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Pricing used vehicles involved in accidents/reconditioned



  • inmassinmass Posts: 4
    I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited in good condition that I want to sell. 70k miles, 4 new tires, new battery, leather interior w/ all the standard Limited options, body is in fairly good condition with a few minor dings. It has a salvage title and is registered in Massachusetts. I want to know the best option for me to sell it. I don't need to get the most $$ possible, I would rather do it easily and conveniently and not sell to a private party. Would a dealer give me anything for it? should I donate it? HELP!! thanks!
  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 455
    Just so you know, the tax laws regarding deductions of cars changed as of January 1, 2005. You now can only deduct what a donated car after being sold at auction brings to the charity.


    Therefore after auction and storage fees and getting an auction price way back of trade-in price your donated car is not worth much to either you as a deduction or to your charity as a cash deal.


    Post a real good description of this car over on the 'real world trade in values' thread where Terry will very accurately tell you what your car is worth.
  • There is a body shop in town with a 03 LE 15k
    miles. I know the body shop owner. Have bought from him before. Does good work. It is a big shop he has had this covered for 2 years just getting to it.

    This was left side damage, took out left wheel & both doors. No engine damage. I saw the before pictures
    Man says there was no frame damage. This was a local car with dealer logo on. I tracked to the dealer, a young girl had the wreck which was bought new.

    It is about finished, Shop man tells me take it to any front end shop anywhere for check. Take to Memphis he backs his work.

    This has a totaled out title. This is for my daughter who is in college. This will be her last car from me and will last he forever..

    He first said 15K later said will be cheaper.
    I'm thinking heavy on this one. Give me your thoughts.. 15 is to high for a total out title.
    Give me your thoughts on this one.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Find out what it's private party value would be if never damaged. Then subtract AT LEAST one-third for the salvage title (40-50% would be better) to determine what to pay for it.
  • boomchekboomchek Vancouver, BC, CanadaPosts: 5,100
    Here's a good example of buyer beware when buying cars that are written off or have been in a big accident:

    My good friend's brother in law recently picked up a 2006 Infiniti G35 sedan with 2000km on the odo. The car has been used as a company car by Infiniti and was involved in an accident where the side airbags deployed, and the feneder and the door skins needed replacing. He picked it up for about $11000CDN.

    He replaced the fender, airbags, and got a repaint done. The guy he sent the car to for the repaint was in the process of moving shops or was being kicked out of the shop. He rushed the job and did such a crappy repaint that there were dust bubbles and overspray on all of the mouldings. (That's another story as to why he even paid for the job).

    So now $24000CDN ($11000 for car plus $13000 for the above)later the car is still not road ready:

    The passenger doors don't close properly, and the car is now having other problems that are popping out. It's overheating, the dash lights don't light up, some mouldings are loose and the tail lights don't work at all.

    Infiniti won't fix it under warranty because it was sold as salvage for a reason. They knew it wouldn't be worth fixing it because there could be too many hidden problems. Now to diagnose all of the above it would need to spend a good week at the dealership and labour is not cheap.

    Good thing is he bought it for his wife and not to sell it and make money. After seeing the car I told my friend that his BIL should keep the car for 10 years to make it worthwhile, because he'd be lucky if he finds any buyer for it at all if he wants to resell it.

    But it makes you wonder how much more money he will have to
    sink into it as he has no warranty on it at all. And on top of that how much stress he has to put up with.

    Now he's stuck with a lemon :lemon:

    Moral of the story is buyer beware.

    On the flipside though i did own a rebuilt 93 Civic for 3 years that i had no problems with at all. It's just these new mid and high end cars ares o complicated with electronics that you never know what hidden problems are damage they may have. :sick:

    2007 BMW 328i Sports Pkg, 1993 Honda Accord EXR (my 33rd car).

  • My 06' saturn ion was damaged in an accident and the dlrshp is repairing it. How do I figure the depreciation of the vehicle compared to the current value if it had not been wrecked. I had front end damage.
  • boomchekboomchek Vancouver, BC, CanadaPosts: 5,100
    How much was the damage? How much front end damage, ie: engine, suspension, or just cosmetic?

