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  • hey wehttam1!

    Are you sure you got your info right, everything I can see is that it is still +$800 for the 5.4 vs the 4.6 on the screw. If you go to and price a "regular f150" then it is, +$1550 but thats if you go from a base v6 (4.2)to a 5.4. On the screws, base engine is a 4.6, so it looks like its still +$800 to go to the 5.4.
  • Looking for some help . . . I've just recently started shopping for a F150 -SCREW and quickly decided on the 4x2 Lariat. The only thing I'm still undecided on is the engine. I have no plans to tow anything but I don't want to buy the 4.6L, find out it's under powered and wish I had the 5.4L. Can anyone help me . . . Do I really need a 5.4L? What's the impact on gas mileage?

    Thanks for your input.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    Not that I ever completely believe EPA estimated mileages, but they are a starting point! Some numbers I found digging around and

    HP: 220
    Torque: 290 ftlb
    EPA Mileage Est (4x2): 15 city/21 highway

    HP: 260
    Torque: 350 ftlb
    EPA Mileage Est (4x2): 15 city/19 highway

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  • wehttam1wehttam1 Posts: 3

    I'm not exactly sure what happened, but when I went in to order the truck, the dealer and I sat at the computer, configured the truck and came up with the $630/$800 price for the 5.4 option. That was on 3/5. Then, when the dealer entered that same build configuration into the ordering computer on 3/7(to place the order), the 5.4 option showed up as $1300/$1550 along with a $200 increase on the base price. They called and informed me of the price increase. I was pretty upset because I had put money down on the vehicle before the "price increase" and felt that I should not be penalized for their mistake of not actually ordering the vehicle at the time I put money down. Anyway, to make a long story shorter, it turns out that the original configuration was missing the Offroad Group option (which I had requested originally), so they had to re-enter my order. This time, the 5.4 option was back to the $630/$800 price, However the base price was still $200 more than the original price quote. I had a conversation with the GM and she is going to talk to the Ford Rep today about the $200.
    I think what happened is that when the $200 price increase for the base was entered into Ford's computers, somehow (through user entry error or some other system error) the 5.4 information for the f150 regular truck was applied to the SuperCrew. My truck was ordered while the error was still happening, then the error was identified and corrected, so when they re-entered my order, the information was correct. It happens. I'm just glad that I didn't accept the "price increase" when they informed me of it, otherwise I would be paying more for a truck that would be missing an option that I really want.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    anyone else here have an in dash cd player that occasionally quits working and says "cd too hot" on radio monitor? well i do, and apparently ford has a fix for this. local dealership has ordered me a new radio/cd player. apparently the newer ones have a built in fan to keep the unit cooler.

    btw, anyone here ever notice a popping/crackling noise from underneith the vehicle while it is running? mine does this all the time but is only truly noticeable if i pull up along side a building with the engine running and my window open. local dealership gave me some bullcrap about truck being new...hummm!!
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    imo, the gas mileage difference between the 4.6/5.4l is negligible, especially with the 4x4 version. however the power and torque difference is substantial! when you are shelling out 30k or more for a vehicle, why not go for the 800 bucks extra 5.4l? i'm certainly glad i did, and i haven't towed a damn thing, yet!

    btw, anyone else seen the new "king ranch" edition s-crew? while at the dealership today i spied one in the showroom. not bad! the seats are leather and have a sort of old school look and colour to them. from what i could tell, even the back seats were individual buckets. there is a center console front and rear which is also covered in leather. two tone paint treatment is a tad different than the regular s-crew. only thing missing was a sunroof...
  • lullman1lullman1 Posts: 15
    I just took delivery 4 days ago of my KRE and I love it. So does my wife and kids and anyone else who has ridden in it. Ordered mine and it took 7-1/2 weeks to arrive. 500 miles on it and love it more every time I get in it. I did get the moonroof. Seats are awesome w/heat. Only vehicle that i've ever driven that I had to move the seat foward. So much legroom w/ the seat back and the pedals foward I barely touch them and I'm 6'-2"
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    which exterior colour did you get? the one i saw at the dealership was green/arizona beige and was pretty sharp!
  • lullman1lullman1 Posts: 15
    It is petty sharp looking in my driveway. Estate Green /Arizona Beige.
  • famlydocfamlydoc Posts: 7
    Anyone on this bulletin board aware of a controversy about the radiator size installed on Screws with the Trailer tow package. I was on the Screw bulletin board and I noted several references that several owners were dismayed that they had only gotten a 1 inch radiator instead of a larger radiator in their tow package option. When I purchased my truck with that option I thought it included the class three hitch, wiring harness, auxiliary transmission cooler, larger size alternator and larger amp. battery. I was not aware of any difference in the radiator. If this is true that we were to have a larger radiator and did not get it I will be dissapointed. I would appreciate any feedback on this subject. I looked at my radiator and all I can see is a sticker with a number and bar code. Will this identify the radiator size?
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    here is what is supposed to be in the trailer tow group (according to ford's web page). i'm not sure what the radiator upgrade actually means but i'd imagine it means a larger one...

