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Pontiac G6



  • phunwun16phunwun16 Posts: 1
    I have had numerous problems with my 2006 Pontiac G6 Sedan. It was purchased in August 2006 with 3K miles on it (it was a demo car), and since then has been brought in 6 times alone for brake problems. It started as a squeal on the front passenger side whenever the tire was in rotation, and the brake pads were lubricated 3 times for this problem. Finally they changed the brake pads at 8K miles from semi-metallic to ceramic brake pads. Least to say the noises never went away, and I've continued to bring it in for the same problem. Earlier this week I brought it in because the squeal has changed from a noise to a hard grinding with popping sounds associated with it from both front brakes, and they told me my rotors needed to be resurfaced. I got the car back yesterday, and the brakes are now making a clicking sound on the front passenger side and the grinding is still there. 6 out of 7 trips to the service center have been for noises on the front passenger brakes. They can't figure it out, and are now considering sending it off to GM.

    2 months ago my battery failed and I needed to be jumpstarted. When I got the car into the dealership, they told me 3 out of 6 cells in the battery were fried. The car only had 9K miles on it!!!

    I am giving them one more chance to fix my brakes, and if they can't fix it this time around, I'm done with Pontiac's. My fiance had a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am Ram Air that he only had for a year because of numerous sensor and brake problems.

    Any ideas on what else could be causing grinding and squealing/clicking noises from my front brakes, most notably the front passenger side? Pads have been replaced within past 6 months, along with the rotors being resurfaced a few days ago.
  • Bear with me guys, I'm new here. I'm not having the issue a lot of you are having with the steering feeling heavy upon problem is just weird thunking/clunking at any time. It's most obvious at low speeds when I'm straightening myself out in a parking spot. When I'm adjusting the wheel in this situation, I can feel and hear little thumps and clunks that feel like they're coming from underneath my feet. Anyone know what this might be?

    Also, my model is a you think the warranty will cover the fact that the paint is chipping off of the radio buttons??? I can not believe they're uncoated!
  • maronamarona Posts: 10
    Hero - I have the same problem in my 2006. I asked the dealership, they said they would replace the entire radio, buttons and all .. what a deal huh? I thought the same thing, odd that the paint is chipping around the outside of the buttons (you can tell which buttons I use the most). I asked for a flat black paint for them and he said they'll just replace the radio. Good luck with the thunking/clunking. I haven't had that problem. I love my G6!! :)
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    Can't swear it's the same thing, but I know several folks on the Impala boards have had problems with steering clunking, that's due to problems with the intermediate steering shaft (ISS). My 2000 model has the problem, and while there is supposed to be an official fix that involves lubricating the ISS, it didn't prove to solve the problem long-term in my case. We found short-term relief by spraying a lubricant called PBBlaster (similar to WD40) on the shaft underneath the dash, but that too didn't last forever (but it was cheaper/easier than going back and forth to the dealer).

    Mine is doing it again now pretty strongly; a clunking or loose bearing feeling when turning the wheel, especially at low speeds. I notice it most when turning to the right and applying the brake, as in slowing to turn into a driveway or side street. You can feel the clunking both in the wheel and in the brake pedal.

    As I say, this might not be the case with the G6, but it is a fairly common problem with the 2000-2005 Impalas (as well as Olds Intrigues, and probably others).
  • I believe we could be long lost family.....I leased my 2006 G6 and the rotors have been warped for 9 months now....after 10 trips to the dealer and arbitration. GM gave me a big price break on the G6 because my 2003 Grand Am purchased brand new was only 2.5 years old and I had already replaced the brakes and rotors 4 times, replaced the fuel pump and the starter......therefore I have decided since GM doesn't care about solving this I'm just going to tell everyone I can they don't care or stand behind their products.

  • I bought my Pontiac G6 with only 6000 miles on it. I noticed a few days later that somethng was wrong with the power steering. I would be driving and it would go completly out and other times it would be very loose. I took i to the dealership and they kept it over night and told me that nothing was wrong with it and to come pick it up.
    About a week later while driving in heavy traffic it went completly out again, i almost wrecked my car with my daughter in it with me. I immediatley called the dealership again from the side of the road, he told me that if they could not get it to duplicate the problem while they had it, then they had no idea what to fix and if i wanted to take it elsewhere to do so.
    I took it to another Pontiac dealership and they had to replace the whole Electronic's system in the car. Got car back and it ran fine for a little while, now i am at 9600 miles and it is doing the same thing. Going to meet with dealership in a few days about buying the car back from me.
  • i have a 2006 g6, i have had two major parts replaced. i brought the car brand new in 4/06, so far i have been having the clunk noises in the front end, took it to the dealer and was told it is something called the rack&pinion?(steering gear) well this had to be replaced this past week, last month it was something called the tire runs like crap, very rough ride. i wish i could just get rid of it. :sick: ">
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    The tie rod is connected to the rack and pinion assembly. Hopefully this was under warranty because it most likely was only the rack and pinion since the tie rod replacement did not fix it?
  • Your steering noise problem sounds similar to mine. Have an 05 G6 GT with 58000 miles. Problem started at about 50,000 miles. Am taking it to the dealer tomorrow. Can't wait to hear their line about the problem. Will try to keep you and others posted.
  • when i took delivery of my new 08 pont g6 4dr sedan on the way home i noticed that the car was rideing very rough over bumps and such....turns out the tires were way over inflated at the dealer while car was being prepared for delivery..normal tire inflation for these tires are 32 tires were at close to 40 psi before i brought the tires back down to there normal psi.....i could have had blown all the tires or worse yet could have lost control of car resulting in a accident....glad i only live 5 miles from the dealership i bought the car from.....