    The way I determine value for my customers is getting my manager to give me to appraisal prices: one with no accidents, and the second with accidents.

    2007 BMW 328i Sports Pkg, 1993 Honda Accord EXR (my 33rd car).

  • It was about $4200 worth including towing. damage include paint, suspension and/or axle, front tire, bumper, and replacing drvr door.
  • gmccardlegmccardle Posts: 35
    Please let me know what you make of this situation. My 2003 Infiniti G35 sedan with the sports suspension and all the goodies was hit hard in the passenger side rear door and wheel by a driver who pulled out in front of me while she was making a left hand turn. She hit so hard she spun the car around in a circle and set off the passenger side airbag.
    The body shop has had it for about 5 weeks now because they say they are looking for parts. They estimate at least another couple weeks until they have it to paint and get it to the Infiniti dealer for the mechanical stuff. I can't believe it wasn't totaled. The frame was bent and at this point they say I have $13,900 in damage. What does it take to total a car. I live in Florida and my insurance Co. is USAA.

    I know when I get it back again it won't be worth nearly what the pre collision value was. The ins co tells me they estimated that at about $20,500. How do I figure out the post crash value? I was planning on trading in the car before the accident and now I think I'm just going to lose a ton of money. Any ideas from anyone on how to make the best of this situation? To make matters worse, the other driver was underinsured and only covered $10,000 in property damage coverage.

  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    you might want to ask you question over in Questions about Auto Insurance and Accidents. It seems more active.
  • Hi everyone.

    Well as i was doing a bit of shopping around. I ran across a small dealer who is offering a used honda si 2006 for $14k. Yeah sounds weird right? Well the catch is that the car is a salvage. Yup. But the car look like new. No noticeable damage the paint and everything matches together. According to the guy it was rebuilt only from the front. That no real damage was done to the outside.

    It looked great to my eye. I checked the rims and tires and they are the originals because they show some tare and ware. But not enough to notice a big accident. The bottom of the car is intact, but there is some residue of what looks like cement. The guy said it was the spill from the battery because it leek. That made me kind of nervous. Inside the hood everything seemed normal. No major discrepancies. He said he changed a couple of things on the car but nothing major. He said that the car was only damage from the front.

    Well the car seemed nice and fit to me. The price is good and it can probably be lowered. I plan to keep the car for a long time. Is it worth is? How can i check if the car was severely damge? I tried carfax but it does not go into any specifics.
    ( Cv7NNWuAtIcX5x2qyApnxkrGrCZjrf)
    i hope the link works.

    any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    He said he changed a couple of things on the car but nothing major.

    If there was nothing major then the car would not have been a total loss and be on a rebuilt title. This car has had the crap knocked out of it and sounds like a good body man pieced it back together. I would be scared, very scared.
  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    Personally, it sounds like a flood car ...

    Avoid like the plague unless you like a problematic car at a pretty steep price.
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    If it was a Flood car wouldn't the title be branded "flood" and not "rebuilt".

    May be different from state to state, I don't know.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    Ehh it depends on the state I think.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,354
    For a very good reason.

    You are asking for trouble and you will have a car that will be next to impossible to sell down the road.

    You get what you pay for.
  • lianlian Posts: 2
    does anyone knows anyone who can offer to run a report for free because they have bought multiple reports and don't need them all? I need one on a car with VIN 2g4ws52j2y1172534. Thanks a lot.
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    Dang dude., just cough up the $10 and pull a report.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Actually, it's $25.99 but for $5.00 more you can get unlimited reports. I agree that anyone looking for those reports should pay their own way rather than asking others to violate the terms of their agreement with CARFAX.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    For general information about the vehicle you may want to look at Buick Century.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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