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VW Golf R32



  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    It's a definate go as a 2003 model (late in the year). It will be available only in R32 Blue (Deep Blue Pearl), and like the 337 will come only one way, probably with Leather as the only interior.

    The major difference between our car and the Euro version will be the lack of the Nav system, and the applicable changes to suit the US market like the Premium VI radio.It will have a power sunroof.

    Pricing should be right around $30,000.

    Total production for the US market will be no more than 1,500.
  • That is good news - $30k for that level of performance and content is reasonable IMO. They'll all be sold by the time it arrives over here, I bet 1,500 will be spoken for on the waiting lists alone.
  • Throwing this out there... sure you guys will have some educated opinions... can help me make the best choice.

    Was ready to buy a WRX wagon in the spring, then read about the R32 and decided to wait to compare. I prefer (obviously) the R32 styling and higher grade interior to the WRX.... always been a huge fan of VW, from day 1.

    But, I do drive somewhat often on bad roads, gravel roads, dirt roads, etc. Like to go for drives on some of the dirt roads in the Sierra National Forest, just for the fun of it. My concern is that the Golf will be strictly geared towards SMOOTH PAVEMENT performance... like the Audi A4 / S4. Great car, but not great off the pavement in the dirt or gravel. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? Given that I plan on having a little fun in the dirt, the WRX is probably the better choice??? Or the R32 be "adaptable" to a little "rally-type" driving? Price is not really a concern... more interested in he best car for what I do, which is a A LOT if highway driving, and a little weekend driving in the dirt.
  • Audi's are fine on dirt and gravel roads as is most any car. My sister lives on a cattle ranch in Colorado and has an Audi A6 Avant (Quattro wagon) that hardly ever sees a paved road. Audi's are awesome on any low traction surface - dirt, gravel or snow - Quattro is from Audi's rallying past. The only thing you have to think about (with any car) is ground clearance - if the roads are rutted you need to be concerned about scraping the mechanical bits under the car. If the roads are maintained, any car can drive on them.
  • idletaskidletask Posts: 171
    It hasn't been designed for that, and its ground clearance is really low. Not that its undergrounds are not solid (the opposite from VW would be strange), but the Subaru has been designed for this from the ground up.
  • The R32 will do well on any low traction surface as long as it's not too rutted. Ground clearance is the only thing holding it back. I'd consider an SUV or 4WD truck if you like to drive on rutted fire roads - if the roads are typical publicly maintained dirt/gravel roads an R32 won't have any problems.

    The Haldex all wheel drive system on the R32 is used in rallying. This system has been an option on European VR6 Golfs for years - it hasn't been available in the U.S. until the R32. Here is a link to VWMotorsports home page - VW is into rallying and has some sweet Rally Golfs:

    I'm sure there are aftermarket parts available that could turn an R32 into a rally beast - raised suspension, skid plates, rally lights etc...

  • Rally VW's appear to beat Subaru's - here part of an article on VW VWMotorsports web page:

    Rally VW take series win at Wild West 21/09/02

    Marysville, OH - Team RallyVW took the Production Class win at the Wild West ProRally in Olympia, Washington. The victory secured enough series points for RallyVW driver Jon Hamilton to take the SCCA ProRally Production Championship title as well. His navigator for the event, Ken Sabo, locked in the second-place Production Class co-driver spot.

    The grueling two-day event saw over a third of the entrants retire, leaving Jamie "Subie Gal" Thomas and her co-driver, David Weiman, as Hamilton and Sabo's only real competition. Thomas' Subaru Impreza provided spirited competition for Hamilton's Volkswagen Golf TDI, but the durability and speed of the RallyVW TDI prevailed, and the team finished with over a one and a half minute lead.
    The RallyVW service crew for Wild West included Rich Lipstreu and Mike Jackson, and Patrick Jackson whose efforts produced a mechanically trouble-free rally for the team.

    Performance Rally takes place on real roads, usually dirt, gravel, or two-tracks in forested areas. The terrain can change quickly. The winding roads are peppered with washouts, large rocks, tight turns, and jumps. The driver relies heavily on the co-driver, who reads instructions and maintains mileage calculations while the driver is pushing the car to impossibly fast speeds through the woods and fields.
    For more information, check the team's website at

    I'm by no means indicating that the R32 is a rally car by any stretch, just that VW does well in rallying. Interesting that they use VW turbo diesel engines that appear to run on bio-diesel fuel.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    The R32 is at the L.A. car show - several posts on the internet about it. There is a small sign on the windshield that says: "available late 2003". The VW rep at the show told several people that 2000 R32's are coming to the U.S. in 03 and 5000 in 04. Here is a copy of someone's observations that sat in the R32 at the L.A. show:

    "I just got back from Preview Night at the LA Auto Show. Front and center at the VW display was an electric blue R32 in all it's glory.

    Since it was Preview Night ($100 to attend), there were no crowds anywhere at the show. I basically had as much time as I wanted to crawl all over and inside this beast. And in tiny font on the front windshield sticker it said: "available late 2003".

    Reactions: Incredible front seats. Perhaps the best of the show, and the "R32" embroidery on the seat backs is simply cool. One nitpick is I wish the seat angle was adjustable. Seemed that the front of the seat was a little too high relative to the back - but this is only a minor gripe. Great steering wheel; beefy, grippy and perfectly placed thumb bulges. Dash gauges are very slick (although the guages in the new Volvo "R" cars may be even better). And the 6-speed knob with the etched "R32" is also a nice touch.

