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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hayemhayem Posts: 8
    I have the chance to buy a 2000 5 series wagon with sport and premium package for 37000$ it's a certified for 100 K miles and or 6 0r 7 yrs, it has 20700 miles on it any feed back? for me Thanks
  • I think it is way too much for a 2000 5 series eventhough it has low mileage. If it is a 540 then it may be OK, but for a 528 I think that $37K is too much, even for Certified. I am not sure what is your geographical area but I think You can do a lot better.

    Good Luck,

  • I just purchased a 2001 525i with 45k miles. Silver, Steptronic, Premium Package, tinted windows, new Continental tires. Car is flawless, not a scratch, ding, or mark anywhere. Here is the hard part to believe. I BOUGHT IT ON EBAY!
    And, I paid $26,000. Just flew down to Orlando and drove it back to Ohio. It is the best car I've ever owned. My only previous German car was an 87 Porsche 944 tiurbo. Since then I have owned all Japanese cars, Nissan 300Z was favorite. This 525i beats them all. Now, If I can just keep my wife from driving it all damn day.
  • Just wondering where you got your edmunds user name?

  • I noticed an earlier post stating the lease rate (M.F.) was negotiated from .24 to .19. Exactly what is the M.F. rate definition? Thanks in advance.
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    It's simply the interest rate. To get the equivalent interest rate, multiply by 2400, but note that sometimes slimy dealers will quote a MF as, for example, "2.8" in hopes of confusing customers by making it sound like a low interest rate. That "2.8" is really a MF of 0.0028, or a rate of 6.72%.

    From what I've read (I've never leased a car), it's usually the sticker and residual prices of a car that are negotiable, not the MF (since that's set by the bank or lease company). But perhaps that's possible as well.
  • sel3sel3 Posts: 33
    Military members serving overseas at least 140 days can purchase a duty-free BMW from several military sales centers in Europe.

    Base price for a 525 is $32,950.00

    Base price for a 530 36,050.00

    There is no price difference on the Optional Equipment.

    This seems to be the best price available!
  • My friend lease a 2000 528ia with Premium package, 6 CD, moon roof, tiptronic, xenon light, 17" rim & 4-16"rim & winter tires will be expired in the end of Feb 2003. The transfer ownership from him to me it costs US$400 plus extended warranty US$1800. The estimated final mileage will be around 28750 miles. Is it worth to buy this car? residue value US$23,200+15% sales taxes in canada.
    So the final amount that I have to pay is US$25,500+15% taxes. Remarks: Excellent conditions
  • spyderredspyderred Posts: 137
    jump on it. Prices are geographically dependent. If this price was here is Southern California it would be real hard to pass it up. What color combo? You indicate the car has 17" rims, did the car come with the factory sports package or did he just add the sport wheels.

    The only thing is the extended warranty for $1800 is a bit steep. I hope that the extended warranty is backed by BMW (i.e. CPO), if it is, see if you can knock the dealer down a bit. Their cost to CPO is about $1100. So maybe ~$1500 would be fair.

    Good luck and Let us know what you decide.

  • Is a silver body with premium package. He only added a 17" sport wheels for summer and 16" wheels for winter use only. tinted windows
    I'm try to buy a extended warranty from internet What do you think this company?
  • spyderredspyderred Posts: 137
    and a half ago for $1800. Diamond plan 5 years/100,000 miles zero ded. So far they have paid for $1100 worth of repairs. They have been excellent to deal with thus far. My car has been maintained at a Southern California BMW Dealer.

    If you are planning on buying a contract from them, make sure to buy it before your car reaches 36,000 miles on the odometer. There was a few hundred $ difference between the odometer reading less than 36,000 and more than 36,000 miles. I found out about it by plugging in different scenarios on their website. I was trying to figure out when is the best time/price to buy the extended warranty. Not sure if this is still the case but it was true back in October of 2001.

    So far my experience with 1Source has been excellent. I highly recommend them, for now. We will see what the future holds and how they respond to future claims (if claims are necesarry, hopefully not).

    Once you drive a BMW, it would be really difficult to drive another car. Everything else suffers by comparison.

    In any case, I highly recommend getting an extended warranty contract for these cars. They are awesome to drive but they come with usually higher repair bills.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide.



  • tastetaste Posts: 37
    I am evaluating auto's for when I turn in our 9-5 at the end of May.

    Anyone have any info how leasing rates look for 530i's in the Chicago area? I would look at the 525i but they are underpowered in my opinion. Love the 540i but probably more than I want to spend once you add in features.

