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Kia Sorento Maintenance and Repair



  • there is a voluntary service campaign out there now . it has to do with the filter inside the tank, they will replace your vehicle's fuel tank air filter , at no cost to you. we had to have ours replaced a year ago and now they will not reimburse us , not a surprise tho. i think i'm ready to start a class action lawsuit against kia. not just for the fuel tank but for the thousands of dollars we have spent on our kia just to keep it on the road. hope you get it fixed soon.
  • keep looking for something that is not a money pit...stay away from the kia sorento. wish we had of
  • This is a rough one. I believe mikewallace...gave you the correct info on this problem. A couple things that you didn't mention were if the vehicle was running at the time you were filling it with gas, which may not have to do with the filter, but, pressurization and/or the fuel pump from the beginning. As soon as you mentioned that the independent mechanic replaced hoses for this issue - what was the purpose? Were they clogged or crimped? Is this mechanic reputable? One of the bad things about cars is that you can't really consult anyone before doing the repairs like you can with a doctor so you don't know what you're getting into especially if you need the car fixed immediately.

    One of the bad things that can happen is sludge. You can pump it into your tank and never even know it. It can gum up everything and cause fuel to blow back. Once it gets into your system, expect a lot of problems.

    What was the milage on the vehicle when this started? Have you had check engine lights? Overheating? etc.
  • when i fill a tank, the vehicle is not running at the time, i never do that. the vent line to the fuel tank from the charcoal canister was blocked, which also showed the charcoal canister coming apart internally and they said the hoses from the canister are cracking. the mileage at the time was 130832, there was never a check engine light on and it never has overheated...yet...we just could not pump gas in and everytime we did it would go everywhere , even at a very slow pump so we had to do something because it kept getting worse every time we would pump gas. and yes the mechanic is a very reputable one ..has been doing business for 30 years and i have taken our other 2 cars to them with very good results.
  • Yes, Kia is officially recognizing they have a problem with 2003-2004 fueling on the Sorento as I have received notice in the mail about repairs they will pay for. They even give you an insert for your user manual to let you know these parts should be replace every 30k miles. lol

    I already unload mine partly because of this issue and partly because of the piss poor gas mileage.

    If you need any detail from the official notice, let me know. I would also be curious if the fixes they recommend actually fix the problem.
  • Could you please post some info about what kia sent you, i have not heard from them at all.
    Something like a bulletin number or some reference i could use when contacting them.
  • i assume you are talking about the recall letter? they sent a letter about the vehicles fuel tank air filter, to replace it one time at no cost to us. it is a voluntary service campaign. if this is not what you are talking about i'm not understanding, sorry.
  • i talked to kendra from kia on 1-31-12 and she informed me that kia would not reimburse for repairs already done. i recieved the inserts and added them to the owners manual. i would very much appreciate any details from the offical notice, any help would be great. if the fixes actually fixed the problem i don't know because about a year later we needed our fuel "filter" replaced. the kia kept losing power every time you would step on the gas pedal and it got to where the kia would lose all power and die. the day we took it in to get it replaced our kia stalled 5 times , didn' think we would make it. and to top it all off the fuel filter is located in the fuel pump so that meant we had to buy a fuel pump in the amount of 519.00 pretty expensive fuel filter. this problem is the same crap we have experienced since we have owned it... :lemon: it's a beautiful vehicle but the saying goes " pretty is as pretty does" ......sad because there are alot of us kia owners out there who are in the same boat.
  • 2012 Kia sorento LX AWD. I was driving in the snow a while back and I engaged the 4-wheel drive. I started down a hill and thought I would also try the down hill assist. It made a grinding sound as I went down the hill so I stoped the down hill assist and it stopped. Since then tho, the car seems to be getting worst gas millage, around 16mpg. My wife does drive mostly city miles. I was wondering if this could just be the car breaking it self in, since it onlt has 1400 miles, and this is the gas milage we should be getting or did I break something or mess something up?
  • it is a voluntary service campaign.


    Letter dated Jan 24.

    Why is Kia conducting this service campaign?

    The service campaign is related to the air filter situated near your fuel tank. Over time, the fuel tank air filter accumulates dirt, which can restrict airflow. If the fuel tank air filter is not replaced during regular maintenance the restriction of air flow will eventually reach the point where your vehicle may experience fueling difficulties, such as fuel backflow from the fuel filter neck when refueling the vehicle.

    What will Kia do?

    Kia will replace your vehicle's fuel tank air filter one time, at no cost to you.

    The letter also recommends that once the fuel clicks off not to continue pumping gas.

    If you have any questions or problems with dealers not responding to your service request call Kia's Consumer Assistance Center at 1-800-333-4542 or through the owner's section of

    Letter is signed - Consumer Affairs Department.

    So it appears the numerous complaints caused Kia to acknowledge an issue when refueling and make an attempt to correct it.

