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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Any idea when the dealers have 2006 CR-V in stock?
    One guy says the end of oct and others say end of sep or the beginning of oct.
  • me3me3 Posts: 30
    They are asking too much. I got my Pewter SE for $23,635 (Including destination and front splash guards). Mine had only 35 miles on it... flawless, no PTTR, AND the new car smell. :) For that price I'd wait for the 06s!
  • The Internet Mgr @ David Michael Honda in Freehold NJ has faxed me an order for a 2005 CRV SE:
    Base 23,329.00
    Dest 550.00
    Doc Fee 138.50
    (plus CT tax & registration)

    Maybe this is dumb, but in my last email I said "OK, assuming your doc fee is for the paperwork/effort to pay CT state taxes, DMV fees & obtain CT plates, I'm ok with the doc fee". Now he emails me the following statement: "I am faxing over the retail order for the car with you taking care of the tax and MV fees in CT, when you register it. We will provide what is called an MSO and the out of state temporary, so you can get it home and register it." AND the order has the same DOC fee 138 -- no reduction!! I feel like he's purposely trying to piss me off. :mad:

    I would think that a dealer in NJ would normally arrange to pay CT (or any out of state) sales tax, register it and get plates. ALSO, I had agreed to wait on a monthend Sept delivery of 2005 CRV SEs AND I'd agreed that I understood he'd have to swap out with another dealer to get black or tan.

    Would you all take a deep breath and move ahead with the purchase anyway? Or walk? This is a 100 mile drive for me. Going to the DMV is a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]. But it seems like no one in CT has 2005 SEs or at least not at this price.

    Fair Honda in Danbury is no longer giving quotes on 2005 SEs; only 2006 SEs -- for which they're asking an add'l 1400 or so $$$... White Plains Honda (closer to me) has a price equal to David Michael but they're response has been SLOOOOOW; I still don't know if they have an 2005 SEs or will be receiving any... plus they've gotten dismal reviews in this forum...
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    Just consider the doc fee as part of the price and decide if you are willing to pay that price. If it is still better than you can get in CT, go buy the car. 100 miles isn't that far. I'm not sure if the dealer CAN register the vehicle in another state for you, some states require a visual confirmation of the VIN before they will register the vehicle that has been brought in from another state.

    I was in the service for 20+ years and bought many vehicles out of state and registered them myself in various states. All you will need is the bill of sale, the certificate of origin, and the mileage statement. You will pay the CT sales tax and registration fees when you register the car, which will be a fairly large check to write. You may have to pay for a temp tag in NJ to get the car back to CT, which the NJ dealer should certainly be able to do for you within that 138 doc fee.

    Good luck on your purchase.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    Don't forget the CT state mandated "Recording fee" of $175. So, if you register the vehicle your self, do you still have to pay that on top of the 6% sales tax and 2 year licence plate fee (unless you are just tranferring exisitng plates)

    Have you tried Fair Honda in Dabury?
  • vrmvrm Posts: 301
    I am looking for a dealer in Northern Virginia or Maryland who can give me a very competitive price on 2006 LX.

    If you have bought a new CR-V recently in this area, please let me know your experience. Thanks!
  • I had a great experience with Criswell Honda in Germantown, MD. The pricing was the best and they were the easiest to deal with.
  • Hello. Still looking for that 05 EX. Two dealers have told me that they don't have anything in stock, but can get the car through a dealer trade. Then they ask for a "refundable deposit" to execute the trade and allow me to take a look at the car. Is this legitimate?
  • Most dealers want a deposit, before they trade for a car from another dealer.. There is expense involved in that, and they want to make sure you are committed to the deal, and not just a "window-shopper".

    I'd make sure to have them commit to a price, before doing this, though...


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  • WOW - an SE for $23.6? What part of the country? I am looking hard here in the Boston area and 1 - the 05's all seem to be gone and 2 - what you can find is basically at sticker - "best quotes" are in the $25.4- $25.5 range. The dealers have the leverage in this situation and they seem to know it. I have just about decided to buy an '05 EX (not much more leverage there, but about $2k cheaper) and add the heated seats.
  • Do you mind if I ask which dealer? This seems like a great deal for an '06 CRV EX.
  • me3me3 Posts: 30
    Portland, Oregon - Thomason Honda
  • I got quote 2005 SE 23900 and 2006 SE 24500
    They said they will honor the quote and will locate 05 which I don't like.
    One said 06 will be in the lot on the end of sep and other said not until the end of oct.
    I don't know who is telling me the truth.
    I think I call honda america and ask later.
  • What is HandA? Can I buy wheel locks from them for $30?

  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    What is HandA? Can I buy wheel locks from them for $30?


    Look up, the link is right on top of this page. HARD TO MISS.

    HandA stands for Honda and Acura Accessories dot com.
  • LOL, actually it's been replaced for the moment by an ad for our upcoming chat event.

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  • I was at a local dealership (Seattle area) this morning to give a lift to someone dropping off their car for service. The dealership had two or three '06 CR-V's on the lot now, one was a black SE.
  • What is HandA? Can I buy wheel locks from them for $30?

    HandA is the on-line branch of a dealership (I think based in California). Yes, you can buy wheel locks from them for $30 - I bought those and a few other items for my CR-V.
    The wheel locks are easy to install yourself. Depending on what else you get, be sure to check the 'install instructions' that they provide on their site. If they say that the instructions are for a skilled technician and not a do-it-yourselfer, take them seriously and find a trusted local technician to install (still cheaper than buying from the dealer and having them install it).
  • I have a 2005 CR-V Special Edition with 4700 miles on it. White color with wood grain trim inside plus front splash guards. I likely will sell it privately and trying to understand what a fair price to ask would be. I am in southeast Michigan (near the Univ of Michigan) and really can't find ANY used CR-V SE's anywhere. My only benchmark is new cars and Kelly Blue Book (which I find somewhat arbitrary). Any advice? Most of the discussion here is on new car pricing. I think I paid between $25000-26000 in May for this car. Other than not liking an SUV ride (I'm likely replacing it with a Civic Sedan or Accord Sedan) as much as I expected to, it's in perfect condition.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "My only benchmark is new cars and Kelly Blue Book (which I find somewhat arbitrary). Any advice? Most of the discussion here is on new car pricing. I think I paid between $25000-26000 in May for this car."

    Your car is too new for KBB to price. Unfortunately, you lost at least $2000 in value when you drove it off the lot. I would expect it to sell for around $23000-24000. But it really depends on the market. Did you ask the dealer if they could help you out?
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