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Chrysler PT Cruiser Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Reporter for a major business daily seeks drivers of the PT Cruiser ASAP, to share your experiences with the car and possibly mention your name in the weekly auto feature that I write. Please email me at


  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    Here's a trick we accidently stumbled on. Maybe you can use it to get our deal: $86 over invoice plus sales tax, the unavoidable advertising fees and license fees minus the $2500 rebate. We've bought two other Chrysler products from a small, local dealer we like. They immediately told us: "$200 over invoice." We drove our 2002 T&C minivan to another Chrysler dealer and, when the salesman walked out to the lot to greet us, he must have seen where we bought the van. He, without any dickering offered $100 over invoice plus $14 off on the Inferno Red color option. When we went back to our preferred dealer he matched the price, happily I might add. Remember: the car salesman is NOT your friend. He is in business to sell cars at the highest price!
    Let me know if this works for anyone else.

    2003 PTCruiser LE due in two weeks!
  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    If you follow the links at and state that you are buying a PT within 10 days, an additional $1000 rebate pops up...for a total of $3500!

  • dtc3dtc3 Posts: 1

    I've been to 2 Chrysler dealers today and have been disappointed 2 times.
    They have never heard of this extra rebate and I can't find it either. Do you have some magic trick for finding it? I'd appreciate some help.

  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    My dealer, bless his heart, found out about it and followed up for me. (He apparently felt bad that our ordered car took almost 8 weeks to get to him.) I then got a coupon in the mail and brought it to the dealer when we took delivery and paid for the car last week.
    I wonder if it was local (NE Ohio) or if it expired...I'd be a little more aggressive for the extra bucks if I were you! Call your district supervisor!

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I work for Chrysler, so I got a small discount. I ended up paying $22,045 for an 03 PT Limited with every option but the 6CD changer. I got the 100K warranty and GAP insurance, and walked out with 1.9% for 72 months and a total of $25,725 including sales tax.
  • I bought a inferno red 2004 Turbo GT at Ontario (CA) Jeep Chrysler 8/10 for 24,500. The optional equipment was inferno red -$200-, preferrede paackage 2CR -$150-, auto stick -$290-, (deatination charges were -$590-. I did all the dealings on the internet and phone and then just walked in and bought it.
  • I bought a inferno red 2004 Turbo GT at Ontario (CA) Jeep Chrysler 8/10 for 24,500. The optional equipment was inferno red -$200-, preferred package 2CR -$150-, auto stick -$290-, (destination charges were -$590-. I did all the dealings on the internet and phone and then just walked in and bought it.
  • I bought a inferno red 2004 Turbo GT at Ontario (CA) Jeep Chrysler 8/10 for 24,500. The optional equipment was inferno red -$200-, preferred package 2CR -$150-, auto stick -$290-, (destination charges were -$590-. I did all the dealings on the internet and phone with the fleet manager, and then just walked in and bought it.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Helped my mother-in-law trade her 2002 Touring Edition for an Inferno Red 2004 PT Cruiser GT this afternoon. With rebates, she paid about $2500 less than sticker and got the trade in value for her car that both and Terry from "Real world trade-in values" said it was worth--$12k.
  • Wow, an 01 with only 3800 miles! Must be like new. Enjoy your PT. Revel has been easy to deal with and fast when ordering by mail.
  • Just got a 2001 LTD with 3,800 miles on Halloween.
    Negotiated price down to $12,900 from sticker price of $15,900. LOVE this car. It is very nimble. I work with a guy who paid $22,000 for one of the first to arrive in Memphis. He is excited that I got such a deal, but concerned about his cars depreciation. He loves his too.
    I saw mine on autotrader and was shocked that it was still on the lot when I got there. I am driving to Revel Enterprises in Paris TN Friday to get some goodies for the PT. Any info on cold air intakes is much appreciated
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Congrats on your car purchase. Sounds like you got a great deal, especially with such low miles on the car.

    Deprectiation is definitely a factor that I was thinking about as well. I checked out for used car prices there, and it seems the car does take a nice hit (as does any car) initially, but it more or less evens out as the car ages.