  • I was airing my tires up on my Impala this morning and if I read the sidewall correctly my tires show a maximum pressure of 44 psi, so odds are you weren't in extreme danger.

    Several years ago I had brake work done on my Celica at the dealership, and I noticed some odd sounds that I assumed were the new pads breaking in. I got home and at some point took a closer look, and found they'd forgotten to tighten the lug nuts on one of the front wheels; they were all very loose, and I think one of them had come off and was rolling around in the hubcap. After that I've learned to always double-check when I have ANY work done related to my tires.
  • i was just wondering if anyone here on this forum had some advice on why the 08 g6 sedan only has a key door lock on the drivers door???...i like the car overall but do find it to be somewhat of an inconveinence when i have to get something out of my glovebox but must open drivers door to unlock the passenger door with the power door lock switch....iam sure pontiac must have a good reason for doing this.....

  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    i like the car overall but do find it to be somewhat of an inconveinence when i have to get something out of my glovebox but must open drivers door to unlock the passenger door with the power door lock switch....iam sure pontiac must have a good reason for doing this.....

    It's cheaper to have just one door lock, rarely are the door locks used since the remote key fob is there and most all the competition has done the same. In fact Lexus took off the trunk lock a few years ago.
  • my o8 g6 is the value leader edition so there are no remote entry on the car.however, i saved about 2 grand by going with the value edition.i can live without the cruise control and the remote keyless entry.......
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Wow, I did not know anybody made midsize cars today w/o cruise! How much was the value edition?
  • i got the value edition g6 for 18,000 plus TTT...the base version with remote keyless entry and cruise control lists for 21,000 and change......actually,since few dealers had 08 g6's in stock over this past labor day weekend the choices were slim at best...the dealer i bought the car from had mostly 07's in stock and only 3 o8 g6's....2 were the base versions,1 black,and 1 white,and 1 value edition in metallic silver which was pretty nice and was the one i wound up purchasing since i didn't care for the other colors....if they had a base version in the color that i wanted i probably would have gone that route.....but,iam happy with the car and i got a good deal on top of it.....
    i especially like the standard onstar with the hands-free calling through the cars speakers.............
  • I have just noticed the same thing happening to my 06 G6. I purchased it in 10/05 with zero miles on it. Just hit 24,000 the other day and it is making the same clunking noise that you described.
    I leased mine, so I have a warranty for 2 more years....was this problem covered under the warranty for you?
  • This has also happened to me...does anyone know if there has been a recall on this yet??
  • I too am having a serious problem with my rotors. Steering wheel shaking when's getting extremely annoying!!!
  • I have 2006 Pontiac G6. The day after I bought new I went back to the dealership and complained about rough riding on city roads. (The Test drive they took me on was on smooth roads.)
    They told me they did not feel any rough riding.

    My car had less than 9,000 miles on it when I took it to the service department with a noise in the front. RESULT: They cut the rotors, telling me there was "lots of rust" on them.
    I called back and told them my steering wheel was shaking.
    Before they could/would call me back,
    my car died in the parking lot of a grocery store.
    I had to have the car towed.
    They said, "A FUSE" needed replaced. They also said that the transmission line broke and flooded their service department floor. ( I had no problems with the transmission previously.) I got a rental for 3 days while they replaced the transmission line. When I picked up the car, I drove it one block and knew something was wrong. I drove back and the service manager took a drive with me. He said, "oh that sounds like a 'pan' is loose; bring it back tomorrrow and we will fix it. Again, I picked up the car, and now the transmission was slipping. But, the mechanic deemed it driveable. I knew I would hurt the car if I drove it. So, I drove to a Cottman Transmission center and pleaded with the guy to "just take it around the block." Cottman could tell right away something was wrong and said, "Take the care back to the dealer and tell them the transmission oil is not getting to the transmission and that the car is "missing" on corners.
    I drove back and only upon insistance did they agree to have their "transimission guy" look at the car. The mechanic found that the 1st and 2nd gears were filled with "sludge."
    Obviously, the sludge was from the replacement of the transmission line.
    Again I picked up the car and while the transmission felt fine---there was noise in the front end and went over bumps very hard!
    I took it back they looked and found that the STEERING WHEEL Shaft was cracked. I waited 3 weeks for the part to come in.
    Again, I picked up the car(after the shaft was replaced) and steering was absoultely awful..very loose and my new car was riding like a truck.
    I called Pontiac Headquarters. They contacted the Dealership. I took the car back again.
    The car needed a GEAR ASSEMBLY (which they said was a rod between the two tires and controlled by the steering wheel.)
    I was exhausted. And so upset that my new car needed all this work.
    In addition, while I waited for the car rental place to deliver a rental car to me, I became involved in a converation with a man waiting for a car rental also.
    He asked me, Do you have a G6?
    I said "yes." Then the man told me how his steering wheel locks up and this the 4th visit back to the dealership for the same problem. His nephew, who is a lawyer has a lawsuit against Pontiac/GM to refund his money on the car.

    So, while being very pleased with the car for the first year, I am now plaqued by Steering wheel worries, Klunky ride, and early resurfacing of motors. Now My brakes are squeeking.
    I bought a new car so that I would have to spend a lot of time in repair shops.
    I looked for recalls on the steering wheel and/or rotors...but GM is hiding the problems, I would imagine.
    Be advised...if your dealer cannot fix a major problem with your car..after 3 visits to the dealership...then you have probable cause to file a lawsuit.
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