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Forester Turbo in 1 year



  • ballisticballistic Posts: 1,687
    To go with the black automatic XT my dealer received about 10 days ago, Friday evening he received four more: A gold automatic, two silver automatics, and my silver 5-speed. I dropped everything to go give it a quick once-over, making certain I noted the odometer reading. It shows 2.2 miles, and it better not have more than about 3 at delivery, or I'm gonna wonder who was doing what.

    I sat in the driver's seat and noted that the boost gauge does block the lower third of the fuel and temp gauges. However, the steering column has tilt adjustment, and the gauge moves up and down with the wheel. I didn't have time to fiddle, but I'm guessing that if the wheel is dropped as low as possible (a low wheel is my preference anyway) without interfering with legs and without blocking vision of the speedo and tach, then perhaps the boost gauge location will be OK. If not, I'll have to see whether it can be moved to the right of the column.

    This dealer's policy is to allow charging up to $5,000 on plastic. My wife will avail herself of that to get airline miles on her Visa account. I don't know how much that's worth, but it's gotta recover some portion of the $100 over invoice that I'm paying for the XT.

    I can't tell you how hard it was to walk away and leave the car sitting there in the rain for an entire weekend...

    - jack
  • ballisticballistic Posts: 1,687
    jason writes, "What about the performance gauge pack? Could that be installed instead? I recall it does include the same gauge as for the turbo. I don't see why it wouldn't work."

    There is a photo of the 3-gauge performance gauge pack in the '03 Forester brochure, but so far I haven't found any reference to it on the option lists for the XT. In addition, the illustration of that pack has a pure vacuum gauge instead of a boost gauge (which is what you get with that pack on a WRX). I'm sure Subaru will get that sorted out - but the other consideration is that the performance gauge pack costs triple the price of the column-mount boost gauge, and the latter is all I needed.

    - jb
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869

    That's great! I hope you can get some sleep this weekend.

    I look forward to the report on Monday!

  • chassolchassol Posts: 95
    Don't ask why cause I don't know, but the XT takes a new oil filter - "Bulletin No. PT120103
    Oil Filter Please be advise that there is a new oil filter, part number 15208AA080, that applies to the 2004 MY Turbo Baja and MY Turbo Forester models. This new filter, 15208AA080, is smaller in size (68mm) than the current filter used on non-turbo models, part number 15208AA060 (80mm).

    The current (larger) filter used on non-turbo models (15208AA060) should not be used on 2004 MY Turbo Baja or 2004 MY Turbo Forester.

    The oil filter that should be used on 2004 MY Turbo Baja or 2004 MY Turbo Forester models is 15208AA080)."

    As many times as they repeat this information I really think they mean it. My dealer ordered a case of them late last week. I was going to change oil and filter this weekend, but couldn't because I don't know the cross reference for the Fram or Purolator (checking both websites no help either).
  • ballisticballistic Posts: 1,687
    Chassol says, "This new filter, 15208AA080, is smaller in size (68mm) than the current filter used on non-turbo models, part number 15208AA060 (80mm)."

    Weird. I wonder if the significantly smaller size says anything about the filtration capacity. You'd think the XT would require more filtration, not less.

    - jb
  • chassolchassol Posts: 95
    And to make things even more interesting this filter is NOT the same one that goes on the 2004 WRX STi - go figure...........
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Let me take one step back and ask, is the XT engine still an EJ25 series?

  • chassolchassol Posts: 95
    Should I get a turbo Forester or wait for a more powerful Outback?

    Steve - IMHO the 2005 Outback will probably have a turbo 3.0H and I think the price will probably be $2000-$4000 more than the Forester (now or later). It's your call and I agree the rear leg room can be tight in the Forester, even with adjusting the front seatbacks in an almost straight upright position. So far as room the Outback - it has been and will probably continue to be roomier rear seat and have more cargo space (wagon).

    We have the 2002 Outback Sedan VDC and the 2004 XT Forester - the XT is hands down faster than the VDC and power curve is better (turbo w/235 lb foot is better than VDC w/217 lb foot) lower mid and upper range. The power curve is no let up from the get go to at least 95mph (I'm over the recommended 1,000 mile breakin). I'm not going to be a speed demon, but the passing power is great to have when you want (need) it.

    I am still betting this XT is going to be found as quite a little sleeper in the next 3-4 months once enough people drive them and talk about them.

    So far as now or later. I'd choose the XT now, but remember I have one and I really love it........
  • chassolchassol Posts: 95
    Page 12-3 owners manual 2004 Forester
    "EJ251" is the non-turbo (SOHC) engine and "EJ255" is the turbo (DOHC) engine.
  • ballisticballistic Posts: 1,687
    chassol wrote, "Steve - IMHO the 2005 Outback will probably have a turbo 3.0H and I think the price will probably be $2000-$4000 more than the Forester (now or later)."

    Nearly everyone who guessed at the XT price prior to announcement guessed high, and maybe I'm falling into the same trap - but with Subaru's stated intent to move upmarket, I think any turbo 6-cyl Legacy with typical equipment will be MSR priced in the mid-$30K range (i.e. 7 or 8 thou more than a Forester XT). It might be possible to get the Legacy with a turbo 4 at or near $30, but I don't think you'll get the turbo 6 at that level. I'm not saying the Legacy turbo-4 and turbo-6 cars won't be worth these prices, just that I don't expect them to come in significantly under them.

