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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I purchased a 4WD EX-L Glacier Blue without Navigation about 10 days ago from Criswell Honda in Germantown, MD. I paid
    $24,812.40 (includes $100 processing charge)
    $ 1,240.62 (5% sales tax)
    $ 210.00 (tax, tags)
    $ 26,263.02 which also included wheel locks, splash guards, and cargo tray.
    I waited quite some time for the dealer to get the car but I was not in a great hurry, and the actual buying experience was pretty good.
  • tangoredtangored Posts: 8
    What you have you paid for this car OTD.Looking to get one very sooooon.Can't wait ;)
  • chrisp81chrisp81 Posts: 19
    artificial supply? they are built in japan!
  • chrisp81chrisp81 Posts: 19
    "What sort of questions did they ask in the survey? "

    Here ya go........

    Q1: Overall rating of purchase experience 5
    Q2: Salesperson's ability to understand needs 5
    Q3: Salesperson's knowledge of Honda/Acura products 5
    Q4: Overall satisfaction with salesperson 5
    Q5: Satisfaction with the business manager 5
    Q6: Time needed to complete paperwork 5
    Q7: Overall satisfaction with finance process 5
    Q8: Explanation of features and controls 5
    Q9: Vehicle free of problems Y
    Q10: Overall satisfaction with delivery 5
    Q11: Valued as a customer 5
    Q12: Contacted after delivery Y

  • chrisp81chrisp81 Posts: 19
    Otd in what county? are you in chicago, suburban cook, or other?
  • chrisp81chrisp81 Posts: 19
    Thats an invoice deal, I'd say its pretty strong considering supply issues. Just make sure the $595 destination is included & the crv is free of add ons. :shades:
  • denascardenascar Posts: 18
    Any new posts to OTD prices for a CRV in Florida?? I'm looking to buy before the end of the month. I'm getting real tired of being told just how hard these vehicles are to come by... I figure if they have them, they should sell them. I've offered $1000 below MRSP but willing to pay the administrative fees... sounds more than fair to me!
  • chrisp81chrisp81 Posts: 19
    too bad you're in florida. I'd write it up.
    Question, whats an administrative fee? We have doc/service here $58.48
  • denascardenascar Posts: 18
    Administrative fees = dealer's fees
    I should have no DOC fees as I have a check in my hand from the credit union and I pay none... service fees have varied from one dealership to another.
  • abhinaikabhinaik Posts: 29
    can you please send me dealer information for this.
  • pegwinkspegwinks Posts: 13
    See my message #4661. I now think that I could have done better. But . . . .
  • denascardenascar Posts: 18
    The CR-V is currently built in seven different countries. For the U.S. market, the new model will be built at Honda's East Liberty, Ohio, plant, marking the first time the model has been assembled in North America.
  • hd2hd2 Posts: 15
    Where do you live in Florida. I Know somebody who works for a honda dealership.
  • denascardenascar Posts: 18
    I live in Gainesville, FL
  • hd2hd2 Posts: 15
    OK, I guess I should have said SW Florida (fort myers and Naples). I am going to buy one soon from one of these dealerships. Just have to try to get them to lower the price or give me some deals.

    If you are still interested, I can give you a name (from fort myer). This person has been good to me so far. I know they have a glacier blue ex-l available :) (this was told to me yesturday) this color is very popular and one the my wife wants.

    Let me Know, if I can help.
  • denascardenascar Posts: 18
    Let me know what your final OTD price is... the best I've gotten so far was $26,971 OTD, by email of course. I'd be willing to make the drive to save a few hundred dollars.
    I'm looking for the white CR-V EX-L with no dealer add ons. Plain and simple. :shades:
  • hd2hd2 Posts: 15
    No problem. You also helped me. I was quoted 27300 :( before add ons. I am going to meet to put a down payment on the CR-v tomorrow or Saturday. By Monday or Sunday, I WILL have a respone for you. :)
  • chrisp81chrisp81 Posts: 19
    its because working in a car dealership makes you goofy!

    I've had my fair share of mistakes. If I were you I'd still want that $500.00 refund on a "we owe" statement.
  • chrisp81chrisp81 Posts: 19
    that could take until next year from what I have heard.
  • myblackzmyblackz Posts: 5
    I'm getting real tired of being told just how hard these vehicles are to come by... I figure if they have them, they should sell them.

    While I haven't started the negotiating phase yet, this seems to be the consensus I'm hearing at every dealership I go to in Houston. I went to Clear Lake Honda and they had a few on their lot that they'd added a bunch of dealer crap on to to puff up the price by as much as $1500.

    Goodson Honda In Houston had an EX-L on their lot that was MSRP'd up to $32,000 with dealer added crap.

    The C-RV's are nice cars but $32,000? You'd have to be on crack to pay that much for one.

    I don't care....I'm willing to wait till all the hype blows over about these cars until I can find that dealer that's willing to deal.
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