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  • forddawgforddawg Posts: 1
    I bought a 2001 F150 supercrew from Klement Ford of Shawnee Oklahoma for $49 over invoice! My retired father is driving it back from OK right now. They will drop ship the truck to a Ford dealer in your area for approximately $200. (My dad wanted to go to Dallas anyway to visit friends). As good a deal as I could find. I got a very well equipped XLT 2WD, 5.4L for $26,062. Ask for Jason and tell him the guy from California sent you.
  • needinfo2needinfo2 Posts: 4
    $100 over invoice from Omeara??? Are you dealing with an internet or fleet manager? Please let us know how it turns out...I too live in CO and have tried to deal with Omeara in the past, only to discover they were about the worst dealership I have ever worked with.

    Please post an update if the delivery actually takes place as expected. I had a good deal on a truck with them before, only for them to switch to a less-expensive truck upon delivery.
  • breidenbbreidenb Posts: 5
    Matt McCormick is the internet sales manager at Omera I have been dealing with. He has been responsive, and the dates quoted have been met, e.g. he stated a build date of 5/29 and I just got an e-mail stating that the truck is built and waiting to be shipped.

    With some of the stories I've heard it wouldn't surprise me if there are a few "issues" at the end. I'm not too worried since I do not need the truck, and although I would accept some deltas from what I ordered (at invoice) I'll walk if the $100 over factory invoice isn't met.

    I'll post updates as the process unfolds.
  • elliottdjelliottdj Posts: 12
    How did you get an email on your completion date. I have an order number and related info but only get "clean and unscheduled" on the VOPC. I would love to find an internet-based site to find out the status of my recently order truck. Can you advise?
  • breidenbbreidenb Posts: 5
    They date he gave me was a verbal. I've also hunted around for a "status" site with no luck. gives some general information on items impacting production....
  • draymond2draymond2 Posts: 134
    My neice works at the truck plant in Louisville. The x-plan works this way.
    Each employee can use 4times a year
    No restrictions on who can use
    Employee gets a PIN number to order vehicle.
    X plan pricing is approx 4% over A plan pricing.
    X plan approx $200under invoice depending on cost
    of the vehicle/options ordered.
  • flamingo26flamingo26 Posts: 10
    I didn't believe the newspaper ad of a dealer approx. 1 hr. from my house. After having a deal fall through on a Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, I decided to give this Ford dealership a try. Turns out that I really got a 2001 SC 4.6L 4X4 for $60 under invoice.
    Now all that's left to do is get some accessories when I take delivery on Friday. Anyone have a suggestion on steps? I am only 5' 3" and have quite a time getting in and out of the truck. (I originally wanted a 4X2 for that reason)
  • shamirshamir Posts: 1
    I am interested in buying a 2001 Supercrew, but I'm concerned that there are no headrests in the back seats at all. (There is little or no room between the back seat and rear window.) Does anyone know if there is a way to retrofit the back seats with some sort of headrest kit?
  • rtgragertgrage Posts: 2
    I just bought my 2wd XLT from a Great dealer south of Houston Texas for 2% over inv.
    The final price was 25,500. The dealer made a good profit and I got a good deal.
    I went to a couple of other dealers who told me that the could only come down to 1,500 over.
    The reason is that the market will bare this sort of pricing. These trucks are hot right now.
    I really like mine. Very Comfortable.
    As for the headrest question in the last post.
    I share your concern. Sure would be nice to have a headrest for the back seat.
  • ronado2ronado2 Posts: 5
    Headrests create blind spots for vision I assume. For now my little tykes won't be affected. Adults....bring your own pillow I suppose. Next...I'm a transplant from topic #702 buit can't get any responses concerning my question about 5th wheeling capabilities with SCREW's short bed. Is this a concern or not? Thanks, ronado2
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    Just curious if you got your truck yet. Ordered mine on 06/17/00 from Phil Long Ford (internet sales). Got a great price no negotiating just a straight up offer from them for invoice price which I jumped on right away after double checking that price against Kelly and Edmunds invoice figures. Anyway they're telling me they are getting orders delivered right at six weeks. Seems a little optimistic to me as I would expect 8 to 10 weeks. Trying to gauge it by your delivery.