    Hope this helps peeps who still have the issue. Maybe if I knew this was coming I would have kept my Sorento. Nah - fuel economy was horrible.
  • I have a 2006 Sorento. Recently replaced the battery in the key fob. Now it won't open the locks. The battery is the correct size the red light flashes, but nothing. Not a huge issue, but we get spoiled. trying desperately not to take it to the dealership and drop a hundred bucks on it. Anybody else had this happen?
  • What the KIA dealer forgot to mention is that you can't engage the down hill assist while in motion. You have to stop the car (recommended before your down-hill excursion), engage the assist, then go.

    You didn't break anything. The 16 MPG will appear if you turn off ECO Mode, change, or reset something. You will see the mpg go up after a couple fill-ups or more driving.
  • Open the fob again, make sure the battery is all the way down in the the holder and that the flat side with all the inscription is face up. It's annoying, I know, but if the battery pops out slightly, it won't work.

    These fobs don't seem like other makers that when you put the battery in, there is something to keep pressure on it or lock it in place.
  • I popped it open again and its locked in place. I understand with all the problems in the world, I should be embarrassed to even be posting this. I bought this car used about a year ago without reading anything about them on the internet. Now I am not so sure I would buy it again. They appear to be an electrical nightmare. I have replaced the right rear brake light bulb twice in the last 2 months. Only 1 out of the 3 cigarette lighters in the car works. I had into the Kia dealer recently for some work and did pay to have the dome light fixed. All on a 6 year old car? Oh well, i was out of work and the car was cheap. now i know why :).
  • Check your fuses.

    If your c-lighters aren't working, then something blew. Could also be reason why the fob isn't opening the doors. When bulbs blow often, could be as a result of what is sometimes referred to as an open circuit. You could also have a bad ground or open (frayed) wire either hitting the chasis or bare metal causing a short.

    I don't remember the if there are fuses under the hood as well as in the dash, but, you will have to check them all. I am hoping it's one of the simple 5AMP ones. Some of the bigger fuses can run up to $35 in some cars.

    I worked with a mechanic that had a bulb-blowing issue in one of his cars, If I remember correctly, he installed another fuse in the line that was having the issue rather then spending the time tracing the problem and it seemed to work fine. I have never done this. But the total cost of the do-it-yourself repair, about $10-$20 as opposed to a mechanic find the issue which could be $250 (labor/parts - but, mostly labor)
  • Sorry, a couple more things to mention is to make sure that your fuses are the correct amps based on the owner's manual. If any of them are higher than what is supposed to be there, it could cause major problems, and need to be replaced with owner's manual spec amps/fuses.

    And, I highly recommend only using OEM bulbs. If you are getting bulbs off ebay and/or different brand than what is being used by the manufacturer, that could cause them to blow as well.

    Some bulbs are made with inferrior quality and all they will tell you is "will work with..." or "is compatible with..."
  • longshot975longshot975 Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    COuld you please email me the letter or the service number they sent that shows what the recall service number is etc. Is this suppose to help with tanks that read wrong. My roomate bought a kia sorento last year from a local dealer and it worked fine for a few months then the fuel gauge started reading a quarter of a tank no matter how much was put in it. Need to see if this recall is related to their issue because last time we called Kia they wanted to say the car was over the 10 year 100000 mile warranty that would have helped fix the issue. Sorry forgot to but my email address in the message
  • rborst43rborst43 Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 with what sounds like the same vibration. I wondered if you ever got it resolved?
  • rborst43rborst43 Posts: 2
    Having similar problems and curious if they ever got you fixed?
  • FIRST AND FOREMOST: Your vehicle should still be under warranty (assuming it is as least a 2008 or greater (I don't remember when they switched to 5/10 year warranty), so they should cover all problems.

    The leather seat issue could be as a result of the leather being put in after the dealer received the vehicle. I am not sure if you had the leather put in after the fact by the dealer, or, that was one of the elements the dealer offered.

    A lot of times the leather seats do not come from the factory, the dealer will take it to a local shop they contract with and what you get are vinyl seats covered with leather, which usually ups the price $1500 - $1800.

    The hatch issue may come as a result of the rear lock sticking. You will probably experience the door feeling like it unlocked and you will get some release from the door only to hear and feel it snag when you pull the handle.

    Three things could have happened:
    1. The cable attached to unlock the door became slightly extended (meaning loose)
    2. The locking mechanism is not opening fully causing you to click the remote a few times to release.
    3. The handle on the hatch to open the door is not disconnecting the lock properly.

    Numbers 2 and 3 can be fixed possibly with some WD-40 (only use a little) - and that is if you can hit the locking mechanism accurately - also, this might have to be repeated through the life of the vehicle.

    When the vehicle is bought new, they put a grease on the mechanisms which wear off over time.

    If using WD-40 doesn't work, then it sounds like a dealer fix. Could be an issue with the lock, handle, or cable.

    I recommend using the wd-40 solution first. If it works, then you just have to deal with the inconvenience of doing it a few more times throughout the year as opposed to a trip to the dealer.
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