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  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    about Ford's packages. You have to go all the way to an Eddie Bauer (or Limited too on Explorer) and I think even get Leather and memory and all the rest, just to get the passenger seat power too. On GM, one's power they both are. Back when we bought our '96 Explorer it was just the oopposite.
  • Congradulations on your new purchase. I am in the same exact situation now as you were a few days ago. Nows the time to buy...trouble is, these dealers in houston are being stingy...only 1000 rebate and never mentioned anything about the x-plan rebate.

    Did you use x-plan or was that a negotiated deal? You did get a great deal on you truck.

    I am thinking about traveling to garland to visit prestige ford. Checked out their web site and Looks like they have a great selection.

    Can you give me a referral of the salesman you worked with? Also, did you do your own financing so you could take advantage of the rebates. I've got outside financing, but the 2.9% for 60 months is tempting as well.


    Chris H
  • What sort of gas mileage are people getting on SCrew 4x4 5.4L?

  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    Just picked up my New 02 XLT SCrew 5.4 4x4....on Friday, had an illness in the family, ended up driving 804 miles between Friday & Sunday. Varied my speed as the dealer said for the first 500 miles, also was advised not to use cruise for that time. 1st tank was 15.7 (mixed highway & city) 2nd tank 16.4 (highway) 3rd tank 16.7 (highway)4th tank 16.6. I think it's not to shabby to start. This truck is great to drive, I'm not saying the Super Duty isn't a great truck too (I traded my SD Crew Cab for the Super Crew)
    I decided to down size and I'm glad I did.
  • i have had my 4x4, 5.4, screw for about 2 weeks..gas mileage was my biggest fear.. i am pleased to report that it is doing fine.. i dont drive hard.. i am a 65mph driver on the highway and dont shoot away from lights... i estimate i have about 2/3 highway and 1/3 city driving..first fillup was 17.3, 2nd was 16.4, and 3rd was 17.7.. i think it will even get week i give it a good test when i head to north dakota for a duck hunt. right now i am simply tickled with this truck..
  • kk5svkk5sv Posts: 1
    I'm considering purchasing a 4x4 Super Crew.

    I was wondering about the differences in the 4.6L vs. the 5.4L in terms of (1.) Gas Mileage and (2.) Power. If the 5.4L is much more powerful but only a couple of MPG less than the 4.6L, may be worth the upgrade.

    The heaviest thing I would ever pull is a Pop Up Camper or a small ski boat.
  • Does anyone here have newfordman1's email address? I really need to get ahold of him to find out more about his purchase in garland,tx.
  • I went through all of this before I bought a couple weeks ago. In fact, when I started looking I was sure I was going to get the 4.6. I talked to a lot of people and in particular one guy that had had a screw with the 4.6 and then replaced it with a screw with the 5.4. my conclusion was that the only reason not to get the 5.4 was the increased initial cost. the gas mileage was not that different and the power difference was considerable. I did get the 5.4 and am happy I did. the gas mileage I am experiencing is liveable.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    definitely get the 5.4l engine if you plan to also get 4wd. the 4.6l is a little gutless in such a heavy truck and therefore its gas mileage won't be much better than the more relaxed 5.4l.
  • Hey Newfordman1..what's the build date of your new SCREW? You can find it by opening the drivers door and looking at the bottom of the piller between the front and back doors.
  • I believe the rheostat switch that dims the dash lights and turns the inside light on is supposed to have a setting that turns the inside lights off even with the doors open. Mine does not. am i correct in my assumption?
  • Sorry it has taken so long to reply buy my old computer finally gave up the ghost and I have been out of service while waiting for the new one to arrive. The deal I got was an advertisement in the Saturday edition of the Dallas Morning News for Prestige Ford. The salesman we happened to get was Bill Thompson, the fleet and credit union salesman. He was great, only asked to see the newspaper ad. Once he saw that he wrote out the paperwork with the advertised price. Other nice thing was he never pressured me purchase any dealer add-ons. Only asked if I wanted the extended warranty which I declined. The build date was 07/01. I must admit I was a bit leery at first because I heard that Prestige plays a lot of the dealer's games but we had none of that and it was a wonderful experience. Good luck.
  • newfordman1, I'll probably be going up that way this weekend. Did you have to show evidence of owning a chevy,dodge,toyota full size truck in order to get the 24,788 vs. 25,788? I'm hoping they'll give it to me anyway. Also, did you have your own financing or did they give you the 2.9%? Thanks for the info...
  • Well newfordman1, you got very lucky that you purchased when you did. I went to dallas to pick up an ad truck like yours (they had 3). Got up there and they had it all ready and waiting for me, but they wanted 25,788 plus tt&l. That just wasn't going to work for me. I showed them your post and the salesman went and talked to his manager--came out and said 'if you were here last weekend we could do it for you' --apparently they were offering a $2000 rebate from ford last weekend but now it's only $1000. Talk about disappointed. The funny thing was, as I started to walk away, he didn't even try and stop me or talk me into something else.

    Here's another thing that really twisted my nipples...I could have got it for that price if I owned a chevy, dodge, toyota pickup! I told him, 'what about loyal ford owners? It's all i've ever owned. Of course no response. I was tempted to say yea, i own a chevy, but don't know what kind of proof they would have asked for.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    why the difference in painted vs chrome mirrors and mesh vs bar grille? I was looking at "Screws" over the weekend and noticed these differences. They were both XLT's and had the same option package(although not the exact same total options), and I just could not figure out where the difference was coming from.
  • Hornauer,
    Don't get discouraged by the dealers BS. The S'crew is a great truck and the dealers know it so if they're having a good week of sales they sometimes 'tighten the reins' a little. Be persistent & get the truck you want - it'll be worth it!
    Sounds like some dealer applied aftermarket items to me. I'd ask them to show you invoices for them. The billet grill & lots of different chrome dress-up stuff can be had from dozens of suppliers & most are easy to install yourself & save lots of your hard earned $$$.
    Good hunting to both of you!
  • I have a 1997 F150 SuperCab 4x4 w/ 4.6L and 67K on the odo. This is THE best car I have ever owned. Drives well and smooth for everyday commuting. Twin-waverunners get pulled with little problem. It is a bit taxed when asked to pull my Boston Whaler Offshore boat (I "borrow" my brother-in-law's F250 SD when I need to pull it now), but that's not an everyday event.

    Now I find myself in a dillema.

    Ford is offering 0% on F150 SCrews, and I can get them on x-plan pricing. Do I part with my good friend for the unknown companionship of a new SCrew?

    Is a model year change emminent, and I should wait another year?

    God, the decisions.

  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    I've noticed the diff. grilles ever since the '97's but this is the first I noticed the mirrors too.
  • I have a new F-150 with the V-6 engine and from the very beginning I've heard what I can only describe as a "valve chatter" noise coming from the engine. It's not real pronounced but definitely there. Typically, you hear it just cruising along at highway speed. It's almost as if the engine is underpowered. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a similar noise with this engine?
  • Can anyone recommend a dealer N.Y./C.T..Looking to order a 2002 screw, any information on what a fair deal is would be appreciated. Received a quote of $500.00 over invoice with $220.00 added on for "regional advertising", is anyone else running into this add on? Thanks
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