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Chevrolet Equinox



  • clebo1clebo1 Posts: 78
    Reply,the short mileage is fine,but this vehicle has design flaw with the gasket head and manifold gasket. The longer you keep this vehicle ,many other problems develop especially with the head gasket and manifold gasket.
  • clebo1clebo1 Posts: 78
    You are a wise man Sir.I owned a hyundai and while Chevy just recently came up with a 10 year 100,000 miles warranry.Does anyone wants their vehicle to stay off and on in the shop Like a Chevy equinox for 10 years and 100,000 visits for repairs. think not. Stay away from the the Chevy equinox!!!
  • clebo1clebo1 Posts: 78
    Looks great ,but check under the hood,it's a nightmare,even changing the bulbs for the headlight is a nightmare as you have to dissemble other parts to get to them. Look good ,built badly!!!
  • clebo1clebo1 Posts: 78
    Hello Mam, you made a wise decision. this vehicle in untried and untested. Take it from a Man who due to my vehicle being out of service for one reason or the other over 80 days.I would rather have a Yugo.
  • Clebo1,

    Please go away.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    I second that emotion...... :mad:

    Can't he be banned?????...... :confuse:
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Posts: 182
    I'll third it. He contributes little and is nothing but a bandwidth thief.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I think he is friends of the host.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Posts: 182
    Maybe maybe not. But until this crap stops or is addressed I'll be very reluctant to share any more of my 40 years of under the hood experience on any of these forums

    Come to think of it all I'm doing is wasting my time here anyway.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Why don't we just scroll past messages that we don't want to read? :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Posts: 182
    Because like your message all I'm doing is clicking on links with no substance and scrolling thru more stuff for no use other than to wear out my mouse.

    Guess I'm out of here.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    May as well as all that happens is our host deletes comments about you know who and lets his rants and raves stay. :shades:
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    At least those gripe comments are about the car. :P

    Per the member agreement, we welcome all points of view on automotive matters. Gripe posts are part of the territory and you can find them posted about every make and model on the site.

    A few disgruntled customers hasn't affected sales. GM is adding shifts and building more of them in Ontario.

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  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    I didn't know that car Manufacturers still did that: Tell you the build date of the car on "order". The old adage in the "good old" day was Never, Never, get a car that was built on a Monday or Friday...On those days, most of the regular workers would call in -"sick" [used to be a solid 10-15% issue], so guys that would fasten the side panels would be fasteneing the bumpers for instance. You know what the American Product became in the 70s and onward right??? Maybe now that cars are assembled all over the world, GM cars I gues mostly in Mexico, much of the work is done by Robots...Thank You Mr. Toyota and Mr. Honda. Robots don't Call In Sick.... Good Luck with your new Chevy Nox. I had many GM cars over the course of 40 years of driving (including my Dad) - last one was a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix. Sadly, that car was a POS; engine oil leaks, body rattles galore, etc. etc....It's gonna take a lot more to get me back !!
  • tazzitazzi Posts: 23
    Well....some sites have this nice little ignore feature...Maybe Edmunds might look at adding that here?

    Back to the Nox though. I'm really not sure what GM is thinking by ramping up production. I'm glad they are but I don't think the sales volume is going to hold without C4C. But, if they become overstocked, I'll get a better deal on mine :P
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    My guess is they are ramping up production to mean that like all new models they start at a very low volume in order for the employees to learn their job, find things they didn't see hand building them etc. and are now trying to get production up to what the line speed should be per hour.
  • brueggiebrueggie Posts: 46
    Here in Dallas, I can tell you that if there was an Equinox sitting on the dealers lot, it had a sale pending. I visited about 5 dealers on the north side and couldn't find any. The C4C deal helped but the demand was already there. Ramping up production will allow inventory and selection which hasn't been available since they rolled out at the end of July.
  • tazzitazzi Posts: 23
    Oh I agree they need more immediate inventory but they are talking about increasing their builds by 33% in September and another 20% by the end of the year, adding overtime etc. That's the part I'm not sure I agree with.

    I'm concerned they are going to end up with a lot of inventory on the lots. I think they are producing 500+ Nox's a day now. The increase brings them up to around 700 a day. Long term, I'm not sure the market will hold to sell that many. That's good for me because it means I will get a better deal but bad for Chevy/GM.

    Here in Northern California it's almost impossible to find one and when you do they are already sold as well but a lot of that had to do with C4C. I hope the demand keeps up because it's good for Chevy, I'm just not a believer yet :P
  • stakeoutstakeout Posts: 173
    homelink or now Chevy calls it Universal Home Remote .. a/k/a garage door opener... can't seem to find it listed on any of the sites including Chevy's home site... it is available on other models like the Traverse but only in LT2 trim or better...

    the three dealers I spoke to don't know... hard to believe... but then again not many new '10 Equinox's are available in this area
  • Is there any way I can find out when my 2010 EQ is being built this week? :shades:
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