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  • leeg3leeg3 Posts: 5
    I've been reading all the past postings & would like to thank everyone for their former contributions & thank you in advance for answering my current questions (I appologize for the length).

    I had decided to buy an Screw XLT with only the limited slip diff. & cab steps as options, but the selections at my local dealers are "slim pickin's" & most of the trucks remaining have several options installed.

    Would someone be so kind to help with the following questions:

    1. Is the ride (i.e. tranny performance) for the 5.4 much better than the 4.6; someone had alluded to this awhile ago, I think.

    2. Should I go with the 5.4 if I'm looking for the limited slip diff. & towing package?

    3. What's the verdict on the towing package anyway? Would I be able to transport a car on a trailer? And, should I make a "big stink" up front about the radiator?

    4. My main reason for the limited slip is for a possible relocation up north & anxiety with cold climate driving (currently not much snowfall in FLA), but the salesman said that lim. slip isn't much of a help in snow?

    5. Is there any history of a cash incentive/ rebate on a new year model? Am considering waiting a few months for an '02 Screw, but don't want to miss out on the $1500 deal.

    6. I like the deep blue color choice, but worried about possible repair work / aftermarket product matching since it's no longer being offered as a color choice.

    Had a few more ?'s, but can't rememeber now! Thanks again to everyone!
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    Don't listen to a FLA car saleman's advice on the limited slip in snow, I have seen plenty of 2wd trucks get further in deep snow then 4wd's without limited slip.
  • atlanta4atlanta4 Posts: 51
    Here are my thoughts regarding your questions on a new Supercrew.
    1.I haven't driven one with a 4.6L but mine with the 5.4L rides very nice. As far as the tranny - not sure but I think the 5.4L might have a different tranny than the 4.6L. At any rate, the 5.4L comes with a HD transmission cooler with should improve longevity & transmission performance particularly if towing is a consideration. If you're thinking about towing anything -go for the 5.4L & it will be money well spent.
    2. See #1 above. The 5.4L is built with heavier internals i.e. than the 4.6L and has better torque & HP. Both of these will be noticed when you do some towing. Mine has the 5.4L w/towing pkg, 4X4 w/off road package which also includes heavier duty shocks. I have a 26' two axle travel trailer that I've been fixing up all summer to take to my hunting camp. It's old (a 1973 model) and heavy (around 4500-5000lbs). I hooked it up & pulled it around the North Georgia mountains last week and the truck pulled this heavy trailer effortlessly. I could steer it with one finger on the wheel everywhere but the steepest downhill curves where I would get a little sway but I haven't put a sway control hitch on the truck yet.
    3. I think the towing package is worth getting but the verdict is still out on the radiator issue. My truck is back at the dealer getting two tone paint applied & I have continued to inquire about the radiator. I mentioned a TSB (technical service bulletin) the I had heard mentioned on the f150 online site. This seemed to get their attention & they are looking further into it while the truck is in the shop getting painted. I am not optimistic however. I still like the towing package - it's just too bad Ford didn't clarify this earlier.
    4. As far as driving in snow - the salesman might be right. Chains will give you better grip whether you have limited slip or not. 4WD is better yet but if there's ice (and there will be) you're going to slide even if you're driving a tank. If you're new to cold weather driving going slow and braking carefully makes more difference than what kind of car you're driving.
    The limited slip is a relatively cheap upgrade however & will come in handy if you're pulling a boat up a steep ramp.
    5. I grabbed the $1500 to get a 2001 when I found the truck I wanted. Mine is loaded & I was lucky to find one decked out like I wanted. Don't know about incentives for the 2002's but doubt they will be as generous for the times being.
    6. Get the color you like. They can always match the color by computer if need be.
    Sorry this got so long but hope it helps.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    in a vehicle as heavy as the are much better off getting the larger engine. btw, all s-crews whether eqipped with the 4.6l or 5.4l come with the same tranny (4r70w). the only exception might be the harley davidson version where someone on f150online claims to the have the beefier 4r100 unit.
  • leeg3leeg3 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the replies!

    I had a friend (former Ford mechanic) drive the 4.6 & 5.4 & he also noticed a considerable difference between ride quality (the 5.4 transferring many road imperfections). Supposedly these 2 have the same suspension, etc... & we made sure they had the same tires (although we couldn't check tire pressure). While the 4.6 with towing package wasn't as smooth as the 4.6 without it, it was still better than the 5.4.

    Since I'm buying as a truck/SUV compromise, I would like a smoother ride, but don't want to sacrifice power. I'm not expecting a truck to ride like a caddy, but I can't believe that a difference in engine weight is the cause.

    Several people have told me that their 5.4 rides smooth, but would like more confirmation.

