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  • Well if you spell Ford backwards it's DROF. I DROF A FORD and converted from Dodge. I hope I made the right decision.

    As luck would have it, the very day I drof my shinny new Bright Red FX4 home, a noise from the left front drive train became a huge concern. The next morning at the service line I was told that none of the new Fords have come in for mechanical problems, only oil changes. It really stumped them. Upon test driving the truck with listening devices all over the bottom of it, a bad hub was diagnosed. We left it there for repairs with the understanding we were not in the market for a PROJECT VEHICLE. Continuing with us taking delivery of this one would be based on whether or not it turned out to be a simple fix, and/or if they could find an exact replacement.

    Well the hub was not the exact problem. The noise continued. The diaphragm actuator was not fully disengaging causing the splines to clank against one other. I really am disappointed that me as a fresh convert to Ford got such a bad start.

    Due to no other exact replacement vehicles any where in San Antonio, we are taking the leap of faith that this is the only problem we encounter!

    Any other problems out there with the new Fords?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    You realize that if this same thing would have happened to a Dodge some of these Ford lovers would be telling you that this is nothing but a sign of things to come and how much better Fords are.

    Ford makes a pretty good truck, but nobody, and I mean nobody is pefect, despite the claims you'll hear in other quarters. Obviously this was a defect at assembly. I'm sure your dealer will make this right and you will have good service from it.

  • I am in the market for a Ford or Chevy with the above specs. I am a SUV convert ('89 Toyota Land Cruiser) but need space for renovation jobs.

    Does anyone have any pro's or con's about the above trucks? It seems the Fords are a bit cheaper in price.

    Also, would you have any problems buying one of these trucks with 30k - 45k miles? Shouldn't these trucks run to 150k or so with few problems when they are not abused and oil changed regularly.

    Please advise. Thanks for the help.
  • Last night on the news program they showed the 2004 F150 surviving the front end collision test and it performed very well. The first video showed the 2003 year model and then the 2004....Man what a difference!!! With over 17 years in auto claims, I can appreciate the improvements in this years model. Granted the end result is still a total loss from the wreck, at least the cabin remained intact so fewer if any injuries would result. I am still disappointed that
    Ford has not stepped up to the plate quicker with the optional side air curtains. I have read that maybe next years edition will offer them.
  • over at msnbc's website. And it does appear to be a big difference. Makes me wish I had a 2004 now!
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    keep in mind guys that the '03 model tested was a supercab and not a supercrew.
  • I'm no structural engineer, but what little knowledge I do have from adjusting auto claims for 17 years, I'd be willing to bet the S Crew will do just as well or even better. Based on the fact there is a center ( B ) pillar in the S Crew whereas the SC does not, I feel there is even more structural strength.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    i would hope the '03 supercrew would do MUCH better than the '03 supercab...which did horribly!!
  • I hope you guys are right too!
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