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Toyota Tacoma (2004 and earlier)



  • That must be why then. I remember when I was buying my '83 Toyota I would have got the extra cab if it had been available (wasn't introduced until the '84 MY). Since then however I've come to value the longer bed and can't think of any instances when I seriously missed having an extra cab (piling stuff in the passenger seat area works fine). Most of what I do is hauling stuff in the bed (helping friends move, hauling stuff to the dump), so the extra bed space comes in handy. I do remember a few instances where it would have been nice to have extra room behind the back seat.

    As you alluded that's why I'm looking at the Ranger -- will need to do a special order as the 7' longbeds tend to be rare on dealer lots!
  • I'm looking for some custom wheels for my 05 prerunner. I don't really like the ones Toyota offers. Can't seem to find very many choices. The specs are: 16",6 lug, 5.5" lug dia. 7'' or 8'' wide, I'm not sure about the offset. Something similar to American Racing 136 would be nice. Thanks, diamik
  • Went out to start my 2000 Tacoma this morning and while it turned over it didn't sound like it was getting gas. I'm no mechanic but mechanically inclined enough to do most things. Need some input....
    I'm guessing fuel pump or filter.
    What other possibilites?
    Time required to change this out?

  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    If you stop by Sears, you should be able to choose from atleast 20 styles. Probably more. They draw from many manufacturers. Also found this link: ER=ALL&DESCRIPTION=16x8+6/5.5&PRODUCT_ID=
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    I'm not sure how you can tell by "sound" that the engine isn't getting fuel. No spark or no fuel should "sound" the same. (the engine is basically an electric motor driven compressor if you have no spark or fuel.)

    You might check to see if you smell fuel from the exhaust after a number of attempts at cranking.
  • im new here.. bought a 2000 toyota tacoma prerunner ext. cab about 2 months ago. when i bought it, the previous owner had dented the bumper numerous times with the tongue of a trailer. did that once on my 97 4runner and took off the bumper and hammered it out. looked fine. but i cannot figure out how to do it on this truck. Any ideas?
  • I'm looking to replace the wheels on my '90 V6 4X4 Extra Cab SR5.
    Right now I have 15 X 8 original alloys with 15 X 31.5 tires.
    Does anyone know what year they started putting 15 X 7 wheels on Tacomas And Tundras?
    I'd like to find some takeoffs, but I don't know if they will fit my truck.

    BTW Toyota Trucks Rock!
  • what is the biggest tire i can put on a 02'TRD prerunner witout haveing to lift it?
  • I have a 1990 4 cyl. with 130,000 mi. The two problems I am having are first, it has just started taking a long time like 10 min for the fast idle to slow down when I start the car, and the second thing which may be related since it started about the same time is whenever I step on the brakes the idle surges up and down between about 900 and 1500 rpm. I think it might be a vaccum problem because I cleaned the throttle body and linkage but it made no difference.
    Thanks Mike
  • vicbvicb Posts: 1
    Have 99 tacoma 4 wheel ext cab 4 cyl. This weekend horn went off with no key in ignition for no reason when i would put key in and turn horn would go off pulled fuse to solve that next day i look out and see lights are on same deal insert key turn and lights would shut off. Took to dealer where purchased could not find cause. I have no security system and dealer removed system previous owner had installed before i purchased 3 years ago. Anyone experienced these problems?
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    You may want to dig around and see how the system was installed (i.e., how did DPO tap into the electrical system when he installed), and also, how did the dealer 'remove" the previous security system.

    Sounds like there's a possible intermittent short somewhere {or possibly a broken wire in a ground).
    See if you find that they used one of those "splice taps" that cut thru the insulation and pinch the wire. Those are bad enough when installed if you're not careful, worse sometimes when removed. See if you see any remnants of splice wire,harnesses etc, that might've gotten loose and are occasionally shorting something. In particular, there's often a wire that is supposed to be grounded with the key off and +12VDC when key is on, that is used on security systems to know that the engine is running. (The "std" harness I had bought for my wife's Odyssey in 1999 plugged into such a line. Unfortunately, Honda had changed the circuit slightly and the line would drop to ground everytime the int. wiper would cycle. This would set off the alarm w/ each swipe of the wiper blade when in int. wiper mode. -very annoying, I'm sure you can imagine.)
    Anyway, check to see if such a wire was tapped into and is either shorting or is broken, making contact intermittently. I know this will be a needle in a haystack search,but it's the best I've got at this point. Look to see if the "uninstall" was actually just a disconnect and tape-up job. Maybe the alarm was malfunctioning and the dealer disabled it, but some wire he taped up or something has come loose.

    Good luck, and good hunting.
  • Hi Ross, Could you diagnose your problem? I had a somewhat similar problem with my 02 XC 2.7L 4x4 yesterday - it would turn over but not start. Towed to a dealer, they say it may be either fuel pump or one of the onboard computers...thanks.
  • This isn't a mechanical question or anything, but I'll post it anyway. I'm shopping around for my first truck (I'm 17) and considering a Tacoma, probably a V6 4WD Xtracab, though I haven't actually gone to a lot and looked at one yet, but I was wondering if you can actually fit an average size human being in the back of the Xtracab or is it strictly for looks and gear only? Also, how bad are the seats, seriously?
  • Anyone know any info on where to acquire a D-4D? I NEED ONE and wouldn't hesitate to start working on the transplant into my Taco. I'm currently building my headers for a turbo I'm putting in with my 2.7L >:]
  • lavoielavoie Posts: 11
    You gotta check this one! I've never seen a truck take so much abuse, and it's a tacoma (Hi-Lux)

    Trashed truck
  • roomanrooman Posts: 10
    Hi, I wonder if any owner of a pre-2005 taco doublecab with the TRD package and 4 cyl. engine can shed some light on the rear differential locker (or the lack of...)

    While the V6 version of the DC could be installed with the TRD package that came with a differential locker, information about the 2.7L 4 cyl. version is largerly conflicting. On some documentations, a locker was mentioned, on the others, a locker was listed as "not available"; yet, on some others, a limited slip differential was mentioned. :confuse:

    For a 2001-2004 DC with 4 cyl and TRD, does it have an open differential or a limited slip diff. or a locker??

  • i dont think you can get the trd package with a 4 banger... its pretty much reserved for the top of the line pickups with v6... therefore i would think an open diff is standard... i got a 2000 pre runner v6 trd and when i bought it, the locking rear diff isnt even listed on the trd package, but i still have it. so i dont know... maybe they changed the options when they gave it a facelift in 01
  • I have a 1996 Tacoma 4x4, and for whatever reason my cruise control doesn't work. And before I get f*cked by anyone as far as money goes, I figured I would ask here. So here's where I sound the fuse box area, which fuse controls the Cruise Control? Figured I would start there and work my way up the money scale to getting it fixed.

    Thanks Bunches ;p
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    " So here's where I sound stupid... "

    No, you sounded stupid in your previous sentence. It doesn't offend me, but it's not appropriate language for a public forum like this.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    Agreed, and that's the reason that some of us haven't answered his question.
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