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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks ONEOHTHREE, I thought your price (23300 base) from Planet Honda on the SE wasn't all that bad, though the doc fee was a bit high. I've just sent them an email from their website. Looks like they have a number of SE's in stock. Let's hope I have better luck than I did w/ DCH Academy...

    When did you buy yours? Do you buy for a fleet or something?
  • Thanks, Phil. I've just went sent a msg to David Michael Honda thru their Internet site.

    (non)Progress update: Huntington Honda out on Long Island called me Thur night all excited, telling me "they can/will DEFINITELY meet or beat any other dealer's quote!!" Had me on the phone 15+ minutes, trying to get me out to their showroom on LABOR DAY weekend (like I really want to deal with THAT traffic), reviewing my other quote, escalating it to their sales mgr, etc. etc. After going on hold 3 times, they finally came back and said that my DCH Academy / Old Bridge quote "was too good to be true" and they couldn't meet it. I said "ok, fine -- I'm sorry to hear that" and she hung up. They never bothered to even give me a counteroffer. Wacky. I sent a follow-up email to Huntington's sales mgr letting him know I was still open to hearing a counteroffer but, failing that, to please remove from their near-DAILY email list. Do these dealer's realize how annoying this onslaught of email is??!!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,599
    When shoppers e-mail us to death as they try to pit us against other dealers over a lousy few dollars! ;)

    Why offer a counteroffer when the other price was, indeed, too good to be true?

    Just last week I had a persistant shopper tell me another store would sell him a almost impossible to find EXL Accord for a certain price. I told him.." Great! I have one but I won't sell it for that" He then asked me what would I sell it for?

    I suggested, nicely that if he could, indeed buy it for that price that he should run down there and buy it!

    He showed up three hours later and paid me 300.00 more for the car I know the other store didn't even have!

    I'm glad August is FINALLY over! :sick:
  • Got a lot of help from this board. Yesterday afternoon we got our LX AWD for $20050(including $515 destination charge) plus tax and fees from Tempe Honda in AZ. We dealt with Tim Mindrup, who is pretty nice. Did not spent much time on neogotiating the price. This deal may not sound stunning as others, but I guess it's a fair deal for both sides. :)
  • I just bought an 05 LX front-wheel drive in Iowa for invoice ($18658) plus destination fee ($550) and document fee ($89). I also upgraded to a set of alloy wheels for $500 and a roof rack for $160. Has anyone done better? I'm never really confident in the invoice prices given by these sites.
  • I should add that they didn't have any LX's on the lot but they had one on its way from the factory, which is what I purchased. If I understand things correctly, this means that they hadn't paid any interest on their loan yet, so the holdback was pure profit. This may explain why they didn't put up much of a fight.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,599
    Once again...holdback ***helps*** pay for flooring and a bit of advertising. It's averaged out so that really didn't matter.
  • I bought mine 8/31. I offered them the price and they accepted it.
  • I first went to the dealership in mid August, mainly wanting to testdrive the CRV and get an idea of price (non sticker). I was originally looking for an LX, but when I returned last weekend they only had EX or SEs on the lot. I asked for a good price, since I was willing to change my mind, and he quoted $500 over invoice + destination fee ($515). I told him it was $500 to high, and walked. As far as extras, it had door guards and in pinch stripe.

    Can I do better in the Austin area?
  • jinvajinva Posts: 41
    Excellent deal IMHO. We re-did ours ('05s in transit) for an LX instead of an EX. Our LX price was $20165 (+$550 destination, taxes, & $100 fee). Not nearly as good as yours, but, we think, very good for the DC area. The fact that we did not have to compromise on color helped seal the deal too.
  • I believe there 2 types of salesfolks.

    1) The kind who are great at getting every dollar they can out of folks
    2) The kind who 'sell you' on car by demonstraion, knowlege, experience etc etc.

    I know I would buy cars mpre often if the pricing became fixed; ie the salesman 'sells' me on his make/model and them I am given a menu and simply order what I want knowing the old lady down the street or great negotiator up the block all pay the same price.

    I think this is one reason why SATURN was so successful.

    I hope such pricing is not far behind, I have to believe it would benefit most buyers and sellers.
  • Why offer a counteroffer when the other price was, indeed, too good to be true?

    I'll tell you why: because some consumers like me, might accept a slightly higher counteroffer (1) to buy from someone we like & trust vs. a salesperson we detest, has played games on previous sales, or just treated us with very little respect - e.g., Fair Honda practically rolling their eyes at me when I asked to test an Accord Hybrid along with a CRV; and then saying "well, alright, but just around the block" -- like they were doing ME a favor!!! (2) to avoid driving a longer distance to close the deal (3) if an accessory or two will be included in the sale price, sold at cost, or for less than a competitor (4) to obtain the color we love -- I'm sure there are many other reasons. Trust & reputation is a big seller for me.

    Having given the original offer more thought, I'm thinking that DCH's offer was really based on me buying all the options for which I'd asked for a price (some parts only, some parts & install). When I let the salesperson know I was only interested in 2 options, given his prices, perhaps the deal no longer looked good to him; so HE walked. I wish he would have been up front and just stated that the numbers no longer worked (if that was the reason). I would have been willing to revisit. Instead, he just said "we have no CRVs left on the lot - goodbye". I know for a fact now that they DO have CRVs on their lot, unsold. Now THAT irks me.

    As for the emails, you're right. I'm sure it is annoying to have buyers haggling over "a few dollars" via a zillion emails to you & a dozen other dealers -- fishing for the final price. I shall keep that in mind. As a seller, you can't easily unsubscribe from the buyer, I guess. ;-) But I am still trying to unsubscribe from Huntington Honda's daily onslaught!!!
  • I am leaning towards going forward with our purchase despite the price of gas. The Subaru Outback and other wagons don't seem to get better mileage, and I like the CR-V. The only way to do better would be a sedan, but I am so tired of fitting things into a trunk and not comfortable with the idea of one of those roof racks. I don't need an SUV to go off-road - I just really like the height that the CR-V provides and the shape of the storage space. Anyone else on the fence?
  • How can I tell whether it really was a loose gas cap that caused the Check Engine light to go on? Is there a way to get a printout of the history from the onboard diagnostics?
  • I feel the same. My husband would prefer the Accord or Civic Hybrids - for the mileage, environment, & the "sedan ride". But I really hate the "trunk squeeze" issue that I have with my 2 dr Civic EX today.

    Now, granted, we have an Odyssey too -- so I really don't NEED the CRV to lug around my 2 Saint Bernards or Costco groceries... ;-)

    Given gas prices & the fact that the Civic still gets 33 mpg at 12 yrs old, my love for it's stick shift sportiness, and still it runs like a charm (knock wood)... I think I'll be keeping my Civic rather than trading it in...
  • jinvajinva Posts: 41
    Yup. There's annoying behavior going on on both sides. In our case, the guy we bought from gave us a good price over the internet. When we went to see him and got the total price, we took it without any discussion. I told my wife that we would have taken the deal had it been offered by another dealer on the previous night. It just made no sense to be the annoying buyer, when the seller was reasonable to begin with.
  • Did you get the OEM Honda wheels?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,599
    Well, they shouldn't ahve rolled their eyes and limited your test drives to a spin around the block! No excuse for being uprofessional or rude.

    Still, a shopper that wants to drive two totally different kinds of cars is usually a non-serious shopper.

    I'm glad "trust and reputation" is important to you. For a lot of other shoppers, it seems that PRICE is all that seems to matter.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,599
    Ah...Saturn has never been all that successful. Dismal sellers both as new and later, used cars.
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