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Chrysler PT Cruiser Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • stronc1stronc1 Posts: 1
    I had this happen to me last winter. At first I thought I had a poltergeist in my car. :mad:

    Then I realized that my large snow brush which was on my backseat had fallen forward and was pressing down on the middle back seat window switch. Since they are down near the floor, I imagine this can happen easily if something heavy enough leans off the back seat.

    Of course, if that is not your situation, you might have a faulty switch somewhere.

    Just a thought. :)
  • hippydoghippydog Posts: 1
    this just happened to my wifeon her 2002 PT cruiser 2 days ago.
    she started her car, and the rear drivers side window came down on its own and will not go back up!
  • I say new, because I've already had the "fog lamps" won't stay off problem (post #430). When I accelerate from a stop, my emergency brake light/tone comes on and doesn't go off until the rpms drop back down a bit. I am not a lead-foot type driver, stomping the gas at the green. Any idea what might be up with my car? It was just inspected May 25th. Thanks! cheribaybee
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    Sounds to me as though you should have purchased the OEM extended warranty. How many miles on your 2002?
  • I just hit 38,000 miles.
  • Whoops...error to post mileage just hit 36,000 miles.
    That's not much for a car that's a 2002.
  • i have a 2001 cruiser and the drivers window wont go down anybody replace switch or motor
  • mmahermmaher Posts: 1
    I have this problem with my '03. Can you tell me if there is some type of ID for the Recall Notice so I can refer the Dealer to this. Dealer does not seem to be able to come up weith anything so far. Thanks
  • lee51lee51 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 limited edition with the same fuel problem. Even when when the tank is filled to the brim, the gauge shows 3/4 of a tank. I think we may have a wiring (fuel sending unit) problem. I have not bothered with it because the gauge registers as it should as fuel is used.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
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  • The check engine light comes on and the car wont shift out of 2nd. After I stop the car; turn off the key; restart and go again the trans shifts good for two or three miles. What is the problem?
  • ericmayericmay Posts: 4
    There is a transmission fault that is being detected by the computer and the computer sets the transmission to "limp-in" mode (2nd gear). The computer has stored a code to identify the fault. You'll need to find someone with a code reader and a list of codes to determine the problem.

    You may want to start by simply checking the transmission fluid level and condition. If the level is low, just refill it . . . but make sure it's the right stuff. If the fluid looks very dark and has a burnt smell, it could be big trouble.

    BTW, every time you cycle the ignition switch, it resets the computer back to normal mode, which is why the transmission works normally for a while. But once the fault is detected, it goes back into limp-in mode.
  • krisk2krisk2 Posts: 1
    I have 12,200 miles on my 2005 PT Cruiser Turbo convertible. At about 10K miles I had a blow out on a rear tire. After driving it for 2 weeks I noted a strong vibration and a hummmmmm like I was driving on snow tires. This hadn't been present when I bought the car new. I noticed it handled differently. I took it to a dealership and the first service manager told me I was "NUTS". So I made an appointment with another dealership and first took it directly to a Goodyear store for an evaluation. Goodyear told me it wasn't the tires (I had suspected a balance problem)but a suspension problem. I proceeded across the street to the dealership for my scheduled appointment. After they test drove it and hooked it up to something that spins your wheels they told me I had a density problem with the front drivers tire that it "bounced all around" when they spun it at high speeds. I paid them a prorated amount for a new tire and a balance. Now 2 of my 4 tires that had 10K miles on them were NEW! I drove off as the dealership was closing for the weekend and noticed the problem was still there. On Monday I had a loaner Cruiser sedan that shook all over the place too, I'm not sure if it was a 2004 or 05, but it drove terrible. Two days later they called me and said I had "another bad tire. This one was FREE. Imagine. Unfortunately, the car still shakes and vibrates, mostly at speeds of 55-60. Uneven pavement seems to set it off and you can see a vibration in the steering wheel. It seems to idle hard too. Today I took it to the same dealership and had the service manager ride with me, he basically said "they all ride like this" and said the Goodyear tires were "crap". Now I have 3 of 4 NEW tires and a car that still isn't right. I ask if they checked engine mounts, bearings, suspension parts, and the like ... "Of Course". Well, next Friday I have to go back AGAIN and take the service manager for a ride again when there is less traffic and we can get up to 55-60, then they'll look again. What else could make this happen???? Has anyone had the high speed balance, new tires and a suspension check and still had problems???? Please help, I'm scared to drive this car, it feels unsafe. ALSO, I had a battery get toasted at 10K. I had to PAY to replace that. It couldn't be re charged and wouldn't even hold a jump. I saw where other people had that problem too.
  • I would check the level of the brake fluid in the brake fluid reservoir under the hood. If it is low it will cause the emergency brake light to come on. When the level is right on the borderline, it can be very sensitive to things such as acceleration, deceleration, or just the level position of the car. Topping it off with fresh brake fluid should make the emergency brake light stay off. Just make sure you use the correct brake fluid as described in the owners manual. The shop you took it to May 25th should have noticed if the brake fluid was low. It is normal for the level to drop as the brakes wear and should be topped off periodically. If it was low and that solves your e-brake light issue, I would find a new shop to deal with and have the brake pads and shoes inspected by a reputable shop that you can trust to see how much life is left in them.
  • I had the same problme.
    I took it to the dealer and they suggested that I replace the transmission for $3,500. I asked them if they have any idea about the problem. I was told that it would cost more to diagnose because they had to take apart the transmission.

    Next day, I took it to a local transmission shop. They believed that the problem was with the solenoid pack. They replaced it for $325 and the problem was fixed.
  • Has anyone had teh problem where the goodyear tires on the car keeps losing air. It might be the front or the back or anyone loosing air. Is it goodyear tires that is the problem?
  • I have had this problem too with my 2001 PT Cruiser. Would be interersted also to know if anyone knows the cause.
  • Engine light on. Have plug in module that reads codes.
    (can be purchased at Auto Zone) Code is power steering switch position.

    Has anyone encountered and fixed this problem?
  • If the noise is coming from the rear have your dealer tighten all bolts that hold the rear suspension to the body. I have fixed many different makes of vehicles by doing this.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
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