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Kia Sorento Maintenance and Repair



  • ghurkghurk Posts: 6

    Here's a quick update from Canada on my rust problem. I bought the car at Donnelly Kia in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Took the car in Wed for another inspection & the service manager had been arguing my case to Kia Canada; however, he was not successful.

    Kia Canada will not fix this problem as a warranty repair even though it has significantly less than 20K km or 1 year of use. Although the repair could be completed for $500 they are only willing to shell out for a $175 partial fix. I would be on the hook for the rest if you can believe it!

    The worst part's a documented design flaw in the Sorento that's been problematic since the 2003 model. Although aware of the problem, and sending out service bulletins, Kia has taken no steps to correct the problem on newer year models; and refuses to correct under warranty.

    I hope you have better luck with your US dealer.
  • tadstads Posts: 31
    Yeah your right,its hard to beat the Kia as far as overall value for money goes and I suppose you have to take the good with the bad.
    It would be interesting to know the percentages of Sorento owners,the ones who are having greif to those that dont have any problems at all, that dont have the internet or dont know about to report such problems here as well.
    Most drama with the Sorento seem trivial and there seems to be quite a few dealers who just aint on the ball in regards to fixing problems quickly and without fuss.It would be the same for all makes I guess.

    Yes AC/DC are an Australian band (most members are or were Scottish tho)and Bon Scott's Parents live over in Perth WA where Bon is buried.Bon died in the UK around 1982 I think.
    America banned AC/DC from performing over there early on because they were, at the time to full on.You blokes pretty much break all the rules now tho ha ha.

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    tads. I knew Bon died in the UK but I thought the band was also from the UK.

    Enjoy your Sorento and don't be too hard on it!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • joboo1joboo1 Posts: 75
    can you show pictures of the rust area.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I took some pictures of the rust spots too. I can email them to you. Make sure your email address is on (change to public) on your profile. I wish I can post pictures here. But I am not so good with this.
  • joboo1joboo1 Posts: 75
    hey lok888 - you are good to go. thanks. i have not noticed any rust anywhere on my sorento yet. i have an 04 ex.
  • ghurkghurk Posts: 6

    I appreciate your perspective on Kia & not to split hairs but my grief is with Kia Canada, not a bad dealer. My service manager at Donnelly Kia has been very supportive of my cause, but it's the company that refuses to stand behind their product and offer a fair warranty repair.

    Unbelievable as this sounds, they are quibbling over a difference in repair cost of $325 Canadian. They will authorize a $175 partial-fix, but not the $500 repair the service manager recommends (incl a full tailgate repaint to ensure the rust doesn't reappear).

    So, now my dilemna is do I keep an SUV that develops rust after 8 months & hope nothing else goes wrong, or do I sell and cut my losses by going to Honda or Nissan. How can I trust any of their warranty claims when they refuse to fix the results of a design flaw that occurred so early in the vehicle's life-cycle?


  • tadstads Posts: 31
    I've seen this happen to Landbruisers due to corrosion in the barrel but the Sorento ?
    Is your Sorento Auto or Manual ? If its a automatic then it may well be that the cable that runs from the gear selector lever to the ignition is either loose or streched ? The idea of the cable is to stop you from removing the key while the car is in drive ie "D" or anything other than "P" park so the car wont roll away I suppose ?
    This is assuming that the Sorento uses this system like many other automatics do.

    Anyone else know if the Sorento has this cable ?

