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Chevrolet Equinox



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110

    tidester, host
  • Any info on what changes / enhancements that can be expected on the 2008 MY Equinox. It is my understanding that an optional engine will be available. Possibly the 3.6L w 250+ HP as is found in the Suzuki XL-7.
  • I just turned 16 and have been looking for cars. My parents said they want me in an SUV because of the height and safety (conveniently, I'm paying for gas. Don't worry; I'm not complaining: A car's a car, even if gas is expensive.)

    My dad has an Avalanche and my mom has a Trailblazer, and they haven't had any problems. My parents like the Chevys, so they'd be happy with an Equinox.

    I've been looking through compact SUVs such as the RAV4 and CRV, but my parents like the mid-size ones better. I've looked through the Ford Escape, the Equinox and many others. I'll be getting a used one, so if I were to get the Equinox, it would most likely be the 2005.

    I learned to drive on the Trailblazer, so I was wondering if it would be a smooth transition from the Trailblazer to the Nox. I've been researching a lot, and the "professional reviews" complain about engine noise, boring interior (which I really don't care about), faulty starting, and sub-par handling. It would be really great to get a user's review on these subjects and any others that would be useful.

    I really like the look of this SUV and thank all of you for any help you can give. Any suggestions, comments, and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    And if not the Equinox, then what else should I look into? I really like it, but I know I need to be practical.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,919
    Check out the Consumer Ratings & Reviews linked at the top of the discussion while waiting for responses. And have fun shopping!
  • According to this: :shades:

    ..... The next full Equinox redesign won't happen for a at least a few more years. They have obviously done an extensive update on the nox for 2007, especially the interior but according to that article (which is posted from the CAMI (which is the factory where the Equinox is built) the next full redo is not happening next year. :blush:

    Re: Any info on what changes / enhancements that can be expected on the 2008 MY Equinox. It is my understanding that an optional engine will be available. Possibly the 3.6L w 250+ HP as is found in the Suzuki XL-7.
  • My Folks bought an 06 LT AWD this fall. The loved it until now. We just had our first snow 4" and they hated it. They said the rear slid all over the road and they felt very unsafe. They are so disgusted, they have made an appointment with the dealer service dept. to check it and if nothing's wrong are going to get rid of it at 6000 miles. They wanted the security of AWD but are disappointed. What can be wrong? Tires? Sensing of Slip? I've offered to get them 4 snows and wheels but the OEM tires are pretty aggressive. Can the service department bias some of the AWD load to the rear at all times (10% or so). They replaced a Subaru AWD with the Equinox and also have a Yukon XL with stabilitrak and before that an Astro AWD. What can be wrong with the Equinox? I love it but both my Mom and Dad were disgusted with it and are afraid to drive it in the snow.

    Any input is welcomed!


  • courtesy Autoweek: There is a sport Equinox coming for 2008 which has a new 3.6L engine, 6 speed trans with tap shift, lowered suspension and (sigh) the larger wheels sport versions always bring. They also chop off roof rails and lower the ride heigth. It will __not__ be called an SS.

    I don't know if this model will be based on the "new" Theta platform Saturn will be using for their Vue, or the current Theta architecture Chevy now uses.

    This is what the Maxx SS should have been, but never will be.
  • I'd appreciate hearing about this too.
    An AWD Equinox is being considered for replacing my Maxx next year, but if the AWD is not sorted out, it cannot be a contender.
    The similar Saturn Vue reportedly also has issues with its AWD system - biggest problem is AWD takes too long to activate!
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    My Nox is a 2005 LT FWD. Had fun in the snow last winter and I drove average (200 milles a week). Never got scared nor stucked and I feel very secure in it. I drive on the original 4 season tires. If you want my advice put your tires at 30 p.s.i. for winter driving and most important "SLOW DOWN" and "KEEP YOUR DISTANCE". Even if people get AWD or 4X4's that doesn't mean that it's a tank. Changing your driving habit for winter season is very helpful.
    Can't wait to have some fun again this year and I've got the same tires as last winter. Last year on this date we had 1 foot of snow staying on the ground. We might have a green Christmas this year. It never happened before. Take care.
  • ..if anyone knows whether Chevy will be offering interior colors __other__ than black (C&D claims "black" is the standard interior color), I would appreciate knowing.