    I usually trade cars every 2 years or less, but I got a really good deal so I think I'll hold on to this one for a little longer than that. I also really like the way it drives and it's been trouble-free so far for 10K miles (something I couldn't say about the VW that the PT replaced). Hopefully all will be well with it. ;)
  • norrmanndonorrmanndo Posts: 81
    We purchased it for $21,500 for about $5K under MSRP and only $500 under TMV (since I forgot to take out the destination charge before settling on a price. they always add that to their quote) I was trying to get $1,000 under TMV since it was an '03 hanging around in '04 (March '04, 14 miles, they still had a few '03s). The salesman misquoted the cost of the chrome package that had been added later by the dealer for a different buyer who ended up not taking it. I'm still thinking about putting it down on the survey that I haven't taken yet. He said it was worth $1,400 , but Edmunds said $400 when I looked later. I would pay about $400 max, but since he threw it in I guess it doesn't really matter, but it did help clinch the deal since it brought the price down to the amount I wanted under TMV. It's manual, leather, side air bags, sun-roof, H.O. turbo, 6- CD changer, etc. I'll probably save a little in property tax (Virginia taxes your cars each year -percentage of blue book) since I bought a model from the previous year. It's been a great car so far.
  • I never post a message to tell people about my buying experience at a dealer; however, something unbelievable happened to me today that compelled me to post this message.
    Friday night, I bought a 05 light almond Cruiser convertible Base model for $18850 before $1500 rebate. It has no options. The people there really made an effort to earn my business despite my aggressive bargaining. Today (3 days later) I got a call from their Finance Manager that if I stopped by, they would add additional $500 rebate that went into effect on Saturday to the $1500 rebate I already recieved. I could not believe what I was hearing. When I showed up 10 minutes later, he had a new contract drawn up with the additional $500 savings w/o any catch. I have never heard of a dealer doing that before. As a result, they made a loyal life-time customer and an enthusiastic PR man out of me. For anyone interested, the dealer is Goodson Chrysler on I-45 North in Houston, TX.
  • charlotte7charlotte7 Posts: 144
    Chrysler is currently offering a 2k incentive on PT Cruisers. Is this going to expire on 31 March, or keep going for a bit? I can't seem to find the answer on Chrysler's Web site.
  • Hi all. I have been shopping around for an 05' PT Cruiser Touring ed. I have found one that I like and would love to buy it but the dealer has been a real ahole. If is a brand new black Touring Ed. that has automatic transmission, tints, and a lighting package. The MSRP is $17,730 after everything. I have a cousin who sells cars who told me what to do and ask for when I negotiate.

    First thing I did was ask for THEIR invoice price, not the invoice price that the Chrysler manufacturer suggests which is the invoice price most people see. Initially he was shocked and surprised to say the least, and then he told me that the do not let customers see this (which started everything off bad). Then we started talking rebates and etc. and I told him that I wanted to talk initial price first and then work with the incentives. I explained that I was not interested in the extra $700 worth of options that was included and asked for him to throw it in. He declined to do so. So I went on with the negotiating process to see what type of deal I could get. The dealer then told me that the price was FIXED. I said, "What, LOL FIXED! Alright then, give me your price so I can leave." So after everything is done I got a quote for $15,032 with the rebates, taxes, and fees. Not really what I was looking for. There is only two more in the area so I am going to look at those today and see what I can get for one of them.

    I have a couple questions though. Should I have asked to see their invoice, do most of them show their invoices, and does anyone have any idea how much they pay for a PT? Also, any idea on what I should be looking to get the price down to (talking initial price-the MSRP) in order to be fair and not get raped? And lastly if the dealer is not trying to budge then should I just shop at another dealer or should I try to work something out with the sales manager? If anyone can answer these questions for me please do so because I am looking to buy before the end of the month. Feel free to send your response to my email addy, Thanks in advance
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
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  • Reuel3

    Thats no problem. It is my first time on here and id not know how it works. Thanks
  • Bought an 04 still sitting on the lot in March of 05. It's an Inferno Red GT-Turbo, sunroof, leather, fog lamps, etc. Loaded. The sticker was 26,915. They marked it down to 25,412, then they gave me a 1% off discount for college.
    They gave us 7200 for the trade-in (9530 owed) negative equity balance of 2330. When all is said we financed $25,100 for 60 months with 2500 cash coming back to us. So the car was 26,915 sticker, Financed for 25100, deduct -2500 cash back -2330 negative equity -536 taxes/fees = 19,735 (the real price of the car before adding back the negative equity, refund, taxes and fees) and no money exchanged to them from us. Is the math correct and was this a good deal???
    Also is anyone experiencing a real blind spot on the drivers side when looking back to change lanes? Also, the turning radius is monsterous!! But it will boogie!
  • purplebugpurplebug Posts: 24
    HELLO!!! I am cruising around in my new Purple Showtime Mobile!!!! Can you tell that I haven't named her yet? Anyway, wanted to say thank you to all the people who helped me gather info and prepared me for the car buying experience, since my last one was 12 yrs ago. I received a 2005 Limited Turbo 4A with heated front seats, ABS system, spoiler with a touch of chrome for $22,648 through Chrysler Employee Pricing. I was preapproved somewhere else (internet bank) and Chrysler couldn't match the rate, but it was 5.19% for 48 mths. MANY THANKS to Bigelow Motors in Northern NJ for an honest, painless buying experience who will get thumbs up on the CSI. Now if only the Toyota would stop being jealous. :shades:
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