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  • mk39mk39 Posts: 18
    Can someone explain why the SCrew 4.6L 3.55 axle 4x4 with automatic trans has a towing capacity of 6100 lbs while the same configuration except manual trans can do only 2900 lbs? I would prefer the manual trans but need to pull a 3-horse trailer. F250 has same capacity for auto as manual trans on any configuration. I'm confused!
  • New to this board. fl4x4, I'd be interested in the exact same info. If nobody here has any, I might try a local dealer or Ford directly. Let me know if you have any luck.

    Also, can anybody give me any feedback on how useful the 5.5 ft bed is? A full foot shorter than the SB on the regular and xcabs. While I understand that it is the same width at the wheel wells, it also appears to be narrower at the tailgate.

    Thanks. A lot of good info. here.
  • I guess my question was how useful the 5.5 ft box is relative to the 6.5ft on the regular and xcabs. I really like the extra room in the crew cab. Never owned a pickup before but am likely to buy an xcab or Screw in the next month or so. I've had other truck owners tell me that even the 6.5ft short boxes on the xcabs can be small at times even for "residential" type use. So I'm just trying to get a feel for that relative to the Screws 5.5ft box.

    My question to the dealer or to Ford was not on the box issue. Rather I was responding to another post regarding when the 2002's will be introduced. Since the '01 Screws were brought out very early in '00, the question was is Ford planning an early roll out of the '02 models? Seems like it might be a reasonable question for a dealer if nobody here knows. Still be interested in knowing if anyone has any info. on that though.

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    the 02s will begin rolling out of the factory in late july or early august, just like all other far as significant changes over the 01, i doubt it...
  • Go to, they can hook you up I/ a contact at a participating dealer. Absolutely no reason why you can get the Screw for dealer invoice especially if ordering. When we got our 1996 explorer loaded w/ all and moon roof, we paid only the fac.inv. The dealer still makes out on the hold back, usually around 3%. So for a $28,000 truck their still making $860 on the deal...

    I'm also looking to order in late spring, XLT w/ moonroof. 1984 s-15 is getting tired and she owes me nothing. Trying to hit all dealers to see in person all colors/interiors before I commit. Love the Arizona Beige, but leaning to Dark Highland Green, after seeing the green in person, its nothing like the flier.
  • Let's hope hey make the dash a little less plasticy. Suprised Edmunds didn't discuss that as a con. Outside of that, I'm still planning to have one by mid year...
  • Between reading all of your posting and seeing a few Screws on the road (boy, they look good!), I finally made a deal and finalized the order. It was hard to decide since I love my 99 Cab Lariat, but with two kids, the extra room will help a lot. Can't wait...4x4 Lariat Red / r. Be./Two-tone. My only worry now... hoping that she's delivered before the April 2nd incentive ends.
  • Well, I just ordered my Screw on Monday and I was wondering if anyone had used this truck to tow over 5500 lbs.? I ordered the 5.4l with a locking 3:55-1 gear set and the towing package. I sold my Chevy Ext. Cab for this truck and it did a pretty good job towing. I have never been a big Ford fan but the back seat of the Screw sold us. It has ALLOT more room than an Ext. Cab truck and the bed, with a hard cover, looks like it'll hold plenty of luggage.

    If anyone has towed more that 5000 lbs. with a Screw let me know.

    Any transmission problems? Over heating? How are the brakes? Any comments from the Ford Tech?
  • Hey Alexrod1,

    What incentives are in your area, in my zip code in NE, and isn't showing any are you hooking up w/ them???
  • He seldomseentoo, go to the ford web site incentive link and click on F-Series. They moved Super crew incentives there. 5.9% for 60 months if delivered by April 2nd. I have a King Ranch Edition on order. Hopefully it'll arrive by then! Good Luck
  • I am getting ready to order an XLT SuperCrew 4x2 in Arizona beige. Found a dealer who will sell at invoice. I do not expect to do any towing but am considering the 3.55 limited slip differential and the towing package. Is it worth the extra money, just in case I might tow?
  • Thanks I found it, but isn't that for dealer stock only. You still get the incentives if ordered?
  • You'd get the incentive as long as you took delivery by April 2nd whether you bought a stock truck or ordered one. For an ordered truck becomes dealer stock as soon as it gets delivered to them. Have you tried Portsmouth Ford? They must have 20 on the lot to choose from.
  • While doing research I have noticed that some web sites have different invoice prices. For example, Supercrew 4X4 XLT base invoice on is 26009 as opposed to Edmunds @ 26125 and Carpoint @ 26165. Which is correct? Does anyone know?
  • As lullman1 stated, you can still take advantage of the incentives. Bear in mind that it takes 5-8 weeks for delivery. If the truck's delivered after April 2nd, then it's based on the whatever ford decides the new incentive, if any, will be. Just to let you know, when I ordered my '99 F150 2wd, it took exactly 5 weeks. Goodluck!

    Hey teeman, I agree with rm13, LSlip is worth the money. for the extra $245, go for it. I made a mistake with my '99 F150 2wd, now I've regretted it the first time I got stuck in my own driveway. Now I'm not taking any chances, I ordered the Screw with 4wd AND LSlip! Can't wait!
  • I am planning on buying the supercrew here in the carolina's and planning to move to colorado. Any problems with the truck making the adjustment in altitude?
  • I ordered my Crew last year on June 1, and I took delivery on Aug 15. That's just a little over 10 weeks. Maybe it took so long because of the new style and all, but be prepared to wait. Unless Ford has taken care of the long delivery period.
  • After driving it though, the wait was well worth it.
  • I have done nothing but research the heck out of this truck when I found out it was only about $2500-$2800 bucks more than the dakota quad cab when all said and done w/ options. That included the moonroof too!. Not to mention its even cheaper to insure. I finally took a 4.6 for a spin a few weeks ago, only one on the lot, and it definitely confirmed my option on the truck. Only thing I wasn't all that crazy about was the "plasticy" feel to the dash. I have been trying to hit every Ford dealer in the area just to see in person the int. and ext. colors. Trust me the dark highland green is nothing compared to Ford's brochure. It looks like a emerald green in the book more than anything. Make sure you ask the dealer for the color chart, which has all colors for all trucks on it. The colors definitely looked much different...

    So as for the waiting...plan on waiting for as long as it takes. I been driving a 1984 S-15 ext cab for 10 years and I plan on doing the same, if not more, w/ the Screw!
  • Since I think the Dark Highland Green is almost black, has anyone seen this color, which is lighter? I saw one today in the Atlanta area, on a Larriat. This is definately not in the Ford brochure. It had lots of other options, and way over priced at $38,000. The dealer is not the best in town, so I asked another dealer that I have been working with, which didn't seem to know anything about this color. Anybody else heard of this? It would look great with the Parchment interior. (I can't do grey, after living 5 years with it)
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