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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bluffmatebluffmate Posts: 14
    edited November 2013
    nyccarguy: Great catch on the lease acquisition fee and I completely agree with your point of view on the MSDs. It is a guaranteed return of investment which makes it a very popular product among lease enthusiasts.
  • I got 53575 - 4164 = 49410$ for 2014 528I with Premiun pack + leather.

    Do you think its a good price ? or i have to wait until Dec 31 to bring it to the 45k mark ?

    Vehicle Price: $53,575.00
    Market Savings: - $4,164.60
    Vehicle Selling Price: $49,410.40

    Sales Tax (estimate): + $3,205.14
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $57.75
    Other: + $15.00
    State Inspection Fee: + $23.75
    Documentation Fee: + $122.50
    Road and Bridge: + $10.00
    Title Fee: + $33.00
    Balance Due (estimate): $52,877.54
  • Folks: Here is the offer from a BMW dealer:

    2013 BMW 535i

    TECHNOLOGY PKG navigation system, Head-Up Display, online info services, BMW apps, smartphone integration, Real Time Traffic Info, extended instrument cluster contents, HEATED FRONT SEATS, REAR-VIEW CAMERA, FRONT & REAR PARK DISTANCE CONTROL, DARK WOOD INTERIOR TRIM, 8-SPEED STEPTRONIC AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION sport & manual shift modes, adaptive transmission control (ATC).

    MSRP: 58,775
    Dealers Offer: 49,200

    Good offer? Would love feedback
  • Thats a very good deal. compared to what i got for 528i.

  • Please share the dealer name and location if you dont mind. i am in houston area.
  • bluffmatebluffmate Posts: 14
    edited November 2013
    In my opinion, it is not a good deal since this is a 2013 model and the 2014s are available which is a LCI.

    In the 5 series lineup, I recommend also considering 2014 ActiveHybrid5. I am always ONLY into leasing so I think in terms of monthly payments (with zero down). The payment per month on it is same as 2014 528i since there is a $4500 eco credit which drops the payment on the car by $120 with it's current residual of 55%. Gas mileage is similar to a 528i. The power is great - phenomenal actually (I drove a 2013 AH5 for about 2 weeks - exchanged with a friend). The trunk is about 30 percent smaller than other 5 series but it still quite enough IMHO. Plus, the badge looks much classy than any other 5 series badges.

    On Nov 12th, my brother in law leased a 2014 AH5 so this is very fresh in my memory. We also ran the numbers for 2014 535i so I know the AH5 made more sense than the 528 or AH5 numbers wise with 100% same options/line/etc. My bro in law got the discounts including loyalty and the turnkey (turnkey only impacts the first month payment and does not lower the overall monthly payment).

    Here are the details:

    2014 AH5
    MSRP: $75675
    Monthly payment: $630 plus sales tax
    Cap reduction: $0
    Doc fee: $0
    Buy rate MF used and then reduced further by using 7 MSDs
    Dealer was is Bay Area of California
    If I remember correctly, cap cost was at $9xxx below invoice (this included ALL discounts apart from turnkey which was applied to first month payment).

    If it matters, his credit score was about 830 with a very good income to liability ratio.
  • I am considering a purchase of a brand new 2013 xDrive 535 Gran Turismo. This is one of only a small handful of 2013 Turismos left in my area. MSRP of $65,100. The dealer has a windshield sign of "Sale: $56,888". I haven't talked to the salesperson, yet, but would appreciate any comments on how much more I should and could push to lower the price. I know these GTs do not sell too well in the US and it's a 2013, so I'd hope to have an upper hand in negotiations. I am considering leasing for the first time, too.

    Thanks for any help.
  • a10nisdudea10nisdude Posts: 3
    edited November 2013
    2014 528i xDrive

    Has Cold Weather/Driver Assistance/M Sport/Premium Pkg

    MSRP 62,135
    Quoted 53,910

    Is this a good deal? Tri-state area
  • A 2013 BMW 535 in stock : Msrp 58 875 offer price: 49 200


    A 2014 BMW 535 custom ordered: Msrp 68875 offer price 62600

    Thanks for your inputs!
  • 2013 ActiveHybrid 5 - Lease 36 months 36000 miles 49% residual (yikes);

    MSRP with Options: 67,200
    Sale price: 51000
    Tires+Wheel protection: 1329 (cost)
    Dent protection: 329 (cost)

    MF: 0.0079 (about 1.5 APR) with 7 MSDs of $600 each ($4200 MSD total)

    Sales/Use Tax: Got BMWFS credit (hence waived)

    Zero down, Zero Security (other than 7 MSDs to reduce MF), zip-zero-zilch

    Refundable MSDs ($4200) saved about $45/month in payments

    Monthly payment: $629 (on Nov last day)

    Showed my USAA pricing/cert, but it did not matter anyway .. and infact got better deal ($2000 less in price, plus Sales Tax picked-up/credited by BMWFS)

    This may be the last new 2013 ActiveHybrid 5 in Dallas .. Thanks
  • Nice deal!

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Just got myself a Thanksgiving present. A 2013 535i xDrive GT. Fantastic vehicle so far and so much room in the back! Anyway, ended up with $9,238 off MSRP at $56,388. Wouldn't budge any more, i even walked out twice. Dealer threw in winter mats and i just made it for the holiday bonus of $500. I am happy with the deal and the car.
  • Can you please tell me where you bought it? which state/city? also is that new or used? I am considering 2013 535i GT but not xdrive so hoping i can get it down further, no need for AWD in Florida for me


  • I bought mine at Elmhurst BMW (suburb of Chicago). It was new with 20 miles on the ODO. It was sitting on their showroom floor, but the build date is 10/12, so they were motivated to sell it, although that's the only GT they had. Actually, there is only one other new 2013 GT left in the area. It's white, xdrive, and similarly priced. Dealer also motivated to sell. It's at Laurel BMW of Westmont, IL. Let us know if you get one.
  • I am looking to purchase a 2014 550I (Build). I am in the Dallas area. My question is should I take advantage of the Holiday and loyalty credit in Dec of $2500? or wait till after the new year? Will BMWFS offer these credits after January. I currently in a BMW lease which expires in March 2014 and want to purchase (I will be building my 550 which I have been told takes 6-8 weeks for delivery) so both cars do not overlap too much so I am making double payments on 2 cars.

    I am looking at a 550I with M Sport, Lighting Pkg, Driver Asst, Executive Pkg, Luxury seating Pkg, Heated Seats and rear shades. MSRP is $78,350. Invoice is $72,030, less Holiday Credits of $2500, invoice comes to $69,530. What is a good target purchase price from $69,530? $1000 over invoice? 2 or 3% over invoice?

    Please advise. Thank you
  • MF for '14 528ix 36 mo. /15k was 59% in November, was quoted 61% today. Please confirm this is correct RV in effect for Dec.

  • A Michigan dealer just offered me a 2014 535i xDrive with the following:
    - $MSRP of $70,125
    - Actual Price of $66,000
    - $1,100 down for first month pmt, taxes, fees
    - $786 Per Month
    - 10K Miles Per Year
    - I qualify for loyalty cash

    Decent deal for a 2014? Any help or thoughts are much appreciated.

  • r4bmwr4bmw Posts: 2

    What is the MF and Residual Value for BMW 528i in bay area california?

  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 163

    contact Jon at Santa Barbara BMW, he is the founder of the Bimmerfest forum and he can hook you up with a great deal.....I know the base mf for 2014 528i us .00125

  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 163

    Bay area dealers don't give out great deals...

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