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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nancysuehnancysueh Posts: 11
    I can't do the drivers incentive as i have a USAA 1500 incentive you can't do both. I also can't do the loyalty as i'm paying cash. but one dealer said to finance for 3 months and then pay it off and you get the 1000 loyalty
  • zoombie99zoombie99 Posts: 124
    If 60,815 is AFTER the rebates, walk away from the dealer. If it is before the rebates, it isn't that bad. You should shoot for 500 over invoice before applying the rebates. Call BMW of Tenafly and request a quote.
  • nancysuehnancysueh Posts: 11
    60815 is before the rebates. What is the invoice? THe cost of the dealer? How do you find that out?

    The rebates i can get are 1500 from USAA (can't get the driver one and usaa)
    If I pay cash i don't get the 1000 loyalty but it was suggested at a dealer to finace for 3 months and then pay it off.
    They are giving me 3000 for my bmw 2002 525i.
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 148
    Are you sure 2014 since Titanium Silver not a 2014 color.
  • nancysuehnancysueh Posts: 11
    Right is is Glacier Metalic
  • nancysuehnancysueh Posts: 11
    I went to configbmw but i can't get silverlight to load to be able to config
  • zoombie99zoombie99 Posts: 124
    what about Edmunds?
  • zoombie99zoombie99 Posts: 124
    also, what is the exact model you are getting? 528, 535, 550, xi? etc.
  • nancysuehnancysueh Posts: 11
    535i xdrive 2014
  • nancysuehnancysueh Posts: 11
    edmunds doesn't have the 2014
  • nancysuehnancysueh Posts: 11
    The msrp is 64475 they are giving me 7.5 % discount total cost to me before insentives is 59800

    Any advice?
  • nystarnystar Posts: 26
    No, don't go to dealership try leasing companies (Brokers), I got the following deal

    535xi Alpine While +Premium+Tech+Cold Weather+ Driver Assist + High Beam and automatic rear curtain
    MSRP= $64600

    $630/Month including NJ TAX, 10K, 36 months, $1600 Sign and Drive(Includes first month, DMV, Doc fee..etc).
    After applying my $1000 driving experience voucher it went down $25 so same deal but $605/Month
    With 7 MSDs it became $550 including NJ tax.. Amazing deal, right?
    I went to 2 dealerships in NJ and they told me that this is not real and they cant match it and something should be wrong!!

    Guess what, my broker told me that they are bringing the car from one of the NJ dealers look..

    I didnt move forward yet as the guy who supposed to buy my current car changed his mind and have to find another buyer as I am stuck with this car and still have 15 months on my lease.

    Steps: Check those leasing companies(Google them and get their website and contact them one by one):

    1. VIP Auto Leasing
    2. Best Buy Leasing
    3. Exec Auto NY
    4. Xclusive Auto Leasing

    They always quote $0 down and there is no way you can get the same when you walk into the dealer showroom :)
  • nrwaynenrwayne Posts: 44
    I'm about to order a 2014 535d. One dealer says the car is satellite radio ready and just needs activation. The other dealer says satellite radio is available only if you get the Performance Package. Which is correct?
  • zoombie99zoombie99 Posts: 124
    Something doesn't smell right. How could you use MSDs at at leasing com company or use the incentives? Don't leading companies buy the car?
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 148
    It's premium package that's required.
  • ell_emmell_emm Posts: 1
    Hi all

    I am planning to buy a 2013 528 x drive in metallic color with the following options:
    Premium Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Driver assist package

    MSRP - 58925/- (Invoice: 54,755/- from bmwconfig)

    dealer - 54000/-
    drive event - 1000/-

    Net - $53k plus tax , MV and Luxury tax

    Is it a good deal or should I negotiate more?

  • The data from edmunds:
    Alpine White
    Cinnamon Brown Dakota
    Cold Weather Package
    Driver Assistance Package
    M Sport Package
    Premium Package

    Total Price: Invoice: $60,500 MSRP: $65,775

    What can I reasonably expect to pay for this car? I can't have a BMW loyalty bonus since I don't own a BMW
  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    Is it '13 or 14?
  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    Most dealers won't move much off of the '14's right now since they are just hitting lots but depending on your location, you could probably get around $1000 over invoice maybe a little better
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