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Toyota Tacoma (2004 and earlier)



  • skel10skel10 Posts: 1
    I have an 01 tacoma 3.4L. The problem is I am having is the check engine light comes on. The codes indicate that there is to much air flow. I've tried unhooking the battery to reset the computer,but the the light just keeps coming on. Is there something I am not doing? This is a real pain because the truck can't pass inspection. Any help would be great.
  • I have heard of similar problems before...if you oiled your air filer, theres a good chance you put too much on, try cleaning your MAF with electrical contact cleaner, clean the oil off the filter, and just put a light coat on the outside of it. unhook battery like you did, should make it go away. too much air flow though...thats different, give the clean a try and see what happens
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    There is only one way that this is possible. The vehicle has been flooded and left in the water for a very long time (most likely salt water).
  • kinger2kinger2 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Tacoma double cab and have had a vibration problem in the front end ever since we bought it. It was purchased used and has 74,000kms on it. Toyota had a recall on lower ball joints for the 2004 models and we just had them replaced. We also have had our stock rims and tires rebalanced numerous times. It seems as if the vibration comes through the steering wheel at speeds around 80-110kms hr. We had the frame checked for alignment and have had most of the front end checked for suspension. I had the truck up on blocks yesterday and when I spun the front wheels it seems as though the tires hop up and down. I almost think possible bent front hubs, out of balance brake rotors or worn bearings...Any Ideas???
  • kinger2kinger2 Posts: 2
    Go to where you can calculate exactly what will fit and what will hit. It also lets you see what the rims will look like on your ride.
  • stone45stone45 Posts: 2
    Hi Bill:

    I just experienced the same problem you had with your 1997 tacoma;went for inspection,got called in;frame totally rusted; needless to say I was shocked !; am in the process of waiting to hear from the higher ups and wondered if you had any luck; the dealer told me this never happens and two very reputable and experienced auto body guys said the same thing; anyway, would appreciate to know how you made out with the higher ups!

  • i have 4 factory wheels 02 tacoma 4wd step side - trying to sell
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,497
    pssst... no selling in the Forums :)

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  • Sorry - didn't read the rules of the road - I'm new -

  • skeaterskeater Posts: 2
    to much oil can give the mass air flow sensor problems and a good electrical cleaner should fix it just put oil on the outside of the fillter this will decrease the chanse of oil build up on the mass air flow sensor to clear that code i am sorry to say that battery trick is out dated go to autozone ask for there OBD2 code reader its in loan a tool so it will end up being a free rent and just erase the code with the tool good luck
  • skeaterskeater Posts: 2
    the bigger the tires the harder to balance make sure you have your wheels balanced by a pro check for bent wheels too. you may want to see about changeing the tires
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,497

    We are doing some reorganization of topics here, in an effort to make things a little more focused and easier to follow. For those of you who regularly read this discussion, we invite you to check out the new focused discussions here at the Toyota Tacoma Group. We would like you to use these discussions first, based on your particular question or comment. This discussion will continue to be where owners can hang out and make general comments about their Tacos, but if you have specific component questions, we'd like you to use some of the others (e.g. Body Accessories for things like grille guards, side steps, tonneaus).

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  • I have a 2004 Tacoma and need to change the oil. I can't budge the oil filter. Truck has 18000 miles on it I hope the oil was changed since it left the factory.

    I have a rubber band type filter wrench and it won't begin to untighten the filter. What's up?
  • blobblob Posts: 2
    I had the same problem! Somebody has a gorilla hired to put the filters on!
    I found a vice-grip type pliers that pipe fitters use.
    It has curved jaws that grip round objects without slippage.
    Worked first try! Not too tight, and try to clamp it on where you can get some torque on it with your arm.
    You can find these pliers in a foreign knock off brand.
    I didn't want to spend a lot before I knew it would work.
    Remember to put a garbage bag up around the filter after you get the seal popped, it is a real mess when the filter comes off!
    Good luck!
  • mjp29mjp29 Posts: 2
    My 2004 4WD Tacoma SR5 extra cab has these tires from the factory.

    Around 30,000 miles, I noticed abnormal wear on the outer part of the tires. A tire dealer told me (for a $20 alignment check) it needed to be shimmied up so wear wouldn't occur on the outside of the tires (even though their alignment system said it was in range of good alignment). Decided to take it to a Toyota dealer. Took it to a Toyota dealer and had it aligned for $90 - even though the print out said it was only off 0.02 on the front (which I suspect it was within factory alignment and didn't need aligned but they didn't offer an alignment check - was told once it's entered into the computer you get an aligment (end of story) but that's another post I suppose.

    Now, at the next oil change (asked for rotation also) the tires are abnormally wearing on the inside of the tires. The oil change company asked if I had bad suspension or something and said at 35psi my tires shouldn't be wearing like this on the sides since that's more pressure than Toyota recommends for the tires (something like 26 and 28 psi).

    What puzzles me is that I've been running them at 35psi for a while and suspect they should be wearing on the middle of the tires if anywhere.

    I'm at 37,000 miles and will buy new tires soon, but I wonder if this truck has a problem and will just chew up the edges of the new tires I have installed.

    p.s. How many miles is this BFG tire rated for, anyone know?
  • 04 PreRunner - 4 cyl - A/T - 25K miles - recently started this - refuses to shift up to high range until traveled at least a mile. So if I jump right on the freeway, I'm revving in lower range way, way too long.

    If dealer knew answer, I probably wouldn't be asking here.
  • It's too early for any "normal" tranny problems. Have you done any work on it recently?

  • i recently broke my rear passenger leaf spring on my 98 tacoma, and only can find replacement springs at a reasonable price that go to a 1997, does anyone know if these will work or a good website where i can find some at a reasonable price?
  • Count me in...I have a 1998 Tacoma in excellent driving condition with no body rust, but the frame rails have SEVERE rust rot where you can poke your finger through the bottom of the rails. The truck has been parked due to the VERY UNSAFE/HAZARDOUS condition of the frame. Dealer has never seen anything like it. Contacted Toyota Customer Service with a reply of..."Sir, you have to take responsibility of your truck sooner or later."

    Have you had any luck with the Toyota Higher Ups? If so what procedure (phone call(s), written letter(s),..) was used?


  • Just bot a 99 V6 and need to decide whether to buy a ball for the bumper or go with a Class III.

    Question 1:
    It looks like a one inch diameter shaft opening, and it looks like I will need at least 2 1/2 inches of shaft length to screw on the nut.

    Is this what most of you have bought, 1" x 2 1/2" ?

    Question 2:
    What did the original tow package include?

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