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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • savorasavora Posts: 25
    I ordered mine, for 2500 off MSRP (Tinting and Mats included) for 530i with auto, premium sound and xenon. Can't wait to get it!
  • As promised...a follow-up from my previous posts:

    We received the '03 530i, which I purchased from a dealer over the internet. If you read my previous posts here, I was looking for a specific color, equipped with certain options.
    Also, price was THE most important criteria as to whom and where I purchased the auto.

    The car we got is perfect. Understand that I bought this car sight unseen. Meaning, I never saw it or drove it until the shipper delivered to my home, this afternoon. Some may think I am a lucky SOB, but quite frankly, I am a VP of a large software company and have many dealings with people on the phone and felt that the people whom I was dealing with where forthcoming and honest. In fact, I can say that buying this car was the easiest and most convenient auto buying experiences I have had, period. There is something to be said about buying cars over the internet...if you do your homework, read the kind advice of all the people here on this forum and have a little patience, you will get a good deal!

    The car...well, it did not rate as one of the best cars in world for nothing. I bought for my wife and I think that I will have to be trading her for my Lexus 330 more than I thought! It is a blast to drive and I could not be more pleased (she is ecstatic!). Thanks to everyone who responded to my posts.
  • vicmacvicmac Posts: 9
    Does anybody know how the European Rebate works.
    If I bargain a deal on the 530i which can be $2500 off of MSRP and then request for a European Delivery and get the rebate pf $2700 approx or it is just on the MSRP.


  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    We have a discussion just for BMW delivery - BMW Owners: European Delivery which is a wealth of information.
  • badbimrbadbimr Posts: 1
    It is possible to get a good deal on a 530i if you contact enough dealers and emphasize to them that you're ready to buy if the price is right. Today, I picked up my silver grey metallic with grey leather, steptronic, premium package, and xenons for $47,540 plus tax,license, and doc fees.I live in the San Francisco bay area where dealers are just now starting to deal. The car drives like a dream. Now if I can only figure out the I-Drive. Have to leave now to watch the instuctional DVD.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Links to dealer websites aren't allowed -- see header of this discussion and/or our Rules of the Road (linked at the top).

    I had to remove a message for that reason.
  • jstchekinjstchekin Posts: 4
    This is a great forum, been reading for a while...

    Looking for a 545 with sports (TX). The new body style slowly growing on me... ready to wait for a good deal.

    1. What are the best deals folks have seen. (Off MSRP or +Invoice)?
    What helped getting your great deal.. (Faxes, broker, on the lot, patience)

    2.Has anyone purchased bmw from out of state and not received good service from the local dealer.
    I was planning to send bunch of faxes... but my local dealer/s in TX told me that I may be at serious disadvantage if I did not buy locally. One sales person said that "serice loaner" will be a rental car. Another said that if there are serious issues with the car dealer may not stand up to bmw usa.
    Now I understand a little scare tactic in negotiation. But is this a normal mode of ops for bmw.
    I was totally impressed the way local Lexus dealer took care of of my wife's car...Full service no questions asked. Any experiences either ways.

    Thanks in advance.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    BMW does NOT have a uniform service loaner policy. Up to each dealer. The local BMW dealers near me will only give loaners to people who buy from them.

    State car franchise laws and the dealer's contract with BMW NA drive what the dealer has to provide. In my state, only the selling dealer has a full legal obligation to service the vehicle. A non-selling dealer can refuse to service a car. (Had that happen to me with a Chrysler dealer once in a small town.)

    If I was you, I'd FLEE from this dealer as fast as you can. If that means not buying a BMW, then so be it. Dealer sounds awful. Though you might ask to talk with the owner or manager to confirm the details. If they still are scary, report them to BMW NA and see what BMW NA says.

    These type service issues were one reason I traded in my two BMWs for two Lexus. Lexus has a nationwide loaner policy and much friendlier dealers.
  • jeripjerip Posts: 1
    Hello, I am new here. I am going to buy a 530i in the next few weeks, but I want to make an intelligent informed purchase. I am thinking about the premium sound package, automatic transmission, and leather seats (although I am leaning against the premium package because I like the titanium trim more than the wood). So if anyone can help with advice, personal anecdotes about what a good price would be for me here in the Los Angeles area I would appreciate it. I bought my last car before I knew about this site, and spent weeks feeling as though I was taken advantage of by the dealer (a local BMW delearship) so I am determined to do my homework this time. Thanks alot.
  • jstchekinjstchekin Posts: 4
    European Delivery
    Looking for 545(Auto) + sports and few small things
    What are some recent deals?
    Should I look at the MSRP + 7% off the base model as a starting point?
    What is the wholesale/ED invoice?
    Thanks in advance
  • sirdarbysirdarby Posts: 20
    Autolink in Atlanta for great-low mileage, pristine late model cars. Mostly off-lease.

    My last 5 BMW and Lexus purchases have been awesome.
  • indy500indy500 Posts: 4
    Hi Everyone,

      I am looking for some advices with regard to the price for 04 bmw 530i. I am totally new to this town hall message post and I'll highly appreciated for any of your input.

    I am looking for 04 bmw 530i with amethyst gray metallic exterior and gray interior. Optional packages includes 205 (automatic steptronic transmission), 416 (power rear sunshade and side manual sunshade) and 465 (Fold Down Rear Seats w/ Ski Bag)

    What is the best price do you think I should pay for this vehicle before tax and document and registration fees?
  • indy500indy500 Posts: 4
    Yes, I live in Indianapolis
  • dstompkinsdstompkins Posts: 4
    "Looking for a 545 with sports (TX). The new body style slowly growing on me... ready to wait for a good deal. 1. What are the best deals folks have seen. (Off MSRP or +Invoice)? What helped getting your great deal.. (Faxes, broker, on the lot, patience)"

    I have a 2/04 production 545 w/sport pkg. My large California (Bay Area) dealer receives a 3 or 4 545s a month so there was no discounting (for now). I ordered it for full MSRP. PS I highly suggest the sport package...I love the active steering and look of the sport wheels vs. the standard wheels.
  • jstchekinjstchekin Posts: 4
    "Looking for a 545 with sports (TX). The new body style slowly growing on me... ready to wait for a good deal. 1. What are the best deals folks have seen. (Off MSRP or +Invoice)? What helped getting your great deal.. (Faxes, broker, on the lot, patience)"

    --- Thanks to GR8NYView tips... Purchasing ED should get in couple of months +/-.
    over 3 K plus wholesale price. Happy with the buying experience. Did not negotiate hard.
    Let me know if you wish contact...

    This is a good forum --
  • honchhonch Posts: 4
    The dealer has offered me a 04 530i> It is equipped with cold weather, premium, sport, auto,fold down, and xenon. This car was sold and returned with 4400 miles. MSRP was 53995.00, including destination. It is offered at 49900.00. I would like to pay around 46k. What is a fair price here?
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577
    If it's not a lemon, $48-49k imo.
  • I am turning to you, the experts, for some advice. I am looking at a 2002 530 with 39500 miles. It has the premium and sport packet as well as xenon lights. It has been certified by the dealer. What is a fair price to pay for this car? I live in Houston, Tx
  • honchhonch Posts: 4
    I do not understand imo? Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,652
    I M O In My Opinion

    I M H O In My Humble Opinion

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

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