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  • rs2001rs2001 Posts: 2
    First, we have been using the AAA buying service to hunt us down a 2001 S'crew. I have to say the service is great and if you haven't tried it, consider it. They do all the legwork and the prices they are returning seem pretty decent apparently because they have deals to buy in bulk. OK, now the real issue. The AAA buyer has found several trucks that are close to our specs and we have narrowed it to two at this point (although he is still hunting). Truck A (an XLT)has most of what we want except shift-on-the-fly 4WD. It also has the 5.4L engine which is larger than we need. Truck B is the basic XLT with a 4.6L engine. The price difference is about $1300. We are tempted by truck A but also think that maybe we could get truck B, save $1300 and add options later if possible. These options would be 1) power drivers seat, 2) sliding rear window and 3) on-the-fly 4WD. My question is, can these options be added by a dealer anytime later and is this a wise thing to do. I worry they might not be as good as factory installed. I also worry that at the dealer they may cost more to install than what is listed on the Edmunds site due to extra labor. Any insight on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

    Lastly, for those others of you still holding out for a 2001, the deal my AAA guy called me with today included a $2000 rebate; he thinks by next week it could go higher but no guarantees.

    Happy shopping and driving and I look forward to to hearing from anybody knowledgeable in this area.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    by a Dealer will cost waaaay more than as a Factory option.
  • zimzamzimzam Posts: 10
    I was looking all over oklahoma city area for a good deal on the fully loaded screw 4x4. And they cound not beat the deal that you mention in mess# 741. I called the dealer, westway ford, and he said come on down and he made a deal of $6500 off the MSRP. I went down there last Saturday and pick the baby up. Love the truck and it drove like a dream. Talked to Jimmy Haley the manager or salesman Kevin Merton. Oh I notice a small dent in the tail gate and I mentioned it and when I went back out there the tail gate was changed with a new one.
  • wlm26wlm26 Posts: 33
    First off, I'm having a tough time deciding now, on whether to go with the CLS III option. From pretty much everything that's been said here, all it really comes down to is the hitch, shocks, and trailering harness. Is this right?? The other HD items aren't actually there, and possibly shouldn't even be offered according to Ford?? Bad idea. Second, I was at Burt Ford here in Colorado Sunday, and I'll be damn if I didn't see 20 or 30 2k1 regular F150's with the seats that have the seatbelts integrated in the seats. Now what I can't figure out is why they don't offer these seats in the Super Crews??? They're basically the same, just the bolstering it a little wider to accomodate the drive mech. Any ideas on whether I can get these seats???
  • zimzamzimzam Posts: 10
    I am thinking of putting in the sprayin bed liner but so many different types and brands. Does anybody have any recommendations.
  • Glad to hear that you got the deal that you wanted and that I was of some help.
  • The option code for the split bench rear seat in the King Ranch Screw should be 87B, the same as in XLTs and Lariats.
  • guy21guy21 Posts: 129
    The Ford rep told my dealer today that this bulletin refers to the radiator problem being the fault of the literature being printed in error. Ford deleted the radiator, but the printer didn't, or something to that effect. I have asked for a hard copy from Ford. It reminds me of a parody done years ago on project management techniques. When a problem arises, "blame the non-participants". Also noticed today on the F150 Online site that the State of Arizona's Attorney General is investigating.
  • atlanta4atlanta4 Posts: 51
    I hope this is not the "owner notification" that my dealer told me to expect in 30-60 days. I'm still so happy with the truck that it's a shame to still have that nagging problem in the back of my mind.
    If it's any consolation - I just towed my 5000lb(est) travel trailer with my 500lb ATV in the truck bed in 90+ degree heat to my hunting camp. The temp needle hardly budged from where it has stayed in regular day to day driving and gas mileage only dropped about 1.5mpg! So any doubts I had about towing ability were pretty much erased...Would still like to hear any updates you hear about on this & I will do the same.
  • lyvxx35lyvxx35 Posts: 2
    I am interested in purchasing a 4x4 Supercrew and have read in Ford literature that the height is 79" tall. I want to make sure it fits in my (standard?)garage which is 80.5" at the lowest point. Can anyone verify the height??
  • atlanta4atlanta4 Posts: 51
    Ford brochure lists the 4X4 at 76.9" tall. I just went out to the garage & looked at mine - it's 77" at the highest point & it has the 17" tires. Hope this helps.
  • 3fan23fan2 Posts: 6
    First of all where has everyone gone? I have not seen anyone post here for a while. Usually this is one of the most current sections. Any how. Does anyone have info on the changes or lack there of for the 2002 Supercrew? Any idea when they will be on the dealers lots?