    Would consider a 330ix but not has high on the styling compared to the 5 series
  • I just reviewed the 'What Did You Pay?' Board and was wondering why the high majority of lease instead of buy. To me unless there is a substantial business write-off it is money out the window every month. What about pride of ownership? Anyway, I would appreciate some help on a new 2003 530i(manual) purchase with Prem. and Winter Pkg., Xenon's and Navigation. Pre-tax MSRP is $46,995 with 2565.00 off at a net of $44,430. Is this ok or can I do better. I live in Central New Jersey. Additionally, should I go for the sports Package? I am worried about ride harshness and besides this, right now I am getting a lot of flack from my wife and some friends on not getting the Steptronic. I saw in the editorial test some mention of a slight problem or a bit to be desired with the 5 speed manual...Is this true? Any other advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am not really interested in the 2004. Hey, what color do you like with the grey interior (Black Sapphire?)? By the way for years I have dreamed of a 5 series; I am really psyched about this car.
  • Lease Gurus:

    I have been made the following offer:
    2003 540i with Sport Package and Premium DSP Sound, folding and locking back seats.

    Down payment: $2500 Drive-Off
    Term: 66 months
    Money Factor: 1.95
    Lease Payment: $914.15
    Tax: 70.85
    Total Monthly: $985
    Mileage: 12k per year

    Any thoughts? I priced this out directly with BMW credit and it was much higher.
  • Best way to negotiate a deal is to start with invoice price. The price you pay can be figured as follows:

    Your price = Invoice (including invoice for all options) + Dest. and Handling + Dealer profit

    You should be able to make the deal with dealer profit of around $1500 or perhaps a bit less. For a 2003 530i with the options you mentioned (PP, CWP, Xenons, Nav), the invoice price is:

    $37,560 (base invoice for US delivery) + 2,095 (PP) + 545 (CWP) + 1,640 (Nav) + 455 (Xenons) = $42,295

    Add the $695 for Dest. and Handling and you get $42,990.

    Now add, say, $1,500 for dealer profit, and you get $44,490. So, if the $44,430 you mention INCLUDES D&H, that would be a very good price. If not, you should be able to do better.

    You also might want to consider European Delivery. Price on ED is also negotiable, up from ED invoice price, though apparently some dealers aren't willing to make deals on ED. ED invoice on 2003 530 is $34,785. For ED you should be able to get about $1200 over invoice, so you can easily save over $3000 doing ED vs. US delivery for a 5-series (you also save on sales tax since the total price is less for ED; I live in California and figure that I saved close to $400 in sales tax by doing ED).

    As for manual vs. step, it is a matter of personal choice. I got the stick; I greatly prefer the feeling of involvement in driving with a stick. An auto, even with semi-manual control, just doesn't give me the same pleasure and sense of involvement. I actually feel I am a better driver with a stick because I stay more alert. The clutch and shifter on the 5 are fine. Some people find it a bit difficult to make smooth shifts into 1st or 2nd. I have too on occasion but I'm getting used to it and now find that I can shift as smooth or more smoothly than in my previous car (Acura Legend, which I found very easy to shift). So if you really want a stick, I wouldn't worry about it. If you have to appease wife, that is a different matter altogether ;-)

    Good luck!
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262
    Because BMW (as many other manufacturers) has set artificially high residuals for 5-series. It is cheaper to lease for 3 years than to buy the car and trade it in 3 years. I am currently leasing a 2002 540ia. It has a 3-year residual somewhere around $37K. The real life trade-in value for 3 year old 540 with all options I have is now somewhere around 32K. Two years from now with E60 making E39 obsolete I am not sure that anyone will give me $30K for my car if I trade it. With a lease I will just return it to BMW and get a new one. Let's them deal with residuals and market values.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262
    You should ask this question on finance and insurance board. Pros there will give you all answers you need. From my point of view 66-month lease is not something you should ever consider. Buy the car if you want to keep it for such a long time. With $985 you can probably finance it for 66 month not lease. I would consider something like $750-800 to be an acceptable number for 3/36 lease. But check with pros.
  • To Sharris and SergeyM - Thanks for responding to my 530i questions and concerns. It was a great help and I really appreciate your assistance. Dan (dan_bmw)
  • I have Steptronic and Sport pkg and both are right ..for me. Just had to have the seats with Sport pkg, and it rides just fine...for me. For you...keep test driving all the configurations; after all,it's a car others should let you own what you prefer. They are excited for you,for sure, so take the time to figure it out. Ride the steptronic and manual,back to back and drive each hard. The Step works really well,smooth and enjoyable, but it is not a manual...and you can see many on this board are definitely fans of the manual tranny.You are in the driver's seat....The price seems reasonable and fairly good. Good luck!
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