    Class III Trailer Tow Group $350.00
    - 7-Pin Trailer Wiring Harness
    - Class III Frame-Mounted Hitch Receiver
    - Heavy-Duty Electrical/Cooling Package
    - Heavy-Duty 72-Amp Hr Battery
    - Upgraded Auxiliary Transmission Oil Cooler (5.4L Engine)
    - Super Engine Cooling (Radiator Upgrade)
    - Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers
  • wehttam1
    Glad to see you got that all straighten out. I'm real close in ordering mine and when I saw that, I wasn't crazy about the additional cost for the 5.4. I don't plan on towing as others folks recently had indicated but still plan on the 5.4. At a couple MGP less than the 4.6 and at 12-15k miles a year 130-150 more for gas isn't all that bad....

    Also what is it w/ ford radios?!!!, Our copmany has pretty much all fords, from rangers to 350's and all the radios heat up big time.....At least there finally addressing it.
  • I have seen a post that the horse power rating on the 5.4L was upgraded to 300hp. can any one confirm that
  • I ordered my Screw/lariat 2x4 on 2/22 on the X plan w/ 5.4L, LTHR CPT CHAIRS, 3.55 LIM SLIP,Sliding rear Win, Trailer tow PKG,. The total under the X plan was 25,972.00. I called the dealer on 3/5 to add the bed ext to the order. the truck had not been built yet so there should not be a problem. I stop in at the dealer on 3/9 to see if the truck had any kind of delivery date. Looking at the the new print out the sales rep said the price had gone up over and above the bed ext price of 166.00 by 200.00 he said it looked like when they added the bed ext they reordered the whole truck and the increase had shown up. The dealer Mng. said they would take care of the 200.00 after they take delivery on the unit.
  • bwexler1bwexler1 Posts: 6
    Anyone out there know if the 5 spoke cast aluminum wheels are an option or standard? My screw came with the chrome wheels and when Ford called for the follow up, they said the 5 spoke was an option. I've seen some stickers lately that list them at no charge.' What's up? I went through internet sales and got A plan through a Ford rebate so I wasn't too picky at the time.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    according to the ford web site, the 16 incher cast aluminum wheels are indeed a no cost option. however, the 17 incher cast alums are extra cost and require the off-road group as well.
  • Rich:
    Thanks for the story on your choice of the QC. You should probably have it by now.

    I had actually priced the QC from a friend who owned a DODGE dealership. He only promised 2.5% over invoice. A dealer my employer works with had the $100 over invoice deal. My friend said, "If I ordered, I would be price protected on the rebate but not the finance rate". The other dealer disagreed. I got scared!

    I sold my trusty Explorer for $4700 (about $200 more than I expected to get) and bought the Screw. I took delivery on March 3, and only have about 500 miles on it. The dealer sold me the truck with it "nearly full" and 113 miles on the odometer. I have yet to empty my first full tank of gas. I can only guess what my MPG was on that first tank (it appeared to be 12.75), I'll try to behave with this new toy and keep my right foot off the floor (hopefully I can get the low end of the EPA ratings).

    I ended up paying $25,195 (off the lot) with 6.9% financing @ 60 months (through Ford). Original sticker was $28,480. No disappointments yet.
  • mmcapmmcap Posts: 1
    I am fortunate enought to be able to purchase a Screw through the X-plan. Having never done this before, I understand the pricing relative to the A-plan, but I want to know if the dealer is going to try any last second add-ons? I thought I read somewhere that the X-plan price is the final price (plus tax). Can anybody confirm this? Should I expect other charges to be included on top of the X-plan price.

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    i looked every place i could think of, but didn't see anything relating to a bump in horsepower to 300hp for the 5.4l installed in the supercrew. keep in mind that ford does install a 300hp 5.4l "32v" v/8 in the upscale lincoln navigators; and also will put it into the lincoln supercrew knockoff (blackwood) later this year. it appears for now that the 32v 5.4l is not being offered in the supercrew, but i suppose that could change. i'm sure that engine would bring a hefty premium!
  • pghs68pghs68 Posts: 5
    I used the X Plan to purchase my Screw and thought I had the cost figured to the penny but...
    the dealer added "Consumer Services" at a cost of $395. I asked what it was for and was told (after a little prodding) that it was for the discount coupons ($2.00 off oil changes, etc) that came with the purchase of the truck. They told me that every vehicle they sold included this cost for consumer services. This may be just a local custom or it may be nationwide, I don't know. Although I told them I'd rather not have the coupons and keep the $395, I was told that wasn't possible. Other than that, all other costs associated with the purchase were as expected. It just left a little sour taste in my mouth. I mean, here I am paying 27M for a vehicle which I'm more than happy to do, and then I come away feeling like I've been taken for $395. Not a good way to do business. At least the dealer could have let me know up front. Before you buy, I'd ask your dealer if you will be paying for any "Consumer Services" or similar type program.
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