, but doesn't care about the CPO, but it's rare.. None of that is illegal.. .it's just between them and BMWNA..

    Obviously, you wanted a CPO car... I'd just tell them you aren't interested in any offers that don't include CPO... They are just trying to put you on their number.


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  • rezrez Posts: 41
    Thanks kyfdx. That's what I was thinking too. The desperate salesperson kept calling me daily even though his mgt didn't agree to my offer. First he asked if I would split the difference. When I dodn't agree to that either, then they told me about buying the car without the CPO at my offer. Sales tactics? Go figure!!! :sick:
  • defunct00defunct00 Posts: 4
    Wondering if this is a good deal.....?

    I live in NY. Lease offer for a 2012 535I X Drive 36k mi lease.

    Prem package, Prem Package 2, Sports Package

    $2000 down includes first monthly payment, security deposit, reg and title

    $780 per month
  • clymerclymer Posts: 3
    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted some feedback on my offer to purchase the below specified vehicle:

    2011 535xi

    Dark Graphite II over Cinnamon Brown
    - Cold Weather Package
    - Fold Down rear seats
    - Anthracite Headliner
    - 4 Zone Climate
    - Heads Up Display (HUD)
    - Sport Auto Transsmission
    -Park Distance Control
    -Heated Front Seats
    -ipod/USB adaptor
    -Convinence Package
    -Comfort Access
    -Dynamic Handling Package
    -Multi-Contor Seats
    -Premium Package
    -Premium 2 Package
    -Rear Sunshades
    -Sat Radio
    -Sport Package
    -Sport Automatic Transmission.

    The offer was for $64,245. Please offer some feedback regarding the price. Thanks in advance!
  • mdxloveitmdxloveit Posts: 2
    Bought 535i with Premium 1 and Premium 2 package this week. Awesome car. Very happy.
    I paid invoice and also got $1K discount for the BMW Team Olympic event. I bought it in the bay area.

  • Bought 2011 BMW 535I, Alpine White with Venetian Beige interior leather with the following:

    Convenience Package, Premium Package 2, Premium Package, Automatic, BMW Apps, Free Window Tint, wood trim, smartphone integration
    Total MSRP + Destination = $59,625, Paid $54,250 on July 30, 2011 at Moritz BMW at Arlington, TX.
    They have inventory reduction going on now and very eager to deal. Deal took about 4 hours to finish as I was looking at leasing a 335.
  • djdeepdjdeep Posts: 1
    Anyway you can send me who you talked to, Muddin? I'm planning on going in this weekend and getting one myself.

    Thanks in advance!
  • thassthass Posts: 2
    Wow, now THAT'S a deal:).
    Can I ask where u got it?
    I am in the same process, but my deal is only:

    Cold weather
    Parking distance control
    Backup camera

    For $660/month without tax
    Nothing down
    Only inception and tax!

    That premium package 2 would be nice!

  • Moritz BMW at Arlington, Texas
  • Amrhalem,

    I'm looking at the same car 528i CPO with 31K in NYC. They want $35K, it seems you got a great deal at $26K (am I reading that correct)? Out of curiousity, what were they listing your car for? I'm wondering if it was along the same lines as this one. Also, do you know if other dealers will service the car through the CPO program? I live in CT but found the car in NYC, like to have car serviced locally if possible.


  • Does anyone out there know if I can have a CPO car serviced by a dealer other than the one where I purchase it. I ask because I work in NYC but live in CT. I'm looking at CPO cars in both locations, if I purchase in NYC I may want to have serviced in CT. Sometimes dealers don't like to service cars (under warranty) that are from another dealer. Do any of you have experience with this?


  • hurstianhurstian Posts: 10
    I just bought a 2011 BMW 528i with premium,heated seat and sat radio for $44,900. MSRP is $48,575. Price already include the $1,000 customer cash. Is it a fair deal?

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