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    don't appear to be any big changes. lariat and king ranch get automatic climate control. there are a couple new colours. lariat colour selection is now larger. rear bench now an option or will be shortly on the king ranch. i gleaned most of this by looking at new truck pricing on
  • jsr283jsr283 Posts: 7
    Ordered a 2002 F-150 4WD Xlt Screw 3 or 4 weeks ago and would like to pass on some pricng information so that it can hopefully help others who are in the market or can generate some constructive criticism. The dealer surprisingly agreed to order for invoice price and all the figures are below:

    Base price $26,558
    5.4 L eng 680
    Limited slip axle 243
    Skid plates 136
    Tow pkg 298
    16" AT tires 107
    Destination 715
    FDAF Assessment 260
    US Gal Gas 18

    Subtotal $29,015

    official fee-10.50/temp tag-4.00 14.50
    notary fee-15.00/document fee-35.00 50.00

    Subtotal $29,079.50
    local sales tax 8.75% 2,544.46
    license title registration 95.00

    Total $31,718.96
    The FDAF Assessment was explained to be an advertising fee even on customer ordered vehicles. Dealer said truck would come with a full tank of gasoline but that factory charged $18 or so on the invoice.
    Dealer originally wanted to charge a "Consumer Services" fee (approx. $400) to cover his vehicle prep costs, but reduced it and finally eliminated it entirely when I balked.
    Hopefully this info will benefit someone. If anyone out there can shed any light on whether this was a resonable deal, and if not, where I could have done better, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    With small V8 and auto, with LS high gearing ? Anybody know ?
  • 3fan23fan2 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info on the 2002 Supercrew. Hey! jsr283 did the tell how long before delivery? Keep us posted. I am surprised you got invoice pricing on the 2002 model now.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    you can get invoice pricing on the '02 s-crew at they actually have a section that allows you to build your vehicle. i used it today to get a half way decent deal on my newly ordered s-crew.
  • atlanta4atlanta4 Posts: 51
    Mine is a 4X4 with off road package, 5.4L, 3.55 limited slip. The best I've done so far has been 13.1MPG on the highway (avg 70mph). Truck only has 3000 miles on it so maybe a little more break in will help but I doubt it will improve much. I towed a 28' trailer that weighed about 5000lbs with it to my hunting camp & surprisingly mileage didn't suffer that much - around 11.5. Have read a lot of posts about mileage with the 4.6 vs 5.4L engine & everyone seems to think there is little difference. I know the 4X4 & rear gears make a big difference though. Hope this helps.
  • connonconnon Posts: 52
    Took my 4x4 KR ,5.4 , 355ls on it's first long trip Upstate NY. About 700 miles round trip. First leg up there we got 16.99 mpg with around 16.5 on the flip-flop.This was with the cruise on most of the way set at around 75-78 MPH. Pretty heavy foot all the way there and back.This truck has just turned 4000 miles.My brother-in-law( works at the Wixom plant building Lincolns and T-Birds) drives almost the same truck (F150 supercab 4x4) says his, once it got past 10000 miles, the mpg went way up.Closer to 18 MPG highway.
  • How much is the truck pre-wired for other options, such as auto headlights, and the pass. air bag switch?
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