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Pontiac Grand Prix: Problems & Solutions



  • This problem is painfully obvious that there is a defect from GM. I would suggest that EVERYONE who has this problem call the GM - Pontiac assistance for customers in the book and at I called and they offered some help paying for this "SAFETY" issue. I don't think anyone's insurance company would like to hear that the key is stuck in the car in a parking lot. SO far this problem has ended up costing me $593 after replacing the shift assembly, the ignition, and several silenoids. I also made the dealer write on the workorder, that if the problem continued it would be at their expense 100% to fix it including labor.

    Good Luck! :sick:
  • Hi all! I'm new to this site after doing a google search to help fix this problem.
    I have a 2005 GTP and while I love the car in general, I've been having problems with the headliner and the sunroof shade. I would be interested in hearing from others about their opinions of the quality of the sun shade. I noticed last summer that when the car got warm the shade pane tended to bow downward in the middle. I've also had this annoying creek or ticking sound (depends on the day) whenever I encounter rough pavement. It seems to be related to the pliability of the shade and rigid plastic of the pice you grab to move the shade back and forth. You can push up on the shade and it makes this noise. I'm shocked at how cheap this part seems to be and I had the dealer look at this and they said it was "normal".
    Thanks for your feedback....
  • jennyajennya Posts: 1
    Hi looking for help / advice from anyone who has encountered this problem.
    I have a 98 Grand prix GTP 98k miles. had a new engine put in at 96k miles as the rods went on the old one.

    The new problem is: I just had a battery replaced at the dealership, next day the car stopped so they just replaced the fuel pump.
    However the car still will not start, AS the new pump is getting no power. I'm being told that the fuel pump relay will not engage, because my Automate alarm is malfunctioning, and will not send an enable signal to trigger the relay.
    Now the dealer tells me because of this I will need to have the alarm removed and also need to have the PCM replaced ( cost $3,500 the PCM is in disable mode and cannot be reprogramed because of the alarm)

    Has anyone had the same problem, I've had both relays replaced. the relay is a 5 pin relay, the fuse is good it has power, the top pin on the relay gets power.
    All the wiring has been checked at the dealership and has continuity, they did a full diagnosis of the PCM and all is fine, except the fuel enable signal to the relay.