    - jack
  • chassolchassol Posts: 95
    OK sorry forgot to mention 2004 XT was sticker $28,457 so if 2-4k over that would be say $30,500 to $32,500 sticker. Our 2002 VDC was $31,000 sticker, so if you can do $500 over invoice I'll still guess at sticker $30,500 to $32,500. What will determine the extra will be our economy at the time (Japan's too) and whatever else is made standard - single turbo or twin, GPS, Tiptronic Auto 5 speed, Brembo brakes and etc. BTW look at this - - - w.html?tid=edmunds.f.mmindex.content..0.Subaru*
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    Interesting. I would have guessed the EJ255 would take a larger oil filter because it is a higher output engine than the EJ251.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    VDC and XT, not a bad fleet! I'm envious.

    Given the XT costs $1300 more than an XS with the same equipment (a bargain for the extra power IMHO), we can expect about the same for the Legacy GT, which MSRPs just over $25k, and sells for under $23k (for a 5 speed sedan).

    So the mid-level Legacy with the turbo engine will hopefully run just a little more than that. It will depend on how they equip it. Wagons cost a little more, but it could be kept under $30k if I'm right.

  • lbhaleylbhaley Posts: 91
    I now have 461 miles on my black XT MT that I picked up Friday evening. Here are my impressions to date.

    It's a great car!

    The Black is very classy looking (when clean).
    I love the standard cloth interior. I looks great and feels much more upscale than my 98 S did.

    The first thing that I noticed was not the power but the smoothness. The entire drivetrain is much smoother than my 98 and the handling is noticeably better.

    The power is certainly there, although at first I was a little disappointed in the power delivery. I have owned several turbo cars over the years (the last being a 91 Eagle Talon Tsi) and I was expecting that 'kick in the back' sensation when the turbo comes in. It's just not there. Instead there is a strong, very smooth flow of power. I not sure I like the drive by wire throttle. The response to your right foot is not linear. The first 50% of the throttle produces 90% of the power, especially at highway speeds. That said, at on point on the highway I was cruising abot 75 and needed to pass and hit a hole up ahead. I floored it and not much seemed to be happining except I was passing very fast and had to apply a little brake to fit into the hole. I glanced at the speedo and I was doing just under 100! It's sneaky fast. Out of the toll booths I limited myself to 4500 rpm. I believe that the engine is just starting to get into it's best powerband at that rpm. In first and second gear the engine note turns into a growl as the revs increase. It sounds great. I have a feeling that last 2000 rmp are going to be FUN! Again I wish the throttle response was more linear, but that's my only complaint so far.

    It's a great highway cruiser. On cruise control it effortlessly gobbles up the miles. It is quieter than my 98 at speed, but still not as quiet as my wife's 2000 Passat V6.

    Overall I am very happy with the car. I can't wait to really wind it up through the gears.

    Jack, I will be very interested to see if your impressions of your MT XT are the same as mine. I look forward to your report. I will report again after mine is broken in and I can really 'see what she'll do'.

    I am going to post this message on the new Forester Turbo forum as well. Should we start using that instead of this one?

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    First XT 5 speed on Edmunds, at least that I know of. Congrats Les.

    I agree that the turbo is smooth, it takes the edge off the exhaust especially. It's quieter than my 2.5l non-turbo.

    Light-pressure tuning won't give that kick in the back, since boost builds more quickly but less extremely.


    PS You can chip it for that kick, when those become available
  • lbhaleylbhaley Posts: 91
    juice writes "You can chip it for that kick, when those become available "

    I would assume that chipping it would void the warranty. Do you know if that is the case? If so I would wait until the 5 year/50,000 mile extended powertrain warranty has expired. If it doesn't void the warranty I would be very interested in the chip when it's available. (Not that it really needs it, but you can never have enough power, right?)
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    It's really similar to those in the WRX's that chip 'em to have the turbo come into play sooner.

    It'll technically only void your warranty if the mod happens to be the cause of the damage, if they can prove it as well.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I wouldn't modify a brand new XT that already performs so well IMO.

    If you think about it the entire engine is affected by the boost level, even the drivetrain, AWD, differentials, clutch, tranny, and axles are all going to be under more stress.

  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    You won't want to chip it becuase it will definitely void the warranty ( and you're welcome to hire an attorney at $200 an hour to force the dealer to fix any defects). My most likley course of action will be to buy an entire re-flashed ECU from Cobb and drop it in ( takes about 10 minutes to install). Then, I'll keep the original ECU in case I have problems requiring dealer attention. They'll never even know.
  • jimqpublicjimqpublic Posts: 23
    The local VW/Subaru dealer had a grand opening of their new Subaru showroom over the weekend. I dropped by to look at the XT and talk about the upcoming Baja Turbo.

    Easy Street Motorsports was there with several 500+ HP WRX's. I asked one of their rep's if he thought a bigger intercooler would be a good upgrade to the XT. He suggested that a bigger intercooler alone might cause some lag. Instead he suggested using a stock intercooler AND turbo from a WRX, which are both bigger than the XT model. It "should" be a simple bolt on replacement with the only tricky part being trimming the hood scoop gasket where it meets the intercooler. In addition he suggested adding a boost controller to give around 13 psi.
    ( )

    The beauty of this scenario is that "take off" turbos and intercoolers are available from people who have upgraded their WRX to bigger units.

    It will be interesting to hear from some broken-in XT owners on how much boost the turbo maintains. It's possible that boost will peak at 3600 rpm's then drop off as the big engine consumes more air than the little turbo can pump at the full 11 psi. If that's true then even with stock peak boost the engine should pump out more horsepower with a bigger turbo.

    1996 2.2 Outback
    1978 Brat (RIP)
    Soon Baja Turbo
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