  • breidenbbreidenb Posts: 5
    See post #53. As an aside, what did Phil Long quote you and were you dealing with Mr. Mitts? When I was negotiating with them (a couple of month's ago so maybe their prices have come down) the best he could do was ~1000 over invoice, he never stated a bottom line price so it's an approximation on my part.
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    I sent for Internet quotes from both Phil Long Ford and Burt Ford using the "Build your Ford" interactive tool on the Phil Long Ford website. That tool, on their website, suprisingly showed MSRP and dealer invoice side by side. I did a quick check against Edmunds and Kelly to make sure the invoice price was correctly posted. It was so I was comfortable the invoice price on their site was legitimate. I sent for a quote to both "Phil Long" and Burt". "Phil Long" offered the truck equipped as I had "built" it for the invoice price (saving of $4100 off MSRP). "Burt" offered the same truck for $600 above MSRP (saving of $3500). Naturally I took "Phil Longs" offer.

    Prior to using the internet I had gone to 4 Denver area Ford dealerships. Three would not move off MSRP. The fourth "Omera" ford offered $1200 below MSRP. I dealt with John Walsh and Colin Cree at "Phil Long". No pressure, no negotiatons, one offer and the deal was done. Both John and Colin were courteous and professional. These two sale persons work in the dealership's "Internet sales" section which is seperate from the rest of sales. They apparently have alot of control over the sales price as their was none of "I have to check with my manager" on the price going on. As a matter of fact there was no negotiations or back and forth haggling. It was basically a, "this is our best offer take it or leave it", approach. It was the best experience at auto buying I have encountered in 35 years. They are telling me the delivery should be close to six weeks. I think that may be a little optimistic and am prepared for 8 to 10 weeks. How long was the wait on your order???


  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    For those ordering S Crews. I was told yesterday production has been delayed a month as Ford will be building the "Super Duty's in KC also and is gearing up. True or not who knows; but that was the explanation given for a 6/21 order that got a built date of the week of 8/21 (priority 12). Oh well, it will be worth the wait.

    Mtn Mike
  • starrogstarrog Posts: 7
    Thanks Mntmike for the information you furnished me the other day. I went to the dealership yesterday inquiring about my order. I did not realize that the order form I was orginally looking at was just a mock order to see if all of the equipment I wanted was available. I received a copy of my real order from the dealer. I have a priority 10, that sounds alot better doesn't it. I called the number you furnished and my scheduled built date won't be until 8/7/00. I ordered the truck on 6/2/00. Thats about 60 days before they even start making my SC. I'm a little disappointed in the amount of time it's taking, but I guess its because I'm so anxious. I've waited years to get my new truck, I guess a few more weeks won't matter. It will be worth it. Again I appreciate the information.

    I just recently signed on to townhall and I have really enjoyed all of the discussions. If you get the time, let me know how your SC experience goes.
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    Time frame seems about right. My order was placed on 06/21/00 and the "Built Date" is the week of 08/21/00. Apparently there was a month delay tacked on all S-Crews ordered after 06/01/00 due to factory conversion for "Super-Dutys". The April and May orders were running about six to eight weeks from date of order. I too am anxious. You should get yours about two weeks ahead of me so stay in touch.

    Mtn Mike
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    Just curious if any of you S-crew owners or buyers
    are leasing the truck. Curious about what
    residual you got with a "Red Carpet Lease" and what
    "Money Factor" (Rent Charge) you were given. I am
    being told for now anyway residual at 62% for 24
    months and 57% for 36 months with a 9% "Money
    Factor" (rent charge). That may change for the
    better or worse after 07/05/00 when the current
    S-Crew program expires.

  • lee75lee75 Posts: 15
    I wasn't going to order it, but I just might. I've been drving rag tops for many years and may miss the sky view. Anyone have experience with this vehicles moonroof or f-150 moonroofs generally? Many thanks.
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100

    Check this board or the other S-Crew discussion board "See all responses". I read a couple of complaints about vibration and noise when the "Moonroof" is open at speeds over 65mph.

    Mtn Mike
  • bmccannbmccann Posts: 1
    I have got the dealer down to $500 over invoice for SC XLT, 4.6l,Trailer tow grp, slider window- $34,640 Canadian (approx.$23,250 us).We have agreed on trade-in $. My question is how long on avg. is it taking for delivery after order. Dealer wants $0.08/Km discount on all Km I put on my trade-in from order date.I want to know how many months it takes to get truck so I can estimate Km loss. I havn't signed yet.
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