  • beyond_helpbeyond_help Posts: 110
    i just my sorento, the gearshift (auto trans) must be in park to move key to lock position
    (to remove key) i could not tell if to was a cable or electrical system.
    so my theory that the tumbler was bad would only hold true if you can get the key into the lock position and then the key would not come out
    if the key will not go into the lock position something is wrong with the interlock system from the gearshift to the key switch may it be electric or mechanical
  • beyond_helpbeyond_help Posts: 110
    for the 2nd is DOA, with in 2 months, only 4.75 volts in batt. i though i might have left the interior lights on the first time, so i charged the batt and called the dealer and told them and explained the problem and i did not think i left the inside lights on. his responce was if it happens again call kia roadside assistance, well it happed again nothing was left on.
    as i type the "hook" is on it's way.
    i do not want to here from the dealer '"duh we could not find anything"
    this "NEW" vehicle needs to be dependable
  • beyond_helpbeyond_help Posts: 110
    well i just heard from the dummys at the dealer, they said the cause of the problum was the trailer wiring and controler i i said why did it do the samething befor i installed these items ? no answer....i said how much current are these owner installed items drawing ? the mechanic did not say...well go find not...sielnce.
    i said the problum is in the vehicle go look again, if you and the mechanic don't want to look for an erratic problum and quickly want to blame the owner for a properly installed brake controler i don't think much of your dealership.....more silence, if you don't like our service call kia customer service, so i did, as a matter of record, the person on the other end said he called the dealer but could not get through the the service dept, BS!
    so what was ther final fix for the problum.
    they found no current draw other than normal (my stuff included)
    they just charged the battery !

    they also charged my battery for good fight when i go to pick it up!!

    p.s. this is the same brake controller i use in our astro van and it's batt has never gone dead !
    i have been a mechanic all of my working life and i can spot a dumb one....they have at least one at that dealer!!
  • grizzrockgrizzrock Posts: 2
    IT can be fixed, my kia dealer knew the problem and agreed to fix it right there! If I remember they removed the driveshaft yoke and changed/repacked/greesed it and put back together. (something like that?) Its was doing the thump VERY badly before , and I have barely ever heard it now.... very happy. When it does thump now its a tiny click.... i wouldn't even notice it if I didn't know to listen for it.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    Updates on the rust problem... I sent an email to my dealer. I guess the service manager has spoke with Kia rep and both agreed to fix the rust problem on the tailgate near the rear license plate. The Kia rep did not see the rust in person, but the service manager did. He told I can schedule an appointment with the body shop for the repair. The repair is including re-paint the whole tailgate. It will take at least two full days. And a loaner will be provided. I will go to my dealer for an oil change this weekend and go over the work details.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Its cable if i remember correctly. Replace the cable and I bet the key issue will be resolved.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    4.75 volts shown in the battery after laod testing it. It should have been replaced instead of charged.
    batterys go bad all the time regardless of manufacture.
    Enjoy the ride,its a good one.
  • alfer2005alfer2005 Posts: 1
    Ditto here...the KIA mechanic drove the car (03-EX 4x4) and felt the thump.

    He said the slip yolk needed lubricating because it was bone dry...they pumped it up with lube and glad to report my "thump" is now gone. Ok so I might feel a SLIGHT thump, but nothing to worry about.
  • joboo1joboo1 Posts: 75
    can you send my pixs of the rusted area to my email account thanks
  • joboo1joboo1 Posts: 75
    Can anyone who has rust to the side doors or rear hatch door of their Sorento, please email me the pictures. My email address is in my profile. Thanks Joboo1
  • beerbarrelbeerbarrel Posts: 4
    I left work today in two wheel drive.Next thing I know is that the 4wd lo light comes on.I then notice I have no overdrive.By the time a drove the twelve miles to my house the check engine light came on.I then tried to shift in and out of 4wd hi and lo and then 2wd and it made no difference.I disconnected the pos batt terminal thinking the computer was messed up,but that also did not work.I also checked the transfer fuse but no luck.I called kia and will be getting it serviced in two days.I will leave a follow up post.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I had a bad experience with my '04 EX 4WD (TOD) almost two years ago. I felt the car was in 4Lo mode while I was driving in ATUO mode. It was only 7500 miles. There was no indicate light on for 4Lo or Check Engine light on or no bad fuse. It just drove like I was in 4Lo gear, especially when I was making turns. And it drove really slow when driving straight because it couldn't get out of the 4Lo mode.

    I took it to my dealer next day and they had to replace the transfer case. There was some kind of internal failure. They told the easy way to fix it is to replace it. My car was in the shop for few days.

    beerbarrel - Let us know if this is a transfer case failure?
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