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VW Golf R32



  • punkr32punkr32 Posts: 1
    I went in on the last day of the month in November and paid 25,700....I would have to say that is the best deal I have heard.
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    Even I don't use my 2003 Wolfsburg Jetta as a commuter car - I leave that task to my 1997 Jetta Trek... :shades:

    If I had an R32, that baby would be garaged (except on weekends). During regular commutes, I opt for the car with the lesser mechanical complexity... :)
  • melimel74melimel74 Posts: 1
    I currently have a 2003 GTI 1.8T with 23k miles and never had a problem with, but I I've been curious about the R32 for the past year for all the extra features that a GTI doesn't have so I decided to check it out last week.

    I was impressed with its handling, smooth shifting, braking, as well as the interior and wonderful exhaust sound. The thing I didn't like were the numbers... This dealership was trying to sell me a pre-owned R32 for over $35k! I thought the price was ridiculous!! They gave me the run-around that the car limited edition, only 5000 in the US. But the fact is that they're selling a used car (~6000 miles) as if it was new.

    I really like the vehicle. I'm not the burning tire type of guy, but I'm very much into the euro design and want to have the power whenever I need that push. I but not for that much...

    Am I wrong to say that this a rip-off?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    that is a rip-off alright. I thought that thing maxed out $32K when it was new? They are trying to sell it for more than it cost new? Bull, that's what I say to them. Let them have the pleasurable experience of a $30K car sitting on their lot, unmoving, for six months.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    $35K for an R32 with 6000 miles? What a bunch of scum-sucking individuals at that dealership :mad:
  • The dealership that I work for is taking a trade in on an R32 this week. I am new to the forum, but it seem like prices are all over the place. If I can buy for $28k for a black/black R32 with 13k miles/excellent condition, is that a good deal? I'm not sure about whether to buy at any price, but I want a fair deal. If I decide not to take it, let me know if anyone wants to look at it. Thanks for any advice in advance.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    Now THAT sounds like an OK deal. I don't think anyone got one of these cars under sticker, so you are getting a $4K "discount" for the year of age and the 13K miles. Not to mention, this is a car that is going to depreciate especially slowly. I might try to slice off another $1000 or so if I could, but at least it's right in the ballpark.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • Thanks for the advice! I think I am going to have to pass because of $ for the time being; my dealership is going to list it for the same price anyway, so at least someone should get a deal. Thanks!
  • opelopel Posts: 2
    Has anyone been stranded with this problem?? I recently got a bad cut in one of those sticky tires that picks up everything, and left with no options. The tire had to be replaced! No damn spare! I going to have to buy a rim and a tire(used) and set this car up right. But the hassle I had to go through, the tow truck, does he know what he's doing.. can't find the tire, not on anyones shelf, prices from $310 to $260. not in stock. I finally bought it at the dealer and paid less than the discount tire places, [non-permissible content removed]. The compressor and glue leave much to be desired. I recommend every R32 owner get themselves setup with a real, full size, spare and avoid all the hassles. :mad:
  • opelopel Posts: 2
    Has anyone changed there stock lights to HID's? and how did it go? Who do you recommend to buy from?
  • bettobetto Posts: 3
    I have had this problem now three times. I am ready to purchase my tire number four, no problem with the rim. I have contacted VW after each problem but no help has been given to me. No spare tires available, the tires are not sold out of VW, no rental provided, no help to buy a complete tire from the dealer. I heard the spare tire of the TT works fine on the R32. I have no problem with the car but I am fed up with the tires. The glue is a joke it does not fix anything above a needle hole. The police in VA told me to contact them directly and start a claim against VW. My car is now at a dealer in VA after a flat tire coming back from my holiday weekend. Has anyone contacted VW with this issue? pressure may help us.
  • rattixrattix Posts: 1
    The spare issue was well documented on the VW Vortex R32 forum last year. I bought my R32 in July '04, and actually had ordered the TT space saver spare and tire before I took delivery.

    Before making a blanket recommendation for others to buy a full size spare (which I am guessing you haven't done yourself or you would know better), you should be responsible enough to research it.

    The diameter of the well is big enough to handle a wheel, but a full size wheel pushes the tire well cover up so high there is no trunk left-a very poor solution to this I think!

    The space saver only pushes the mat up about an inch, which isn't noticeable and leaves the trunk available for use.

    The only drawback to the SS spare is that it will not clear the front brake calipers(rears are fine). If a front goes flat, you either need to move the back tire up and use the SS on the rear, or keep an H&R wheel spacer in the car to offset the SS on the front and it will then clear the brakes.

    My only complaint is that VW should have set the car up this way to begin with(SS wheel/tire & spacer) instead of giving us that erector set type flat kit.
  • bettobetto Posts: 3
    Thank you!
  • letenieuletenieu Posts: 1
    Ok.....I am a new VW owner....i used to own a 95 ford ranger P.O.S. and have now bought my first new car. a manual 2005 golf tdi. This is a huge change for me...i love it....great handling...good amount of torque (for now)....awesome sound system.....its just overall awesome for me.........

    anyways, I am interested in getting a body kit for it, side skirts and such and a rear skirt or new bumper. the r32 is an amazing look. does anyone know if there are any body kits for the TDI? or will any body kit for a 4 door 2005 model GOLF will do.....i would love to have the front bumper of the R32, skirts on the side and rear skirt of whatever looks good....i know nothing about this stuff....i am just assuming that a 2 door Golf (R32, GTI) will have a different length between the front wheel and back wheel, therfore requiring a different kit.....but is that valid as well for bumpers? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

    Where can i pick up R32 rims?
  • r32girlr32girl Posts: 1
    I bought an R32 in May of '04, and have put roughly 9000 miles on it. Recently when I have started the car, it beeps and says "BRAKE FAULT" on the screen by the odometer. I brought it to a VW dealership almost a month ago, and they said nothing was wrong with the car and that the light just needed to be reset. This morning it happened again. Can anyone tell me what this means? :confuse:
  • This is mainly for those in search of a deal on an R32. I just bought mine (Blue w leather) with only 8k miles for $26,700. So Look for something around that price if there are still those who are looking.

    This is for me now:

    Has anyone modded there R32? Id like to get 310-325hp out of mine withouth sacrificing too much of the gas mileage. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • shiphroshiphro Posts: 62
    (r32girl) The brake fault is a common error. The dealer should be able to fix it easily. If left alone, it will cause your AWD and ESP to stop working (you'll get a light on the dash indicating ESP is off).

    (maverick10gk) Mods are very common. There are at least three companies providing forced induction solutions for the 3.2L engine. The fastest of these is a company called HPA whose modified R32 has been featured in magazines, tv shows and video games. It goes 0-30 in one second flat.
    However, anytime you increase your horsepower by 50%, you're going to take a big hit in fuel efficiency. Of the two types of FI solutions (turbo and sc) turbo should allow you to keep your mileage up as long as you keep the revs down.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    No buying or selling in the discussions - otherwise it is just a mish-mash of classifieds.
  • Has anybody else experienced there wheel caps flying off, the tabs break after heating up ? Same thing happens on our 204 Jetta, have gone through 10 wheel caps already at 25,000 miles. R32 has 5,000, replaced 4 already. When the warranty expires this could get expensive, $25 pop.

    Anybody else ?
  • I'm having the same exact problem. I've taken it to the dealership 4 times already. Last time they said the brake fluid was low, and I actually stopped having the problem for a couple of weeks, but it crept up again this afternoon. Did you get it fixed? If so, do you know what the resolution was? This is getting ridiculous with the "nothing is wrong" answers, and I"m getting ready to pursue the lemon law against the car. :lemon:
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