    Also, the brakes on the 4.6 were very soft (like an old U-haul) while the 5.4 brakes were excellent. Go figure.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    my s-crew with 5.4l and trailor tow package rides just like it a truck. it is neither mushy nor bone is a pleasant in-between. mine is a 4x4 and thus i can't compare to a 2wd version. also, i haven't driven an s-crew with the 4.6l. i don't really know why the s-crews with 5.4l would ride worse, if anything they should ride better since there is more weight on the front suspension.
  • wesyangwesyang Posts: 32
    If you are looking for a truck/SUV compromise and smooth ride, check out new Chevy Avalanche. I did test drive two days ago, the ride is very good even with Z71 (off-road package).
    Yes, Avalanche is not a good looking truck as Screw so I don't want to go for it. However, it has all the functions that Screw has. Plus, it has side-airbags, fog lights, hard bed cover, better towing capacity and more as standard. Of cause, it also costs more.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    gm should have given the avalanche to pontiac since it reminds me of the many heavily plastic clad cars that division produces...imo it ranks right behind the aztek for ugliest vehicle on the road!
  • leeg3leeg3 Posts: 5
    Ok. Went to a different dealer today; drove a 5.4 with lim. slip & towing package with the same tires (Generals) that were on the previous test vehicles.

    This truck drove much better than the other 5.4's I tested. Not like the ride of the 4.6 I mentioned before, but vastly better. However, the brakes were soft, which I don't understand.

    I'm thinking the prevsious poor 5.4 rides were due to those particular trucks sitting in one spot for awhile. Perhaps they developed a flat spot on the tire?
  • atlanta4atlanta4 Posts: 51
    You may have a point about the truck sitting for a while. This should resolve when the tires are warmed up after about 5 miles though. Really don't think there should be much difference in ride between the 5.4 & 4.6. You might try driving both trucks over the same stretch of road.

    Agree with emale about the cladding on the Avalanche. The general reaction I've heard is either love it or hate it. It definitely gives the truck an unmistakable appearance. Wonder what it would look like with the cladding toned down a bit?
  • dlh4x4dlh4x4 Posts: 1
    I'm waiting to order an '02 King Ranch SuperCrew and found that a new option for "02 is a rear bench seat instead of the standard captains chairs. It says that it is "late availability" Does anyone know what the option code is and when I can order one?
  • connonconnon Posts: 52
    Any King Ranchers out there having problems with the seat back map pockets? My leather must have shrunk because the magnetic snaps do not even match up anymore.Took it back to the dealer who ran the problem through the computer and came up with no service bulletins regarding the issue.I cant stand the sight of these pockets hanging open, even with nothing in them.A normal snap would have been the answer,the magnetic ones are worthless......p.s. would have much preferred a bench seat in the rear to the buckets.much easier to fold down to load up luggage than the buckets with the center console.
  • I've got a lease that ends in September and plan to buy a Lariat SuperCrew in the DFW area. Will pricing continue to go lower between now and then on the 2001's?

  • atlanta4atlanta4 Posts: 51
    Got word from my dealer today about the radiator. The service manager confirmed that my radiator is indeed a 'standard' one and that Ford is in the process of 'developing' a radiator for the S'crew HD application. Don't know if this involves a different mounting system for the existing 2 row HD radiator or an entirely new radiator. He said an 'Owner Notification" would be issued within 30-60 days to those affected by this issue. I have to give my dealership a lot of credit on this because they're the ones who did the research with Ford and confirmed my suspicions about the radiator. I probably shouldn't get my hopes up but this really represents a quantum leap from what I expected in trying to get this resolved. Ford has essentially admitted that the issue exists therefore some sort of resolution should be forthcoming. At any rate, those of you who have concerns would do well to check your purchase literature (window stickers, invoices, etc..) to see if your S'crews were supposed to have this option. I will post any updates as I receive them.
  • leeg3leeg3 Posts: 5
    Would like to thank everyone for all the help & support. I'm picking up my S-crew tmw!!! Got a really great deal with X-plan & current rebates. Took some time to find what I wanted (due to dwindling stock), but I found one. Thanks again!
  • Just got my Supercrew Saturday. Man I love it! Anyone buying a truck in the SW Fla. area needs to go to Charlotte County Ford, had excellent experience buying my Crew. Awesome dealership.
  • atlanta4atlanta4 Posts: 51
    Congrats leeg3 & truckin4! I'm sure you'll be as happy as I am with the S'crew. It's an awesome truck. As long as we're giving out dealer kudos -Team Ford in Marietta (GA) really treated us well & my posts have listed the issues they helped us with. They were very helpful, prompt & courteous without being pushy and gave us a much better deal than we found anywhere else. They've given us great service after the purchase too. Give 'em a call if you live in GA.
  • guy21guy21 Posts: 129
    My dealer's parts man found the following message on the Ford dealer parts computer system:
    "Attention: Radiator Concern: 2001 F150, 5.4L engine with trailer tow pkg (XL3Z-8005-AA) If you have concerns call Ford FCSD reg. office. Bulletin #3556"
    The dealer was passing this on to his area rep. in my behalf. Does anyone have an opinion on what this means?
  • atlanta4atlanta4 Posts: 51
    See my earlier post #795. Thr Bulletin 3556 migt refer to the Technical Service Bulletin I mentioned previosly,
  • I reported a few weeks ago that I had discovered a tear or separation in the metal on the roof of the cab on my '01 Screw. The dealer wanted to bodyshop it and I refused. The Regional Service guy with FORD wanted to bodyshop and I refused. The dealer sent a guy two hours to my home and swapped me out with a new 01 Screw exactly like my other minus the tear. Still haven't made the first payment yet. We still have paperwork to complete and they will have to write me a check for the taxes and registration but that should do it. Just wanted to let you know that justice still prevails in some parts of the world, even in Louisiana! -Chris
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