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Mitsubishi Eclipse or Hyundai Tiburon?



  • toyunkitoyunki Posts: 25
    Standard Features are almost same With MSRP
    Tiburon is $4,200 cheaper

    With TMV Tiburon is $3,465 cheaper

    if you don't have good credit then interest offer does not matter BUY TIBURON. instead American touring coupe Eclipse. with same engine, and chassis Chrysler's Sebring looks better.

    if You have Great credit rate

    Eclipse for 0% for 36 month
    $22,514+(Sales tax 7%)$1,576
    36 month $669/month
    60 month with %2.9: $432/month

    Tiburon for %5 (with great credit most banks today offer uner 5% interest for 5 years)

    60 month $385/month
    total include interest
    $23,100 60 month interest $2780

    Even with my good credit I can't pay $670 per month And most others are same. If I pay $670, I will buy BMW. or Mercedes C-coupe which cost about $3,000 more than Eclipse.
  • It might be $670 but the car would be payed off when you are just in the middle of your BMW/MB loan. Also you have to factor in the one year of deferred payments that Mitsu is offering.

    Neither one is at the top of their class so just buy the one you can live with the most. Neither is going to break records come trade-in time.
  • toyunkitoyunki Posts: 25
    I made mistake as edmunds price. Edmunds' price was including most expensive package option cost about $1600. But Eclipse doesn't include option in its price.

    So differece will be more than $5,000 between Eclipse GTS and Tiburon GT basedon of standard model with above listed features.

    it will be around $17,400 for Tiburon GT 6 spd.
    including DES Charge. Which is almost cheap as Civic EX.
  • The Tiburon looks like a million bucks while the Eclipse look like $100.The Tiburon looks like an expensive Italian sports car.
  • bucks compared to just about everything else on the road. I have my eye firmly planted on one of them for my next car. Too good of a deal to pass up. You can get an I-4 16-valve DOHC w/5-speed tranny and loads of standard features(all I'd want)for around $15,999. With great looks like that the offer is too good to overlook. I've been following the reliability reports from the first year of the new Tiburon model and they've been generally really good. People have had some issues with failing moonroof operation and chipped paint around their spoilers and/or door sill. Of course the warranty covers the fixes on those. The basic powertrains are performing well-people are occasionally having trim-related problems-ticky-tack pickups that are annoying but nothing to stop one that wants one of these beautiful sports cars from buying one.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

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