    Black interiors, sadly, haven't worked very well for me here in LA, CA.
  • novanova Posts: 135
    I saw the sport model of the nox about 4 years ago at the New York auto show. I do not under stand why it takes GM SO long to bring the sport to the public. I do not like dodge but when they show you a concept you see it in the show rooms in a year or two. GM is also dragging their feet with the camaro.GM WAKE UP
  • Looked up close to 2007 Equinox yesterday, A Pillar is far too wide to block view, sorry it was a standout negative for me. So much so that the front windshield mounting is recessed and I can only assume contributes to some wind noise. Visibility comes at a premium on the design of SUVs with all the pillars.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    I drive a 2005 Nox. Purchased 2 yrs ago and the Pillar never gave me problems. In the beginning it was kind of weird but I got used to it. Even in worse winter snowstorms, it never blocked my view. And for the wind noise, I never noticed any even at 80 m/p/h. If you're driving faster you could probably hear some wind noise but at normal speeds, no problems. I can't say that the Pillar doesn't block my view but I always double check by leaning a bit forward. My large backseat headrest (only in 2005's) we're more of a problem than the windshield Pillar. But with time, I got used to them and now I wouldn't change my Nox for anything else.
  • Several issues here Norm. If driving in snow with something new it takes a whole new process to learn to drive the Equinox. The Subaru AWD vehicles have constant AWD capability. The Yukon XL with Stabilitrack is a whole different system then the Equinox as well...Stabilitrack detects wheel slippage on a certain tire the ABS system activates the brakes to that tire and slows it down enough for the tires to grab the snow. The Astro AWD...forgot what system is in that right now. The MOST important thing to do is replace the tires on the Equinox with proper snow tires. If your parents are going to drive a lot in the snow then change the tires that have more grip. If not and this was an isolated case your parents need to know how to handle the Equinox AWD system. It is a mechanical system much like the clutches on a go cart. When a wheel slips on the Equinox the rear drive shaft spins a little faster and through clutches in the rear differential the rear wheels kick in. First and foremost it is never wise to believe that AWD drive will give you exceptional traction. Each product is different and performs differently too.
  • noxroxnoxrox Posts: 22
    Well Norm,

    Any further? This does not sound like any thing anyone else has reported about their AWD. So was wondering if you found something wrong. Response back would be appreciated.
  • noxroxnoxrox Posts: 22
    Norm, are you there?
  • I just posted a message about my 2006 Equinox gas mileage problem which I thought was the only major problem I was having so far. But I may be wrong. I was going to have the local Muffler shop check my exhaust system because I too have been hearing a clunking noise in the rear on start up occasionally. I thought I had a something loose underneath. Please let me know if you have found the problem so I will know what to tell my dealer.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    My Nox is a 2005 LT. purchased new almost 2 years ago. I can hear occasionally a pop/clunking noise coming from the back underneath when I start the truck. Let me explain what this is.
    It's a normal characteristic of the "Evaporative Emissions Control System" (EVAP) doing a self testing of the system.
    Your exhaust system is probably in good shape. I used to freak out in the beginning with that pop/clunk noise until a mechanic explained it to me.
    I still hear it, it's the EVAP doing it's work. It's checking something, what? A system of some kind.
    Electronics... Go figure. But it's normal.
  • I have a loaded 2005 FWD LT, with leather, we bought in January 05. Currently has 20,000 miles.
    We bought this as a family cruiser and as a universal work horse.
    I also have two boys 6 & 12yrs, that ride in it all the time with my wife. She loves the Equinox.
    We had no problems. We get advertised fuel economy, Stereo sounds good, no problems with noise, smells,leaks, interior fit & finish, interior noise, or drivability problems.

    We find the ride and brakes to be excellent.
    Knowing that the Equinox is 5 star rated is also a bonus. ;)
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