    Is there some other way this can be fixed short of paying to replace the PCM
  • Try the spark plugs. My bro had the same car same problem. changed the spark plugs and it worked just fine.
  • porter2porter2 Posts: 2
    My wife has a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT and the key got stuck in the ignition and it wouldnt turn all the way back to the off position. I found a little plastic plug under the steering column that is the size of a dime and pried it off. Then all you have to do is find something long and skinny, I used the inside of a pen ,and push it up there straight while turning your inition back and it should free it. Its some kind of button on the ignition switch under the tumblers for the lock. Now i have to find out how much the dealership wants. My ignition switch is made by AC-Delco.....good luck
  • Hello.
    I just purchased a used 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix from an original owner. This is the first time I've purchased anything American so I'm wondering if I did the right thing. Three days after my purchase the low coolant light turned on and it hasn't turned off. I drained the coolant, added new coolant and changed the radiator cap to the suggested "Stant 11230" radiator cap. The coolant doesn't appear to leak an the oil doesn't have water in it. The light still doesn't go away. HELP!!!! Any suggestions?
  • pairvinpairvin Posts: 1
    I have a 98 grand prix gtp. Here the past couple of weeks it has been shifting hard into 2nd and 3rd. I have read a little about this and some stuff says it is the pressure control solenoid and some say it is the throttle body. Could someone tell me there opinion on the matter.
  • tschocktschock Posts: 2
    I'm having that same problem with the coolant light. I know I don't a have a leak. I have a 2000 Grand Prix. This past year all of my windows have died. They just slide down when I have them up. Each one cost me $500 dollars to replace. I see several other people on here also have had window troubles. I am currently speaking with a GM person, so hopefully they may do something about this.
    And my newest problem is the heat. no heat.
    I think this will be my last pontiac.
  • jmac74jmac74 Posts: 10
    I have not had too many problems with my 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. I have put alot of miles on it, 147k. While driving it home the other day the "service engine soon light" came on flashing a couple times, then a white puff of smoke came out of the hood. Since i was only a mile from home i felt i could make it home, boy was i wrong. Anyway, i began to go and the engine sputtered but the light went off and the smoke was gone. Half way to home the car completely shut off and i didn't have any steering or brakes. Luckily i got the car into a vacant parking lot without incident and popped the hood. That's when i found out the car was on fire in the engine compartment. It torched the whole engine compartment. If anyone has any info, please share.
  • jmac74jmac74 Posts: 10
    have a mechanic look at the belt to the supercharger. I have a 2000 GTP and had the same happen. Should only cost about 80.00.
  • jmac74jmac74 Posts: 10
    I have a 2000 Grand Prix GTP and it caught fire while i was driving it. I responded to a couple other messages and we all should get together on this.
  • gmfan007gmfan007 Posts: 77
    Sorry, can't help you. Our '98 GT sunroof has worked flawlessly since we bought the car new. The dark tinted sunroof glass should protect the inner panel. Any chance the sunroof is an aftermarket add on or the glass has been replaced with lighter tint?
  • laynelayne Posts: 4
    The exact same thing happened to us, 15 minutes after driving into our garage, car ignited itself under the hood and was engulfed in flames and smoke by the time we found it. Luckily this happened at 10pm at night, and we were still awake, I don't want to think of the outcome had it happened at 3am, our house and possibly our family would have been lost. Our insurance investigators and engineers found point of origin of fire and concluded it IS a GM manufacturer error. They are pursuing GM for the settlement they paid us. It's terrible they are not recalling these. Mine was 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix, GTP, which until that night, I had loved.
    Never another GM car ever.
    Good luck,
  • laynelayne Posts: 4
    We lost our 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP in a car fire in our garage in December. Got home from town, and parked it in the garage, and within 15 minutes we smelled awful smoke, ran out there and the garage was completely engulfed in flames, and the car. There was no warning or anything. Up until that time, I had loved that car. We only had 81k miles on it. Our insurance engineer found point of origin of fire and they concluded that it is indeed a GM mfg. error. They are going after GM to get back what they paid us in settlement. It's terrible to wonder what would have happened had the fire started in our garage at 3am, instead of at 10:pm at night. Thank goodness we were awake to fight it and call 911.
    I just cannot believe there is and was no recall.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    I too had a 1999 Grand Prix GTP which my nephew bought from me when I purchased my 2002 GTP (I now have a 2006 GXP). Anyway a few months ago, my nephew left the 1999 GTP for an oil change and then went across the street to his office. Five minutes later he received a call that the GTP was on fire. The fire dept. had to put out the fire. The fire was indeed in the engine. It had to be cut out and the fire destroyed everything up to and including the new windshield. He had a new Infiniti so he was okay for traveling to work, but didn't want to use the new car for work -- just the GTP for work. He received a settlement from the insurance company for the amount the car would be selling for from the dealer in his area in NJ. He then bought a used Laredo for work. I have read so many stories about these fires. I have had five Pontiacs -- three GTP's. The 1999 was the only fire. This is very scary.
  • jmac74jmac74 Posts: 10
    If anyone who has had a Pontiac Grand Prix or Grand Am catch on fire and wants to organize a lawsuit with me, give me an email. You can get my email address wherever you see jmac74. I am serious about this, GM needs to stop the problem before someone gets seriously injured or killed. I was lucky enough to get out of the car before anything happened to me. I think that was a sign for me to help stop the problem.
  • I have a 1999 GT and have recently had the infamous "intake leak" problem and have fixed it myself. Now I have a new problem, the car won't fire. I have triple checked the plug wire placement and all the other wire plug-ins and they are fine. The engine will turn over, but it won't fire, once in a while I get a soft putter, but no real indication it is going to start. Is there procedures that need to be done to the fuel system (re-pressurize or bleed air) after it has been taken apart? I am really frustrated with this and can use some help.
  • compg05compg05 Posts: 1
    I have had a constant rattle of the surround ring of the sunroof on my 05 Comp G. I brought it to the dealer and they ordered a new one. They will install next Monday. Hopefully this will fix the problem. It's not "normal". That's their brush off. Go back. i did.
  • bford_2bford_2 Posts: 1
    Recently my dashboard has started beeping whenever I drive over a bump or a pothole. It's the same beeping noise that lets you know a seatbelt is unbuckled, door ajar, etc. But, no message displays in the driver information center. The last time my dashboard started beeping randomly, it turned out that I needed a new fuel pump. Does anyone know what is going on?
  • wayameanwayamean Posts: 1
    I am having hesitation problems with my 2000 grandprix GT
    when excellerating at about 10% throttle i get hesitation any where from 50km to 100km/hour. It does this between 2000 and 2400 rpm when it get's to 2400 it drops to 2200 even with the same amount of gas (foot has'nt moved). I have run fuel injection cleaner thruogh it as well as changed the fuel filter. I have taken it to the dealer(I have a friend that works there) we took it to for a long test drive with there scanner and nothing came up no codes at all.

    any body have a solution to this problem?

    thank in advance
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