    From all angles, the car has a menacing stance. Very subtle and purposefull, not boy-racerish at all. In fact, as I approached the VW area from about 100 yards away, I immediately knew it was the R32.
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    0 to 60 in 6.6 seconds? I hope that's a conservative manufacturer number. Who's going to spend $30K on a car that can be dusted by a $23K WRX Wagon?
  • Yeah, I saw this blue Volkswagen R32 in LA Auto Show. The seats are very comfortable and has the European style driving design. What captures me the most is that the Volkswagen R32 is attracted to 16-29 year old males. Majority of the time, I only see young white guys around the R32. Not many older people or any other ethnicity likes it.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    The R32 is designed for european tastes and roads. 0-60 in 6.6 is probably accurate because the R32 is geared for high speed cruising, it can easily do 150 mph all day on the autobahn. There is talk that VW may change the final drive gear ratio for U.S. R32's for better 0-60 times. Personally if I want my R32 to go faster I'd spend $4k and put a supercharger in it. There are several aftermarket companies that are developing easy bolt on superchargers for the R32 - A stage one Z engineering supercharger will bring the R32 to about 300 HP with only 6 psi of boost - so it will be engine friendly.
    Z engineering is one company that will have a supercharger for the R32, it's due out in April.

    As far as comparisons to WRX, etc - The R32 is coming over fully loaded - Xenon's, auto climate control, rain sensing wipers, sunroof, leather, etc., etc. standard - most things you can't get on the Japanese competition even as an option. The R32 will have it's own little niche in the U.S. market, a luxury all wheel drive high performance euro hot-hatch. It may not be the fastest in stock form but I doubt many R32 buyers will really care, 0-60 in 6.6 in Euro specification is hardly slow. There's always the aftermarket to make it as fast as you want - like the large number of WRX owners do with their cars, stock is rarely good enough for anyone anymore.
  • idletaskidletask Posts: 171
    62.137119... exactly. Chop off one or two tens for 0-60...
  • o2h2oo2h2o Posts: 10
    When I heard of a more powerful AWD Golf coming to the states (finally) I was happier than a pig in s..t!

    Now, when I look at all the new and much more powerful cars coming out, with much better style, I ask myself "do I want to spend 30k$ on a golf???" >>> The answer took about a month to realize, and the answer is hell no! The body style is pretty much lagging in time, even if it is dressed up with some ground effects and new badges, wow...

    Now, if the Golf V looks better and has more style, then maybe I will buy another golf, until then, not gonna happen! I already own a 97 Golf VR6 and a 2002 Golf TDI (opposites end of the spectrum, huh??)...

    So, what is my message to VW? Bring us some Golf's that have some modern technology/style incorporated into their vehicles, so people wouldn't stereotype the car to just the 19-29yr old white male population.

    I guess I would like to have a Golf with the option of a 2 or 4 door, with DSG, and one that will turn the heads of ladies, not just young white males. Also, gotta make a Golf that will do 0-60 in less than 6 seconds!

    PS: The front seats need a better way to recline. Turning that dumb-[non-permissible content removed] thing is pretty ridiculous and very annoying...
  • it is a "Q-ship" or "sleeper." It is understated by design so that a driver may better sneak up on unsuspecting sports car drivers, like BMW 325er's for example, and dust them.

    If you don't care too much about AWD just buy a GTI 1.8t and then add:

    - a programmable APR chip
    - a rear sway bar
    - upgraded struts/springs
    - a few interior/exterior bits from Euro GTIs and Audi TT's

    End result is a fast, agile and still practical hatchback with a beautiful interior for less than 22k.

    I just checked out the Euro mag "Car." They had a camparo of the R32 vs. the Alfa 147(?) vs. Ford Focus RS. The R32 held its own very well as was preferred other the others in several of the driving conditions it was tested under.

    Of course you could get an EVO, WRX, or wait for the next Golf R32 in VW's fifth platform iteration coming in the next couple of years.....
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    What I like most about the R32 is that it's not a boy-racer look at me WRX or Lancer EVO with huge rear wing etc. I don't think that the R32 only appeals to 19 to 29 year old white males. It appeals to anyone wanting a stealthy high performance sports car with a lot of luxury and utility thrown in. Exactly what I was looking for when I got my 02 turbo GTI.

    I think $30k is a bargain for an AWD 240 HP sports car with leather, climatronic, rain sensing wipers, sunroof, Xenons, 18" wheels, tuned suspension etc.. About the only thing it compares to is a 330 BMW with a sports package which would be mid $40k's equipped like an R32 - not to mention the Beemer has 15 less HP and nothing near the utility of a rear hatch. An A4 3.0 Quattro wagon would be another comparable car- not a small nimble car and north of $35k similarly equipped.

    VW will have no trouble selling all the R32's they bring over here.

    Waiting for a Golf V is always an option for some people, the Golf IV is a classic hatchback design that I think will age well.
  • $100 to be first on the list...and guaranteed to pay full sticker! For me, though, the benefits of a naturally-aspirated, large 6-cyl vastly outweigh a boosted four in terms of engine longevity and real-world waiting 'till 5 grand for big power to kick in. My only worries: buying a first model-year luck hasn't been so great.
  • The pictures from the link in this discussion look great! I always get excited when I see all these newly launched AWD, 18" wheel vehicles...especially being single (no need for wagon or SUV) and living in the Northeast (slippery roads). I will definitely take this one for a test drive come summer.

    Hey, I don't see reports of the MPG yet. Any guesses?
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I doubt R32 MPG is much different than a VR6 Golf - I bet it will depend on how you drive it.
  • o2h2oo2h2o Posts: 10

    You wont be dissapointed with the R32 in any way! It's coming direct from Germany, not a 3rd world country, and I'm not talking about Canada.

    You will dust the turbo 1.8 guaranteed! That will be nice to see :)

    Also, the AWD will be "very" useful when accelerating on slippery ground...!

    Best of luck!

    J. Milch
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